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  1. I use bell brass claws with my Floyds. The ones I buy come with bell brass screws as well. I actually love the tone. The tone of my guitars shifted after installing them. It went from a normal thin Floyd tone to being deeper, more round and warmer. More low mids, less upper mids and more resonant. I didn’t notice any more sustain, but the notes sang a bit more. The guitars are louder acoustically... and the wood really vibrates in a way that I can feel when I play. I actually prefer the sound of stock normal sized zinc blocks... so it’s not like I overlooked block replacement. I
  2. Yeah the pay tier is mainly for offline listening & access to more variety. The version that comes with Prime is fairly limited... the entire catalog for many artists is not represented and some artists only have one album available. The pay tier basically gives access to any digital music that Amazon has on their servers. That said, limitations are cool and I like the version that comes with Prime... if I even listen to music. I basically don’t listen to music much anymore, mostly podcasts so I can get my learn on.
  3. Yes I do Weather Report Havona Palladium or maybe Headhunters Actual Proof Butterfly
  4. I wore out Dragon’s Kiss... never heard anything that came close since 1988. Everything that he has done since he moved to Japan I have absolutely hated. My band got to open up for Cacophony during their tour in 1989 when I was 15... coolest thing ever!
  5. My approach to recording is intending to a create a throwaway “scratch” recording. I’m under zero pressure and the actual recording process will begin at a later date. What that does, is frees me from pressure and consternation... 90% of the time, the scratch recording becomes the actual recording. I end up pleased with my tracks and move along free as a bird. That said... I usually have a manner of recording where I employ a couple of techniques for smooth sailing with minimal stress. 1). Divide the track into smaller chunks. This is usually a phrase by phrase method analogous
  6. Yawn... woke nonsense. She’s probably channeling her rage from her “lived trauma”. I’m surprised she didn’t shout, “This is for you Dad!!!” Right before she commenced to a’ smashin’.
  7. I was expecting those toes to start turnin’ knobs, pressing’ buttons and being the prehensile star of the demo... sadly, I was fairly disappointed.
  8. One of the greatest guitar players who ever lived. Shelton is the unseen hand of late 20th century guitar playing... his imprint is everywhere and his efforts will last as long as civilization itself.
  9. My favorites of my favorites. Wes Montgomery - The Incredible Guitar of Wes Montgomery “This will always be my favorite Wes album... the song selection is sublime. The version of West Coast Blues is my absolute favorite. Miles Davis - Sketches of Spain “This album always reminds me of Winter for some odd reason.... Miles’ ability to play the way he does outlines this rather unique album in novel and exciting ways. I know, I know... who the fuck’s favorite Miles album is one of the Gil Evans orchestral albums? That would be me. lolz Jimmy Smith - The Cat “Downright colorful, blue
  10. I’m not sure how helpful it is for me to constantly have the words, “You’re a loooooserrrr” in my head. lolz

    I not only totally dig your contribution to the HFC Volume IV but I can’t get it out of my friggin’ cranium! Great song!

    1. BadgerDave


      Thanks for your very kind comments about Looser.  It's definitely the least technical song on the list, so I'm honored that you would enjoy it enough to comment.

      My apologies for taking so long to respond.  I'm just coming up for air after a cross country move to start a new job.

      I really appreciate the compliment and I'll pass it on to the author of the song.

      All the best,


  11. Are those pearloid covered bobbins? BadgerDave would know which pickups those probably are.
  12. I have a Low Gain Mosferatu and a Guitar Center redface ZenDrive. Love em’ both... the Mosferatu is similar to the ZenDrive but it’s a little less “harmonic” and more fundamental in tone... sort of a cross between a blackface Bandmaster and a JTM. Never had a problem with them. I also have an old school Hermida ZenDrive and a Hermida ZenDrive II (one with the tube)... they are beautiful (and now rare) but aren’t significantly better than my Lovepedal versions. I actually really enjoyed the Lovepedal threads on the HFC. They were fresh and added a little spice to the site. Glad you an
  13. “Well, there's people and more people What do they know-know-know Go to work in some high rise And vacation down at the Gulf of Mexico, ooh yeah And there's winners and there's losers But they ain't no big deal 'Cause the simple man, baby Pays for thrills, with bills, with pills that kill” Ain’t that America
  14. Wow... just wow. This is all about providing legacy income to future generations or a younger wife needing to maintain a “standard of living” well past the life of their provider spouse. That’s what the wealthy upper class do... give their future generations a “leg up” on their peers through generational wealth. Either way you slice it... he’s a hypocrite and a solid gold douche. He crafted his career through his integrity while generating his income and “value” as an artist based on this integrity. Yet when push came to shove, his integrity was an illusion and part of his stage act.
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