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  1. If you want to be hard enough, take a few blue pills, wait a while, then you may be able to screw hard enough. Maybe not, I don’t know you. 😏
  2. I hope it’s not more than $3.50, shipping included. 😏
  3. Is it me or the picture angle. The strings look like the don’t line up properly over the pickups, or the pickups look a little crooked.
  4. Does anyone have the contact info for Washburn? I’ll offer $350 for all 4 in as is condition.
  5. I was just messing around and having some fun. Poke the bear.
  6. I’m not sure what to make of your response. You “resemble this remark”. What does it resemble to you? Just so we are clear, this is the Hamer Fan Club site. We discuss Hamers not Hammers. You also said TGP has experts on every subject under the sun. Can you please provide a reference to the expert on tree fungus. Thank you and have a nice evening.
  7. This must be the Earle Scheib line of Hamer guitars. We will build any Hamer USA guitar for $39.99 guaranteed. 😀
  8. 👀 If you want the answers to all your questions, you will have to go to the Gear Page. 😏
  9. I tuned in for the first time last Monday. It was nice to meet some of the players on this site. Nice experience and will be tuning in again, health permitting. Thanks guys.
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