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  1. All joking aside, that is a cool guitar and I wish you the best selling it. If I had the resources, I would buy it.
  2. I did not know Mike made a Tele style guitar. Looks nice. 😎
  3. If I had the resources, I would have offered the current Earl Scheib price. 😏
  4. It should be 2 thumbs and 2 big toes up for Josh, as he always goes the extra steps to make like Mr Chesterfield and satisfy.
  5. So was this model known as the Dudley Armada or the Armada Dud? 😏
  6. As one Californian said during wildfire season, β€œstock up on the marshmallows and wieners β€œ and be safe.
  7. Why not call Mike. Offer him $15,000 plus a round trip to you to deliver it. just a thought.
  8. I got my pink bass by accident at a charity auction. I’m leaving mine the way it is. Real men can play pink basses, in dark rooms. 😎
  9. I believe that when the Greatful Dead went in Jerry Garcia refused.
  10. Hands down, Josh goes the extra mile, or 10 to make everyone happy.
  11. Just noticed this thread. Only Josh can tell you how many sets I’ve purchased. You will be very happy working with Josh.
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