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  1. The lineup can be expected to change over the course of the sale, which is unpredictable in length but often goes for a weekend. I’m on the lookout for a hoodie, myself.
  2. After making a commitment last year to step up my auto maintenance/repair game, I had to seriously expand my tool inventory. And in researching what to get, I found that quite a bit of new tool production is junk or nearly so, and what isn't junk is mostly expensive. Older tools, though, made here in North America or in Europe, are generally much more durable, and can be much more affordable if you keep looking for good examples. That can be a serious rabbit hole if you let it. I'm trying not to let it, although I did pick up a local craigslist offering of a set of Snap On tool chests from 1961 (the roller) and 1990 (the topper) that I've begun refurbishing to contain the overflow from previous capacity.
  3. Welcome, @340music! Thanks for chiming in to round out the tale, and good on you for holding GC to its standard. Keep your eyes open and you'll find a nice Hamer or three to take home.
  4. That is beautiful! Best of luck with the sale!
  5. I think @Jeff R is pretty knowledgeable about ESP. Maybe he'll have something to say.
  6. Congrats and enjoy the fruit of your GC experience!
  7. TGP jargon update! Observed on (and copied and pasted from) TGP this morning: "I got three guitars back from my preferred luthier yesterday." We need a new meme.
  8. If you're on TGP, he seems to be responsive to posts and PMs there. ETA: Him being Sean, or MAGICboy there.
  9. That round-shouldered blue FB with the Centaura-type neck is the only one like it that I recall seeing. Nice family!
  10. He put Keith Richards on the list, against a different prevailing opinion.
  11. Fed up with that corporate poser Johnny Cash. Jeff Baxter's national security analysis sucks as bad as his Steely Dan solos.
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