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  1. I have one of these on the wall in the guitar room ( its in the basement ). a couple weeks /year when its very cold the room will get down to around 40% , then I leave a wet towel draped over a music stand over night . I put it on the wall next to the door so I see the humidity level everytime I go in & out. Ez rather than guessing http://www.amazon.com/Taylor-Indoor-Humidiguide-Thermometer-100/dp/B0014X721M/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1424113971&sr=8-7&keywords=taylor+hygrometer
  2. " and I'll bet some idiot(s) got canned" one could only hope it was Henry and that arrogant woman that gave the tour I was on in Memphis 2011
  3. I think you should use whatever makes you feel good , and not care about what anyone else uses. because feeling good about your tone is all that matters . whatever anyone else uses to achieve tonal bliss shouldnt matter at all.use whatever tool feel right, there is no absolute right or wrong
  4. enjoyed lookin at all them pretty guitars , I got nothin to compare , but I really like the traditional flamed sunbursts and korina Vs
  5. he was so good and musically a breath of fresh air for me back in the late 80s early 90s
  6. I like the stadium pic , very thick but light weight and fast for flatpickin , I hold a pick and finger pick with 2nd and 3rd fingers as well, for that it felt a little awkward ( maybe because of the thickness ), but I could see havin about 4-5 of each on my amp for gigs
  7. pretty much know everyone who comes to my place , and really dont care if they take a couple of picks I do it as a courtesy . I wouldn't feel as free to extend that same courtesy at $4 /pick . more to the point of what I meant, just jokin around
  8. Ok I may try some , but I'm havin a hard time with $4 ea picks. One of the best guitarists I've personally known always used a modified bread wrapper clip. Ill have to guard em like gold , no leavin em out around the studio for people to help themselves as they tend to do .
  9. wow these seem pretty pricey , I'm used to buying a gross of 351 heavys for about $30. I go through about 4-5 a night , toss them when the edge gets a little worn, never ( almost never ) drop a pick. whats a gross of these things cost $500. I think Im afraid to try them , I might like them
  10. So what is the finish on a72 lp deluxe ? And what would you use to remove the "sticky " feel ? Edited to say,it was bought used a couple of years ago so I don't know what had been done to it ,I believe it sat under a bed in the case for almost 40 years
  11. If you can play a 3-4 set gig and bend accurately all night then the larger dia / higher tension , the better . Although I really don't hear a lot of difference between a 10 and an 11 , if using a higher gauge makes my playing suffer , then the tonal benefit would not be worth it for me
  12. Maybe it depends as much on your hands as the strings or the guitar
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