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  1. Great way to capture the reader's attention.
  2. More enthused about the Epiphone in his lap than some.
  3. When there's a drug bust, they claim their estimated "street value", not the cost of the Sudafed and Drano.
  4. Well, except for the part about dissing Ringo. I'll be glad to hear from him.
  5. The zebra really needs the hair on it to be right. I'm not buying that it's the skin that makes it a zebra.
  6. If a replica doesn't come with documented evidence that the artist his own self took the drag on the cigarette that was used to reproduce the headstock burns from the original, it's not getting my money.
  7. If you don't like seeing the empty holes, nothing is making you wire up whatever you stuff in there. Functional could just be haptic satisfaction. Or trigger a smoke generator.
  8. September 2, 1988 - Aerosmith with Guns n Roses - Nashville, TN I had driven back 7 hours from grad school earlier in the day and decided I was too tired when I found out they were playing that evening. It would have been about another 25 minutes to drive to Starwood Amphitheater to see a landmark show. October 21, 2001 - Blue Öyster Cult - Patuxent River, MD I worked on the Navy base where they were booked to play THE GYM. At the time I made what I thought was a principled decision not to see them in such a Spinal Tap-esque environment. But they were playing tons of s
  9. That's basically what Townshend said after the show I saw in Atlanta in 1989, when we were asking for another encore. He said it wasn't what it used to be, and told the crowd to go home. He didn't offer to refund our tickets, though.
  10. Great news! As my wife often says, step by step.
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