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  1. LucSulla

    Music licensing questions

    I agree with Disturber. A one off concert once a year isn't likely to catch anyone's attention. And if it does, you can always quit when you get notice.
  2. Basically a tone knob, an ebony board, and the pick ups. I believe the Adrian Smith guitars are also made along side the custom shop stuff, though to be honest, the neck on this one, the Jackson, and my Charvel custom shop are all great. It also just sold on Reverb.
  3. LucSulla

    NAD - Marshall Origin 20H

    On the playground is where they spent most of their days.
  4. LucSulla

    Music licensing questions

    Technically, you have to pay them all if you have to pay any of them. 1. Depends on the square footage, assuming you fall under the same exemptions as restaurants, which you may. 2. I can't seem BMI coming after you over that anymore than I can see them going after a hotel because a guest was listening to a pirated Mp3. 3. Once again reverts to speakers, square footage, and access. For instance, I can listen to anything in my office at, but I can't have a listening session in the auditorium downstairs with paying for a public performance. It basically comes down to intent. Think of a kitchen staff listening to an iPod in the back. It's fine because there is no intended public performance for customers. The moment you play the iPod for the dining room though, even if you own it and even though the restaurant is a private space, it is a private space open to the public in which you are using the music to entertain customers. That is a no no. If you are not 100% sure, talk to a lawyer. I know a lot of people who told ASCAP and BMI to fuck off over the years only to subsequently judgements for anywhere from $6k to $20k against them, and the scarcity of performance royalties has made the PROs especially virulent as of late. And, believe it or not, they will work with you a bit license fees. https://www.restaurant.org/Manage-My-Restaurant/Operations/Regulatory-back-office/11-questions-about-music-licensing
  5. I originally wasn't going to post this here, but what the hell. And I'm going to put it up for what I think is a pretty damned good deal. Details are over here at the Reverb link. https://reverb.com/item/17120090-charvel-usa-select-so-cal-style-1-hss-fr-w-floyd-rose-snow-blind-satin It's not stock. Someone put Suhr pickups in it - Landaus and an Aldrich - but I think it sounds pretty rad. And I will ship it to your door for $1200 CONUS. Great guitar, I just picked it up because I never could find a decent price on a Adrian Smith Jackson. And then I did, so now it is kinda redundant.
  6. I told him, a little more tactfully, that I basically didn't care about his changing the pickups and to look elsewhere if he thought I was knocking a ton of money off the price over that.
  7. Selling a guitar on Reverb - USA Select Charvel that someone before me swapped two Suhr Landaus into and an Aldrich in the bridge. Not OEM pickups, but not crap either. After sending neck pocket pics and then explaining a bunch of stuff that he should have really Googled himself, I get this: "All good. Rather than go back and forthWhat would you let it go for? Bear in mind I would need to change out the pickups (Emphasis added)." Why in Saint Chuckle Fucks do people say that? It's the internet! It's not like I'm some small town car dealership with some hard to find trimline that just happens to be in the least popular color around that I can't get off the lot. It's more like every option is available, but you walk up to the Shelby Cobra NEXT to the exact Cobra you want and then ask the salesperson to knock off a few thousand because it isn't as cool as the perfect Cobra next to it.
  8. LucSulla

    Fender scale anybody?

    Mine is a 25.5" And it sounds exactly like you would hope it would. I also have nothing but a vanity pic of it, but I gotta post a pic of her.
  9. I just bought 2. Someone stole one of me e609s lately, so this is actually awesome.
  10. LucSulla

    Sitting In

    And we all want to be that 10-year-old at least once.
  11. Zorn is capable of neat stuff when he feels like not fucking off.
  12. LucSulla

    Sitting In

    From piecing together the data, I'm not much younger than you, lol. But given the way I am, I will no doubt still be mulling this over when I am 70. Self flagellation is my favorite pastime. It probably wasn't quite as bad as I remember, but it wasn't very good either. I've knocked that song out of the park before, so it was really frustrating not being able to do that night in front of a packed house of Ole Miss coeds. Maybe it's PTSD from when I was just finishing up at MTSU 15 years ago and was starting to make a little bit of a name for myself among the locals. I had a real, "I can play any guitar," kinda attitude, and had a swollen head from this blow out, final show that my original band did three days before. I go see a friend's band, and they ask me to play "House Is A Rockin'." There is this beautiful, green ASAT sitting there, and I said, "I'll play that." The guy playing it said it was his slide guitar and that it was strung with elevens and had pretty high action. I smiled and said, "I'll be fine." I was not fine. I could barely do a damned thing on it, and as soon as I walked off stage, some redneck in the crowd patted me on the back and said, "Keep at it kid, and maybe one day you can play like those guys." I was so pissed because I was pretty sure I already could and let my ego get way ahead of my sense. Good lesson about hubris, that. Seriously, my actual guitar was in my car in the parking lot, and they told me they'd wait for me to grab it. But I was waaaay too cool for that, and my wings subsequently melted right in front of that redneck. I guess on the upside, I definitely didn't act like a smug asshole before I got up there. In fact, I try to be pretty low key in general about such things these days. But man, as soon as I tried to do my first warm-up run, I knew I wasn't impressing anyone last night.
  13. LucSulla

    Sitting In

    Lol, well played.
  14. LucSulla

    Sitting In

    I'm still getting over being mortified that someone here was there, lol.