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  1. Ting don’t have to worry about food. He has a large supply that tastes like chicken and fill a foot long sub roll. Hope everyone stays well.
  2. Unfortunately I think you may be screwed. Even if you sell it, if your in California are you not confined to your house or residence. Unless you live in a car, how will you ship it?
  3. I think John Mayall had a stray like guitar with holes in it.
  4. Thank you for all the info. Sounds like all have their quirks or issues.
  5. Thank you all for the info and suggestions. I’m going to take a look at the sweet foot power supply because I have a large number of pedals with various requirements and I will probably need 2 power supply boxes.
  6. If they call, you are busy. Go to the gig and heckle the shit out of them. 😏
  7. I’m looking at the Walrus Phoenix power supply. Putting together a board with many pedals. Does anyone have any thoughts on this power supply? Thanks Paul
  8. Well in the Philippines Perry could be a “girl”. 😏
  9. Eye opening for sure. Much thanks for the detailed info. I’ve purchased here with great success. HFC’ers have been great. They have even gone out of there way to check out guitars for me, then purchase them and ship them. Friends I most likely will never meet, but great friends in so many ways. Sorry for all the shit you are going through, the stress of this BS is not good. I had a massive stroke mostly from uncontrolled stress. Please don’t let it get to you. I know it sucks, but .... Thank you for the Paypal and Reverb info. I guess I’ve been lucky with them so far. I hope you prevail
  10. If he gave you the Paypal account info, and you used that info, I would think you would be ok.
  11. Luc, may the force be with you to get your refund.
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