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  1. I saw a few in the shop windows on Sarmiento several years ago.
  2. @Travis, I have a Deluxe kit amp from Tube Depot (mentioned in the Premier Guitar link above) and the instructions that came with it were pretty detailed. That's in case you weren't set on Mojotone and thought that instructions are key.
  3. I was thinking about that as I scanned the list. That's my concert attendance heyday too, extending until roughly 1990, and I saw some of the same bands, if sometimes on different tours or with different openers. I know I saw New England and Louisiana's Le Roux back when Boston and Kansas were big and everyone wanted to name their band after a place. I saw the Bodeans open for U2. All I remember are the names.
  4. Congrats! Glad you found what you wanted. I have never liked those in pictures, but in person they're great.
  5. This looks to me, if it pans out, like the Hamer name will be treading the path of other guitar brands we know of and even discuss here. It will give the guitar geek in us a lot more to talk about, a la: Was it made in California, or Texas, or Asia? Was it made in Japan, or in a New York shop out of Japanese parts? Was it made before he sold the shop, or after? Is it a California made one, or Mexico, or crafted in Japan, or Korea, or China, or Indonesia, or Viet Nam? Michigan, or Tennessee? Nashville or Memphis? Regardless, these guitars won't be THOSE guitars, whether we're ta
  6. Chris's friend should consider that current or near-term values are most likely going to represent a temporary bump upwards instead of a permanent step up, due to reaction to recent events. Long-term trend is still probably going to be downward as the boomers and Gen X who care about guitars in general and experienced the 70's-80's in particular continue to retire, downsize and die off.
  7. And this is the best place to ask. Maybe something will turn up. We've seen it happen before.
  8. I checked - I have an unmolested '82 red checkerboard Special, not molested and recovered. Best of luck to you in your quest to be reunited!
  9. Congrats on those MAMAs @atomicwash!
  10. If you feel like you've got to have it in the playlist, try segueing into "Land of 1000 Dances" during the drum break for a chorus and a verse before ending it Alive! style. Or is that just as bad?
  11. Viewing with Firefox on OSX and I see no Themes pulldown, either. Looks like Cynic's pic.
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