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  1. Personally I'd value a neck and middle true single over a bridge single coil any day of the week. The Classic Stack Plus are good noiseless singles but their real strength is in their duality as both noiseless and true singles. They're valuable and hard to find used, so I'd recommend against them only if wired up to include the true single coil option.
  2. The best HSS set that you could get used for around $150 would be a SD '59 Custom Hybrid, Classic Stack Plus Middle & Classic Stack Plus Neck. This set-up is maximum versatility. The Classic Stack Plus pickups can be split to "true" single coils with the middle being RWRP. The '59 Custom Hybrid split to the Custom coil is actually a pretty decent bridge single coil. What this means is that via a push/pull pot, one could have three medium output humbuckers (the Classic Stack Plus pickups have a good humbucking strat tone... not too dark with a nice detailed sound) and with the push pull pot engaged, you'd have a complete true single coil configuration. Complete with the "quacky/sparkly" middle 2 and 4 positions. I don't know of any other combination that offers this much versatility and variety of tone. The weakness of HSS sets is in the middle pickup. The middle pickup needs to actually blend well with the bridge & neck pickups or the 2 and 4 positions will be lackluster or maybe even bad sounding. This configuration is guaranteed to have great 2 and 4 positions. The bridge pickup could actually be any 4 conductor medium or high output Duncan as they are all wound the same direction and have compatible electrical and magnetic polarity. Of course all of this is in theory because you'd have to find each pickup used for $50 shipped and that is a bit of a tall order... not impossible but just improbable without watching eBay like a hawk for a few months. Who knows, you might get lucky.
  3. I’m the same way... I actually have thoracic outlet syndrome from too many street fights and car accidents. I use the Neotech Mega straps... works wonders on my shoulders and neck. I’ll have to look into the Aircell.
  4. It literally twisted around... I’ve never owned a Les Paul so I never realized people cared as much about the switch directionality. pretty sure that oversight cost me my job at Seymour Duncan. I just told people I wired it backwards... the toggle was sort of loose and I twisted it up but didn’t realize I had twisted it where it was backwards. The video to this day gets a shit ton of people thinking I don’t know my bridge pickup from my neck pickup. Live and learn I guess. Im working poor and my mother was a waitress... my brother, mom and I shared a tiny one bedroom apartment. I was always the poorest kid in my neighborhood and school. The point is... Ive never even played a fucking Gibson... never even held one in my hands. I’m not from the income class that can afford Gibsons. I poured my entire first and last Seymour Duncan check into that Monaco Elite and a Studio Custom... dumb idea since they shit canned me after a month. I still worked for them as a freelance contractor to do the Whole Lotta Humbucker set, ‘59 Custom Hybrid, Pearly Gates and Antiquity Humbucker videos though... the pay was small and I didn’t even get paid to do the Antiquity Tele video I did for them. I did some graphic design for them afterwards but they cut ties with me. just as every other company I’ve ever worked with has. Oh well, I guess I am just a horrible piece of shit. Even Shishkov didn’t want another video for free. I can’t even give away my services. I guess that’s what I get for giving 110%. Born with a wooden spoon in my mouth... die with a wooden spoon. Just bust your ass and give everything you’ve got and you’ll get ahead in life? Absolute fucking horseshit.
  5. That’s very kind of you. The last guitar I sold has already changed hands twice... I don’t want anyone to buy this if they don’t actually want it... very very kind of anyone to purchase something they don’t really want or need.
  6. I just wrecked my car and have no money to fix it... I hit somebody else during rush hour going to a job interview... and I don't have a job. It's the one in this video... still has the SD Antiquities installed. I'll take pictures tomorrow.
  7. This whole concept is whacky Pretty satirical hit song if you ask me
  8. I use bell brass claws with my Floyds. The ones I buy come with bell brass screws as well. I actually love the tone. The tone of my guitars shifted after installing them. It went from a normal thin Floyd tone to being deeper, more round and warmer. More low mids, less upper mids and more resonant. I didn’t notice any more sustain, but the notes sang a bit more. The guitars are louder acoustically... and the wood really vibrates in a way that I can feel when I play. I actually prefer the sound of stock normal sized zinc blocks... so it’s not like I overlooked block replacement. I just actually prefer the sound of the normal sized zinc blocks. I don’t know what to tell you guys... laugh all you want but I am actually crazy about them. Yeah you 100% need bell brass screws as well, no point in installing a bell brass claw without bell brass mounting screws. The bell brass claws I use are a bit lighter than the stock claws. Bell brass has a higher bronze content and bronze is light. All parts of the guitar contribute to the end result of “tone”. Yeah, I obsess over stuff like magnets, capacitors, the wire used in the pickups, body wood, neck wood, fingerboard wood... each one is a piece of the puzzle. When all pieces are in place, the picture is manifested into reality. I started using bell brass claws over 7 years ago... right before I did the ‘59 Custom Hybrid video with my #1 Centaura. Definitely not snake oil but... it works with how I want MY Floyded guitars to sound. I don’t dig a lot of upper mids and treble... I want more resonance. I want a deeper tone... I want bold punchy single notes and chords that sing. The brass claw was a complete game changer for me... laugh all you want.
  9. Yeah the pay tier is mainly for offline listening & access to more variety. The version that comes with Prime is fairly limited... the entire catalog for many artists is not represented and some artists only have one album available. The pay tier basically gives access to any digital music that Amazon has on their servers. That said, limitations are cool and I like the version that comes with Prime... if I even listen to music. I basically don’t listen to music much anymore, mostly podcasts so I can get my learn on.
  10. Yes I do Weather Report Havona Palladium or maybe Headhunters Actual Proof Butterfly
  11. I wore out Dragon’s Kiss... never heard anything that came close since 1988. Everything that he has done since he moved to Japan I have absolutely hated. My band got to open up for Cacophony during their tour in 1989 when I was 15... coolest thing ever!
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