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  1. Real question - was Gilmour using PF Twitter or FB to post new recordings, live or otherwise, with his solo band from the last 15 years or so when they cover Floyd? (The version of "Echoes" from Remember that Night is better than the album version in my opinion, but I'm not sure I ever saw it promoted via those PF channels.) If he was, then I can kinda see where Waters is coming from to a degree. Ultimately he quit, and to me that trumps any other argument to me, but I would have to admit that it would be at least a tad hypocritical were Gilmour promoting solo efforts through those channels but freezing Waters completely out. I wouldn't promote every last thing Waters does these days over there by any stretch, but a really cool version of "Mother" done under the current circumstances wouldn't be the worst thing ever. It is actually quite good. At this point, the Rick is dead, taking any hope of any kind of reunion with him. The money has been made, and the venom spit. Regardless of legalities, Roger is a huge part of what Pink Floyd will be remembered for if we're all being honest, so why not? But perhaps, Gilmour, knowing Waters better than any of us, may just be worried that any small acknowledgement of Rogers officially might snowball into unintended consequences.
  2. Nah, just dropped it in. I was worried about needed to drill and/or fill to make them work. Also, Gotohs seem a helluva deal compared to an OFR.
  3. For those not into LR deep cuts, I submit the following. Not my fav LR song overall, but the vocals are ridiculous. If you want to hear him really piece his whole range together, this is it.
  4. Got rid of the old, shitty JT-6 and replaced it with a brand new Gotoh.
  5. I've got a bottle of Bruichladdich 10 from right around the time he left. They turned it into a non-age stated offerening called "The Classic Laddie" after he left, which is a shame. That 10 was fantastic. I've consumed it rather slowly over the past five years since I found it.
  6. It's the amphetamine y'all had. It's good for the rock. I'm pretty sure a hopped up Jerry Lee Lewis invented punk rock in Hamburg as well.
  7. I'll give it a shot! Thanks.
  8. I used to have one of those Purple USA's just like that. Sold it back in 2015 I think.
  9. I like scotch quite a bit and have 30 to 40 bottles at any given moment, ranging from sherry bombs like Aberlour A'bunadh to heavily peated stuff like Ardbeg Uigeadail. I have a bunch of weird shit too like independent bottlings of Linkwood, Imperial, Mortlach... well, a lot. If he's not really scotch drinker and this is just a gag, I'd go with the Dewar's 12 rec. Famous Grouse is another solid, inexpensive blend that has enough Macallan in it to make it pretty easy to deal with. Monkey Shoulder is a little more expensive, but also a really good and reasonable blended scotch, though it's a little less sweet, more along the lines of a Glenfiddich (which is more than likely still used in the malt) or a Balvenie. It has a Speyside character to it for sure. For a single malt that is tasty but inexpensive, Aberfeldy 12 is pretty tough to beat. It's a mix of whisky aged in sherry and bourbon, and has some notes similar to other rich but not particularly smoky scotches like Aberlour and Macallan and can often be had for under $40. For something with a little more hair, Highland Park Magnus is pretty good and is relatively inexpensive. Every now and then, you can find Highland Park 12 for about $40, depending on your state. All in all, if I was getting a casual scotch drinker a bottle of something on a lark, I'd probably get the Aberfeldy.
  10. I've always found Slash to put a lot of modal flair into his playing. I completely stole using what I guess would be a sharp 6 in the relative natural minor scale when playing in order to slide into Dorian when playing in a pentatonic minor and also throwing in a sharp 5 passing tone in there - so in an E minor run, you end up with a C# instead of a C and an B-A#-A kinda thing. Tab would be E - 15 - 14 - 12---------------------------------------- B --------------------15 - 14 - 12---------------------- G------------------------------------------15 - 14 - 12 D------------------------------------------------------------ A------------------------------------------------------------ E------------------------------------------------------------- Sweet Child O' Mine has all kinds of stuff. The major solos are D Mixolydian because the song is in G but with D as the root voice. The minor solo throws in a lot of harmonic minor stuff in with the pentatonic runs, which he does pretty commonly. He's leaned on Phrygian a good bit in the past as well. Check out "Double Talkin' Jive." Another thing I lifted from him was when you're in phrygian throwing in sharp 3 when you're walking down, something like: E - 3 - 1 - 0---------------------------------------- B --------------------3 - 1 - 0---------------------- G------------------------------------------2 - 1 - 2 D------------------------------------------------------- A-------------------------------------------------------- E------------------------------------------------------- It's really a great way to accent a major resolve to a minor progression (think soloing over the Greensleeves progression). I have a pretty blue collar knowledge of theory, so some of those sharped numbers above may not be right, but if you play that, you'll hear what I'm talking about. When I was learning to play, he was one of the guys that really helped me understand how to get in and out of pentatonic scales and into other stuff while still sounding really bluesy.
  11. I used to sell Scotch for a living years ago. Does he already drink scotch?
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