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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOXf9oAGfD
  2. Hey you have it all wrong. That’s a good case. The seller will use a few cans of spray foam to make sure the guitar is stable and secure in that case for shipping. 🙄😎
  3. I wish I could make an offer, your guitar would match my korina standard, but I was lucky enough a while back to get what I thought was a custom vector. I hope you took my offer as humorous as it was intended to be. Good luck getting what you want.
  4. Ok, if you throw in shipping and insurance, plus $500.00, I’ll trade you this Standard. Case included. This is a limited time offer.
  5. I like the little Laser guitars he played.
  6. She says that because there is no way everything gets paid before you are 97 like Doris Day.
  7. Don’t ya Judy love his guitar? Sad news for sure.
  8. 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩 Definitely rates 10 turds. Very nice
  9. Can you tell me more about Frenzel? I need a new Receiver/Sterio. The B&K I had preamp took a crap and all high end is gone. I still have their power amp, just sitting. I had my system split with the B&K going to 2 tower speakers and a velodine powered subwoofer and the other side going into a great old Yamaha receiver with Polk speakers and subwoofer. The frenzel looks simple and efficient. The B&K was complicated and took a crap. I was looking at Frenzel’s top sterio system with all upgrades, but with 30 watts, which sounds low, but it’s tube driven. Any help would be appreciated.
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