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  1. Question, If it was built for a jazz musician years ago, why does Mike still have it? Beautiful guitar, but does it come in a 12 string bass version? 😁
  2. Thanks, I still walk a little sideways and I used to love skeet and trap shooting and taught shotgun safety at one time. Sine the stroke but was concerned about my hand eye coordination. But with the help of friends, I tried it again. Can’t shoot skeet worth a dam anymore, but for some strange reason I can still shoot decent trap scores. My scores suck compared to my earlier days, but it’s fun to be with friends and just participate. I can’t play guitar worth a shit, but I really enjoy fiddling around with my guitars and basses. I have too many of each.. LOL. Tomorrow, who knows wh
  3. The new line up sounds more like a cover band than the original Little Feat.
  4. I use Curt Mangan strings on must everything now. I like the 9.5s and you can get custom gauge string sets.
  5. I also had a major stroke and had to relearn to walk and can only barely play guitar anymore. I’m 64, and I have other health issues, so I try to enjoy every day as it comes. If that new guitar brings you joy, buy the dam thing and don’t look back. It’s only money and you never know what tomorrow will bring.
  6. My Daytona looks like this, and I’m happy with it.
  7. They are appearing soon at a NYC nursing home near you.
  8. Dam, and I was willing to sell you mine for $10,000 plus shipping and handling fees plus insurance.
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