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  1. I feel like this is a pinnacle sort of guitar... can there be any such GAS left in the tank after this exceptionally awesome acquisition? I am elated that you picked this up J... couldn’t have gone to a better dude!! Rock out my brother!!
  2. I wanna go back to the old days when used Scarabs went for the $300-600USD range.
  3. Great fucking question! Some sort of Cort pickups... the VTH-77 pickups. They seem to be medium-ish in output. Maybe lower output? I certainly wasn't having much of a noise or EFI/RFI problem in my high EFI/RFI plagued home studio. the 2 and 4 positions were the inner coils and outer coils of both pickups which was pretty bizarre to me but the combo worked for some odd reason. The clean stuff before the drumbeat comes in were positions 2 and 4... the sharper sounding stuff is position 2 and the more round sounding lead stuff was position 4. The leads were good but the chords had a compression going on... I woudn't be surprised if the magnets were ceramic.I should have measured the resistance when the guitar was here but I flaked out on that. They felt like 8k-ish 42AWG PAF types but they certainly could have been 12-13k-ish 43AWG medium output (SD Custom like) pickups too. Sometimes it's hard to tell because 12-13k-ish 43AWG and 8k 42AWG feel the same compression-wise to me. My best guess is just under 13k for bridge and 12k for the neck with ceramic magnets Oh and thanks for the Joni Mitchell reference! Man, it is Cort's "Ergo" V shape (medium thickness) with a 12” to 15.75” compound radius. Very playable but the action was a little stiff. I like a higher action but lower bend resistance... this was set up with low action but stiff resistance. Most guitars are... I like my action weird. lolz! Hell yeah! I do 100% of everything. I do the graphic design, animation, videography, songwriting, engineering, drums (samples), bass, mastering and editing. This video turned out to by my director's cut... they went all in and trusted my instincts. Thank you for the kind words about the video craft. I actually did wedding videos for a decade and am largely self taught. I did however, train under a master photographer for a while. He got me started doing product videography (high end custom furniture)... so I did indeed have someone show me the ropes. We were mostly doing rotating stuff and usually had to run through a room full of furniture in a day. It was quite physically demanding. We were doing it all by the numbers... light meters, histograms, laborious focusing and running the cards to the computer for constant "dailies" of each piece. Great lesson for me actually! I don't do much rotating stuff these days though... it's mostly hand operated slider shots and a couple of motorized tilt shots for these demos. Man, I actually use 10 year old DSLR consumer grade crop frame cameras (Canon 60D) that are noisy as all hell. I have to implement judicious use of a noise reduction plug-in because even the lowest native ISO settings are noisy. Lenses are cheap $100 Chinese Yongnuo 35mm, $100 nifty fifty and the kit lens that it came with (low quality 18-135mm Canon). My backgrounds are black cardboard. lolz 2 x 2 tri fold science project cardboard pieces stacked on top of each other. The guitar shots are against a curved piece of black photography paper held with chip clips on yet more cardboard stacked on top of each other. Lights are one singular overhead softbox on a boom stand (white) plus two LED lights with the barn doors (Yongnuo) that are always tinted with a filter. Pretty simple. The crushed blacks where my body and shirt disappears into the background is accomplished as much as I can through the darkest and most matte finish black clothing I can get, light positioning and post production featuring elaborate animated masks where the guitar and arms are masked off but everything else has it's white balance/gamma shifted downwards. I did all Kemper on this one and like to combine multiple profiles layered on top of each other via Re-Amping when going all digital. I used a Fender Deluxe and a Dumble profile for the clean stuff in the beginning. When the beat comes in, that song had multiple amp profiles layered on top of each other. I used that same (clean) Fender Deluxe profile, a (dirty) Dumble profile and a (dirty) Vox AC30 profile. Gain levels were low enough for the notes of the chord to all ring out with adequate separation. I like a 3D sound where the guitar is full but not flabby, tight but not too tight... and bright enough yet with a warm & throaty midrange. I can only get those musical contradictions with multiple amps... SRV got me on this years ago. It's suuuuper easy via Re-Amping where I don't ever need to split my signal at all like I do when I am recording actual amps. The Dumble profiles are God-like. Noisy as all hell, but they have a grainy, almost crushed-glass texture to them. The Deluxe profile is sort of dark and mellow (Cactus Ribbon mic), the Dumble has this crazy beautiful texture and the Vox AC30 serves as a balanced "base" tone. The clean stuff in the beginning doesn't have any Vox on it though. Mixing plug-ins: Reverbs are Abbey Roads Chambers & Plates, Delays are from Echoboy. I use mainly the Waves API set, Puigtech Pultech style EQs, CLA-L3A limiter, L3 Ultra Maximizer (cant live without it) and judicious use of NLS Summer. I also use Kush Audio Clariphonic and UBK-1 plugs. My mastering plug-ins were: Kush Audio Omega Transformers (Type-N, Type-A, Type-458a) & Clariphonic EQ + Softube Abbey Road Brilliance Pack + Waves NLS Summer, API 2500/550 and L3 Ultramaximizer. Drums were Beta Monkey, bass was Hamer Cruise Bass also through Kemper (Bassman, Plexi and Mesa Boogie profiles) and EHX Key 9. Bass was also recorded direct through Warm Audio WA-12 preamp and WA-76 limiter. Thank you for asking,... prolly TMI, but I just wanted to throw it all out there for anyone who is curious.
