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  1. ptm1diver

    Elixir alternative?

    I stared using Curt Mangan strings and have had good luck.
  2. ptm1diver

    Gwennett GA Guitar Center FAIL.

    Can you call your credit card company and dispute the charge? No reply or action from seller and you received a damaged product due to negligence.
  3. I’m waiting for the Lonnie Mack signature version of this with Gravelin pickups.
  4. ptm1diver

    Name the Gravelin

    Mothra and Godzilla
  5. ptm1diver

    Neck Cradles: What are you using?

    A 25 pound bag of lead shot. Not joking
  6. Josh, I will take a set of Charlotte’s Paul let me know the total and I will send pay pal. I am not the “Lurker”
  7. Only a drummer would beat on such a fair offer. 😏
  8. I’ll take it for $350 if you include the shipping and insurance.
  9. I prefer my Vector paint job. 😏
  10. ptm1diver

    What's been going on in the shop - next chapter

    Is somebody getting a Kahler?
  11. ptm1diver

    #81, a different but cool build

    Thanks, the bridge is a super v blade runner trem, and your guitar was the inspiration for the finish. I don’t remember what the tuners are.
  12. ptm1diver

    #81, a different but cool build

    If I remember correctly, the 4 position blade switch works as follows; 1. The P90 2. The P90 and slug coil from the Humbucker 3. The slug coil from the Humbucker 4. The Humbucker The knobs are Volume, Volume, Tone Josh or Mike, please correct me if I remember incorrectly. Josh made those pickups mate so good, and it was played through a Soldano Lucky 13 100 watt combo connected to.a Soldano 4x12 cabinet and an East Duality 50 Head and a one 10 & one 12 cabinet from East. ‘One cool feature is the Humbucker pickup ring, Mike made it out of ebony. Hope I answered your question.
  13. Thank you for the clarification. I just thought it looked strange, but now I learned something new. Have a great evening.
  14. ptm1diver

    #81, a different but cool build

    Chris, thank you for posting the pictures. Mike, Thanks for the special shipping to get it to me while I was on vacation. Much appreciated. Sorry, no posts from me until now, it’s beautiful. Because of my back injury, and the restrictions I’m on, I have not been able to play it, or any guitar, and it may be a few months before I can. My friend took it for a spin, and Josh Gravelin’s pickups and that wiring sounded great. Thanks again, and my best to you and the family. Paul Sorry for the large type, had trouble at the time seeing what I was typing and could not make it smaller.
  15. Wait a few days and I’m sure there will be a few floating around in the Carolinas. ‘Sorry, bad taste, hope everyone there is ok.