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  1. Obviously I need to pick up my goodness game so that Santa will be as good to me as he was to you. Congratulations and enjoy!
  2. Speaking for myself, I have assurance from the Ultimate authority that the magic is coming my way (eventually), so I'm fairly relaxed about that. The swag, not so much.
  3. Actually, I was kind of thinking along the same lines, except that it's an adolescent Special - body not quite filled out, horns and humbuckers still developing, that sort of thing. REALLY impressed with my first few days with mine.
  4. Are you kidding me? How did I not know about this when I ordered my Shishkov?
  5. So it's Mike that's not ready with the damned shirts already?
  6. That's some hard work. I've never had to change my shirt once, let alone four times.
  7. Sweet! Congrats. Check in later on your observations about learning to add that low string in your playing, I'm curious about that myself.
  8. So if Hamers' catch phrase was "The Ultimate", would Shishkov be "The Definitive"? "The Uttermost"? "The Paramount"? "The Consummate"? Also, how soon before the book? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcOSwyQkzYo "The Uddermost". Apologies if she's the daughter of anyone here.
  9. I don't quite understand - is it too soon to start talking about the Kahler I'm going to install myself on mine once I get it?
  10. Let me guess - on factory tours they let the tourists try painting a burst, saving $$$ on skilled labor.
  11. Frozen ones at midsummer? I thought it would be the land of the trolls at this time of year. Congrats!
  12. Well, we have THREE vintage natural orders: you, Bubs n me. But all got our emails bumped back. Hey Mike! Sending a check yer way... don't bump me! I was going to make it four (I said I'd decide upon confirmation; I didn't want to sit and waffle about it when there was a short window for a limited series) but now it seems like it's going to be so, I don't know, common. I guess I know now to expect maybe a little trouble with the email, but I'm sending a check on Monday.
  13. I also got the acknowledgment email from Ted. I was hoping it meant that I was in the special order window, since I put my form in fairly early in the morning (Central time) but now I don't know. I responded saying no worries, I wasn't in a rush, which was a lie, but I really am happy there was such an enthusiastic response, and I will TRY to be patient while the cats are herded and I find out where I stand with respect to the line for the offer. Exciting times! If not now, then definitely later. These are good problems to have, Mike!
  14. Understood and already assumed as much. Had NO intentions of getting my specs to be considered as options in the Ultimate run. It's still major-league excitement on this end. I've been walking around with a boner all morning. Or I was until I read the no boomerangs clarification. <droop> Who knows...maybe he'll be able to get away with "reverse check marks" or something... I was thinking "Mike Swooshes", myself. Man, I'd like to have them (and a sustain block), but I understand the parameters within which we're working, and I will definitely play ball. Cheers to the start of something good!
  15. I'm in!! I hope, anyway. I wonder how long the line is getting.
  16. Well, Smith county has been found to the THE highest tornado risk county in the US (and therefore the world) according to a Mississippi State University study in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. And I've got an aunt and uncle there, too. Oh well, 'tis the season, at least for a few more weeks, until the upper atmosphere warms up some. So let's make sure the weather radio is working, and play and talk guitars.
  17. Glad to hear it wasn't as bad as it could have been. I have relatives in Brandon and Madison and Clinton, I'll have to check in with them. I thought it was mostly north of there. Good luck to your dad.
  18. Tornado siren whining as I type this, but it's only for a rotating storm, not an actual tornado, and things are winding down here for tonight. Leaving everything thing in its case as we reload for tomorrow, though. Thanks for the well-wishes and remember that lots of folks here in the south didn't come out as well as I did as the weather passed by. Wishing well for all of us in the "all four seasons" part of the top tornado-producing country in the world as spring struggles to turn into summer.
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