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  1. Get well soon! Glad it wasn't worse. And you've got a good attitude about what you can do right now. What you can't do right now will come later. Be patient!
  2. Congrats! You're going to love it.
  3. Super nice find and work, but what is this "finishing a project" that you speak of? As far as I know, that can't be done. 😁
  4. And the claim of "spectacular" was not borne out, in my opinion, by researching her films.
  5. I think you nailed it pretty much exactly. Of course, any of those keyboard warriors only have the power given to them. I give them none and encourage others to examine the situation and consider doing the same, but the well-known problem with mob behavior is getting it to separate into individuals capable of reflective thought.
  6. Is that Rick in the background getting into his Fiero?
  7. Like we see in music (and other arts & entertainment). There is certainly a wide assortment of attitudes and behaviors on display there. People mostly seem to be able to separate/disassociate/overlook in their choices in that arena. Some even argue for separating the artist from the art, which is harder to do contemporaneously. Wagner and Michael Jackson will no longer cash royalty checks.
  8. 4 Sigh, dozen, ish. Most of them mocking my failure to have an exit strategy.
  9. It didn't come up for me, but I'm not a member. I expect that this is part of the evolution of our society and learning how to use new-ish and evolving channels of communication. Before too long, maybe, it will become an ingrained skill to consider "Should I go on this or that social media platform and wave red flags in front of bulls of indeterminate mental capacity, and what do I expect to gain from it?" Just because a bunch of kids have a game running somewhere doesn't mean you have to decide to step onto their court and try to play.
  10. "At some point someone removed the paint on the edge of the body, exposing the wood along the entire edge of the body, which actually looks pretty good." Oh, so that's what happened.
  11. One of one, and a trailblazer. RIP.
  12. I plan to go for "Corpse of Engineer".
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