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  1. If what you want isn't readily available, why not see if you can have it made? Ask Randy at Phaez Amps what he might be able to do. That's assuming he's still there; it's been a few years since I ordered from him.
  2. Victim fiddle, victim tee - your messaging isn't subtle. Not to mention your listed interests.
  3. Yeah, those knobs are not likely original. But the original type were often replaced and not too easy to come by anymore. However, you can enjoy the hell out that with different knobs. Congrats!
  4. Congrats! Looking forward to the toggle switch.
  5. That's to hold cost down. We know the main concern of the PRS buyer is affordability.
  6. Not sure this belongs here; maybe a Madison amp is a gem, there are plenty that I have never heard of. But this is the first brag about buying from Ed Roman that I've seen in the wild: https://huntsville.craigslist.org/msg/d/florence-madison-all-tube-2-stack-amp/7305485383.html
  7. If it doesn't have to say OBL on it, maybe ask @JGravelin if he's up for a challenge? Is there nothing he can't do?
  8. Another plug for Josh - I wanted to change out the pickups that came in my Eclipse, but I didn't want a straight Firebird set. I don't like what sounds to me like the ice-picky bridge pickup, even when Johnny Winter plays. We settled on a mini-hum for the bridge and a Firebird type for the neck, and that suits me.
  9. There won't be much to this - I did nearly no preparation and not much more execution, but I did go recently, and wow was it good to go to a concert again. Local music hall, whether pandemic-influenced or not, decided to create a series of outdoor concerts in its parking lot. First up was Blackberry Smoke with North Mississippi All Stars opening. Seating was in pairs and quads of lawn chair-ish chairs separated from others by a respectable air gap. No mosh pit. I grabbed a quad by the mixing board during a 2-for-1 sale. I decided to go when I heard it announced because I had brie
  10. I think a refin clue is that it's actually black and white. It seems a bunch of them, mine included, have had the white yellow quite a bit. Maybe they match the cream in the zebra pickup better at that stage. Anyway, killer-looking guitar!
  11. Excellent work! A pride and joy for your shop.
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