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  1. I'm still looking to pick one of these up as I stupidly passed on one in 2017... if anyone is interested in moving one of their's- please PM me. Thanks Aron
  2. Ehren4791


  3. Hmmmmm, After much thought and deliberation, I have changed my choices. Screw three. I want them all.
  4. So if you could get any 3.... which would they be? Any model from any time..... Let's hear them. Mine - in no particular order. 1. Hamer Firebird - not the production FB's they did - there is a pic of a custom order in the workshop blog - I'd just want a pick guard with the mini - humbuckers and a few other little changes 2. Hamer Watson - sigh* 3. Hamer Californian Elite. from the "GET SERIOUS" advertisement.That was the add that made me WANT a Hamer really bad...1989. ( only if it had a Bigsby on it though )
  5. Did I mention I am still looking for an Eclipse and a Studio. Shhhhhhhh. I am sneaking back onto my laptop. She (It's) downstairs waiting. Patiently.
  6. Guess what I did. In the words of my loving girlfirend when asked what I should do..... " Buy the friggin' thing then delete yourself off that effn' website"
  7. Yeah it may be a little bit of a blow to our Hamer ego's - but at least we can still find them used and do it with confidence - knowing that any USA branded Hamer was built with the same quality from the first day until the last.... I would much rather have this option than to watch my favorite guitar company's custom shop get turned back into a CNC factory. Last year I purchased a 1993 SRV Strat - not the most amazing guitar out there - but it's solid and I did some hunting for it. I recently picked up a 2011 built SRV and it was just sad- it felt like a $250.00 mexi-strat. Same thing with my friends 2 LP customs.... 2008 and 2010. Compare those to one of Gibson's vintage builds or ANY Hamer and it's just insane how little care is put into these guitars. Just crappy work - period. Sorry if this pisses off any Gibson/Fender fans - I'm just stating what happens when things get "Corporatized". Same ole' Pre-CBS argument. It happened to Boogie, Budda, PRS, and the list just goes on and on. I remember being able to phone Hamer and talk with someone directly....Same with Boogie. Point being - at least we know that when we do look at the used Hamers - they're going to be good. In fact, they are going to be better than 90% of everything else we look at. My plan to stroke my brusied "Hamer-Ego" when people bring up Hamer's closing - is to look them in the eye and reply " Yeah too bad you never had the chance to own a new one like I did ".
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