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  1. mrjamiam

    The Atlanta Rhythm Section--Willie's latest book

    It was before my time, but the oddest pairing I've heard of was the Jimi Hendrix Experience opening for the Monkees. I'd love to hear about it from someone who was there. But this doesn't have much to do with ARS or Willie's book, which looks interesting.
  2. mrjamiam


    I don't see any reason not to enjoy the hell out of that. Congrats!
  3. mrjamiam


    Sweet! Congrats and enjoy.
  4. mrjamiam

    Metal control cover plate

    I've ordered stuff from him more than once, and he has always come through.
  5. mrjamiam

    Best pinched harmonic.

    I recall that Gary Richrath was pretty good at them. The one about 14 seconds into Back on the Road Again is the first time I really noticed one and asked myself, how do you get THAT sound?
  6. That is just jaw-dropping! Congrats, he said, struggling to disguise his envy.
  7. mrjamiam

    NGD 1991 Centaura

    Congrats! Centauras are awesome. Put some more wear on it!
  8. mrjamiam

    Sweetness in Sweden - #0077 lands!

    Gorgeous! Love, love, love that single-cut design. And the wood! A knock-out. Congrats, Anders, and enjoy!
  9. Congratulations on the new addition! Beautiful guitars. Don't sell too much!
  10. Glad that you're getting back to playing! GLWTS!
  11. I'd say that my timing and bloated inventory are off more than your pricing. Wish I could, because then I would! Best of luck to you.
  12. If I knew Picasso, I would buy myself a gray guitar and play.
  13. I think the industry still has some room to run if they haven't started upcharging for relicing brand-new pedals yet.
  14. Might be good for George Thorogood. Or maybe a Georgia Tech fan.