  4. It appears it was dropped a day ago. It looks and sounds good... if youtube did anything to the audio or video, it was minimal. The clean guitar intro piece got a little more compressed but the rest of it sounds pretty close to the 24 bit uncompressed WAV file I handed youtube. I'm pretty proud of the way it turned out. The backing track sounds great. I think I am getting closer to the mixes I hear in my head... the cymbals are always a bitch and I think I tamed them enough to finally allow the resonance of the kit shine through. Sort of inspired by Tim Pierce for the solos... I copped a Tim Pierce lick from his Rick Springfield "Love Somebody" solo and Tim's slide solo from the Goo Goo Doll's "Iris" crept into my consciousness enough for me to play two slide solos in standard tuning. Hopefully y'all dig it and enjoy rocking out to some original music while looking at some filthy budget-guitar porn.
  5. +1000 .010-.052 tuned a half step down is my favorite string+tuning combination on any guitar.
  6. There is still a genre that features raw electric guitar on many of it’s tracks... it’s called Country music.
  7. I use a vintage blackface Princeton Reverb with a greenback. The cons are from my living situation where I can't crank up my amp since I live in a duplex. I used to live out in the stix and could crank the amp up as loud as I'd want... it's basically become a pedal platform out of necessity. The pros are portability, great reverb/vibrato and a depth of tone. It is a bit overkill for a pedal platform though as far as cost is concerned. But if I didn't have this amp, I would RUN out and buy a Marshall Artist head and a 4x12 cabinet (or even the right 15 inch cabinet). The 3203 Marshall Artist has the tube output and phase inverters of a JCM 800 2204... the caveat is it's solid state preamp (that is actually pretty darned good & very similar to a Marshall Guv'nor pedal). They were made in the UK and are in the JCM800 family that also includes the Lead MOSFET 100 which was identical to the Artist except for the tubes being replaced with a MOSFET power circuit. They can be purchased for as low as $400 which leaves plenty of extra for a 4x12 cabinet. You'll get the depth of tone that quality tube amps provide, sweet Accutronics reverb and a footswitchable "Guv'nor pedal-esque" style distortion. A perfect & inexpensive pedal platform if there ever was one IMHO. They are a little smaller than a 2204 and used to come with these shite 4x10 cabinets.
  8. They didn’t have Scarab IIs in 1984... in 1984 they would have had a Floyd Rose and one pickup... this is either a weird sort of transition between the Scarab I and II, was factory modified or was a custom order since the serial numbers look legit. It’s pretty beat as far as the paint job goes. knobs and toggle are swapped, toggle should be on the bottom... locking nut has been replaced with a Pro nut.
  9. Holy Crap! How did I miss Reg shredding those octaves when I saw this years and years ago? Reg is a beast and so is that damn guitar of yours! I'm very pleased that you are happy with the guitar and how it turned out. I'm a little younger so Phantasm II was my jam... I sooooo need to revisit the HD version of this movie. Congratulations!!
  10. Is it just me or is our gtrdaddy hard to kill? Sounds like this would have taken out a lesser man... the lifeforce inside of gtrdaddy is STRONG!! Blood clotting and coagulation is something that most everyone just takes for granted but it’s some serious life threatening shit with gtrdaddy. I am blown away at how he cheated sheer catastrophe. Rest up and heal up gtrdaddy!!!! He is such a cool dude and is so damn generous in spirit that we HAVE to keep him around as long as possible... to lose gtrdaddy would be fucking intensely tragic!! Viva el gtrdaddy!!!
  11. Wow, the sale that you can only participate in if you signed up months ago as they currently have a "broken" email sign up system and aren't planing on fixing it anytime soon? That sale? Most of these SNS sale customers are turnaround specialists who take the pedal straight to TGP or Reverb. Sean is just flooding the used market with Lovepedals. I can't see this as being a sustainable business practice... hence the "broken" email system. I've got a Lovepedal GC SE red face ZenDrive and an SNS Mosferatu... I've also got an original Hermida signed ZenDrive and Hermida ZenDrive 2. Sort of interested in the Blackface Deluxe, Super Six/SRV stuff though
  12. Every single wedding reception I DJ gets Green Onions during the cocktail hour... if the wedding party plays their cards right, they will get “Time Is Tight” on the way out as the reception is ending. Steve Cropper is prolly my number one influence... I use sliding sixths on every tune.
  13. Fucking terrific accomplishment! As enjoyable as it is impressive. One of the best Zep songs with lots of jazzy feels and beautiful textures which you deftly knocked out of the park! The phaser was killer! What did you use?
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