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  1. I had Wolfs' Vintage S for a while. I sold it to someone here. I forget who. It was stunning, too stunning to take out n' play. So, I sold it. It was lovely, just to look at. Beautieful, ribbon maple, and gold hardware. Stunning, really.
  2. Great times up there in New Hartford on them Open House days. I won't forget those. Great folk. Great guitars. Hoping that they'll come back at some point and 'back at the same level' is probably a stretch, but hey.... a guy's gotta dream...:-)
  3. Well, this sucks... even if in your gut you knew and were waiting for the ball to drop. Any time a quality, niche product gets picked up by a global, mass-producing mogul of a company, you know you're at the beginning of the end . So much for the 'we want a high end' custom product arm for the division; we will leave them alone to do their thing BS"..... It was wonderful. I love all the ones I own. I now wish I had all the ones I ever owned. We are now all officially 'care-takers' of a fine piece of guitar history. Greg Condemi
  4. I think it's OK. It is what it is, fellas, nothing more, nothing less. Certainnly nothing to be embarassed about.
  5. I enjoy cinema. I like my tv picture to look cinematic or film-like. Plasma is my only choice, sans CRT.
  6. gregc


    I enjoyed his posts and the lunch we shared at one of the old HFC open house events. Yea, he's missed...... till we meet again~
  7. Some of my favorite guitars of all time are Gibsons. That is not one of them. That may just be the most embarrassing thing they've ever done. Who could have possibly signed off on those? They need to cut back on the crack. I love me some Gibby's but there is no excuse for that.
  8. I talked to a factory tcontact oday. They are still taking orders for custom & stock Hamer guitars. The Daily Work continues. There is a sadness to see Jol go, of course, (technically, courtesy of KMC).
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