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  1. I sincerely hope PRS didn’t choose their own custom pinout for some odd reason...
  2. I do 100% think that Queen is the best rock and roll band of all time. So it makes sense that Brian May would be #1. This stuff is all subjective but there are solid factors that put Queen over the top... undeniable reasons why their achievements are unique and in a class all by themselves.
  3. Personally, I love and respect all people... I 100% don’t vote with my wallet. I could care less about the political affiliations of the people I buy things from, the corporations that distribute or manufacture and the services I pay for. People come by their beliefs in organic and meaningful ways... a lot of those beliefs were forced upon them without their awareness at an early age. I’m not going to punish someone because their parent’s sat them down at the dinner table and brainwashed them through ceaseless propaganda... or their religious affiliation forced certain beliefs down their
  4. Conformity, acquiescence and bowing to social pressure is the exact opposite of rock and roll. slave labor = ok property destruction = ok opinions = not ok Nice. Stay classy America
  5. Pink Floyd is an incredible band. It’s been a fun go of pretending like Waters has nothing to do with their music... I bought into that years ago. Could Gilmour technically play bass better than Waters? Definitely yes. Does technically being a better “player” trump songwriting and vision? Personally, I always loved Floyd for the depth of their songwriting and the depth of their content. That depth is 100% attributed to Waters from my observations. That said, I don’t think any member of Pink Floyd’s contribution is incomplete, insufficient or lackluster... it was the combination of al
  6. Michael Sadler?!?!? I friggin’ love that dude’s voice! Sadler, Fee Waybill and Cy Curnin were the best singers of the ‘80s IMHO. Rohles certainly is a bad ass guitar player. Dude has an effortless style and nails that May tone. Thanks for sharing!
  7. Personally, I would go with both new pickups and pots. ... and I shouldn’t assume that Josh doesn’t have anything suitable in stock and JGale’s only solution is a custom set. There are boutique winders like Josh who have nice and warm low vintage and medium output pickups that are part of their normal production. Just for my personal curiosity, what do you have in stock or is a part of your normal production that would fit the bill here Josh?
  8. Hopefully the pots are already 250k... 500k is noticeably brighter. I think it’s crucial that the humbucker be splittable via 4 conductors & the middle pickup be RWRP for HSS guitars.... a 5 way switch yielding: 1-full humbucker, 2-split humbucker + middle, 3-middle, 4-middle + neck and 5-neck containing a total of (3) hum cancelling positions... no push pull pot needed because who wants to hear a split humbucker in the bridge anyway? The only option is a custom design or a boutique offering since ALL of the mass produced low output vintage humbuckers and single coils are bright as sh
  9. I was more often than not a “side 2 guy”. I played side two of Moving Pictures a hell of a lot... Vital Signs, Witch Hunt & the Camera Eye. Fucking incredible side 2 Side Two of 1984 was quite good as well.
  10. “I’ve Been In Love Before” definitely rotated on the radio in the late 80s... if my memory serves me correctly, this was their first hit single. “I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight” was their 2nd hit. I loved the gated polyphonic synths and the lead guitar tone and playing on “I Just Died”. I also liked the singer’s voice... not high pitched 80s style but a sort of English Corey Hart. i was only 13 when the song came out... I liked it.
  11. I bought my first CS-3 when I was 15. It basically fell apart years ago and I replaced it with another one. I did flirt with a Tone Press for a while but it acted like a “studio compressor”. The MIJ CS-3s with the dbx chip just Grabs the note much the same way that power tube compression does... not an exact emulation but a sort of ballpark approximation that effectively does the job the way I like it. not that anybody cares but, my settings are: LEVEL: 1:00 TONE: 12:00 ATTACk: max SUSTAIN: 10:00 Since I don’t engage the tone at 12:00, I have been interested
  12. The iLok dongle isn’t cheap but it’s a necessary part of these dang paranoid plug in developers. I think they are $40. For some good news, that software bundle from iZotope will open a back door where you can upgrade to the “advanced” version for cents on the dollar at some point... iZotope will run several sales a year where you can upgrade for very little.
  13. Hmmm... the iLok key is usually where I activate any license that requires an iLok. That way i can just move the iLok between computers when I want to do something on my Mac Pro vs my iMac (where my iLok normally sits). i’m puzzled as to why the dongle wasn’t available as a selection. Obviously your iLok was plugged in when you were trying to activate right?
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