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  1. All this BC talk has me recalling the early days. I ordered the first three records on vinyl; that will have to substitute for the live show. I saw them a few years ago, anyway. Oh, the incense! I wonder what I missed having my head in a book in Atlanta '86-'88. I remember being bummed because I got there after the Georgia Satellites made it big and weren't playing the 686 Club anymore, or whatever it was called.
  2. Exactly. I've had Macs at home ever since I could afford them, about 15 years now, and used them in an office for a decade before that. What happened to "It just works"? Now it's "Keep up or you'll be abandoned" and compatibility be damned. If you don't want to join the cult and do it their way, you have your work cut out for you. Grrr.
  3. Nice! Imagine what it would weigh without the 2Tek. Congrats and enjoy!
  4. I always feel challenged to question things that are alleged to be unquestionable, but this may be correct usage. They came through here last week and I couldn't stay far enough away. I even felt kind of bad about going to see Alice Cooper the night before in the venue next door.
  5. "We're capitalists. Money's fantastic." Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  6. Slightly too young for that. I'm trying to make peace with what is attainable. Being a guitar owner is attainable. I have attained it. Peace!
  7. If I ever find a t-shirt with the message "World's Okayest Guitar Owner", that's the one I should buy.
  8. Can't argue with fantastic, but pricing-wise, make sure you are accounting for whether it's chassis only, and whether it comes with tubes. Adding a cabinet and tubes could add quite a bit, depending on your tastes and whether you have it on hand already.
  9. I bought a SIBLY here and then ordered a Corona from Randy his own self. He wasn't chatty, but we exchanged enough emails to settle on what I wanted and after a decent interval it was on its way to me. I put it into a Sourmash cab that I ordered separately. I haven't put a ton of hours on either one, but I have no complaints. I just play unamplified most of the time.
  10. Is that the "clown puke" finish, or does that not have black elements to it?
  11. Yeah, those Oconnor finish guitars are comparatively rare and desirable, and that translates to $$$$.
  12. Again, agreed. My point is that anyone who steps into the business arena unprepared to act like a business should expect to be penalized financially. There are all sorts of strategies and tactics on display in the online sales forums. Not all of them are advisable, from one point of view or another. One of the more sobering aspects of "adulting", as the kids apparently say, is that options that are not to our advantage are always available. Just because I can see someone else doing something does not mean that it is how it is properly done. What is it that they say, some people's purpose in life is to serve as a warning to others?
  13. Agreed - if I'm not in the used guitar sales business, I will always expect to be at a disadvantage when stepping into the business arena. Best not to go there. The good old days of eBay catch and release are over, as online commerce has matured and norms have been established. Do it locally, or suffer the consequences. But potential buyers grind you only if you let them. If you're getting into the pool with the big kids, then look at what they do: as you've already said, they bake the cost of shipping into the price to the buyer. They don't haggle on price, but they might run a "sale" discount sometimes. They buy low, because they know that letting their cost of goods sold rise will reduce or even eliminate their profit margin. They set their expectations on their inventory, not on each individual sale. I'm sure there are more that don't come to my mind right now, because I'm not in the used guitar sales business. If I fail on any of those things, then I expect to pay for it in a reduced return as I complete the cash-to-cash cycle. On the other side of things, though, is the buyer. And it's a truism that the buyer is always right, but it's also true that the buyer always pays eventually. If shipping costs go up, prices go up. If returns are excessive, prices go up. But you have to be in the business for a while to see this outcome.
  14. This makes me reconsider some of the discussion here where sellers' shipping quotes were scoffed at. Maybe they've been down this road already and are factoring in the cost of return shipping. In the big world of retail, losses on returns and shipping are factored into the prices and policies. If we little guys have to play by their rules, we should do the same.
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