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  1. Funny, "Final Cut" of that same album does that to me. The guitar solo kills me, but the lyrics are just heavy. I identify with them way too closely. If you ever hear that song playing in my car or house, I am definitely in the middle of going through some shit because I never listen to it otherwise. I have a whole playlist for this. About once a year, I pull out a bunch a favs, drink too much, and wallow in self pity. I guess leaning into it with full force and doing it all at once every now and then is better than always having it on simmer in the background. "I Know" - Fiona Apple "I Hate These Songs" - Dale Watson "Fake Plastic Trees" - Radiohead "Cover Me Up" - Jason Isbell Those all get me. I get a catch just typing their names.
  2. Fuck other forums. I've tried respectfully asking an automotive question on another forum and just been ignored. Never seen that happen here, not matter how N00bish the question.
  3. Right up until they show you who it usually gets you laid by these days.
  4. Yeah, that price for a CS Charvel is not just in the ballpark; I'd say that you're in the infield. They are great guitars.
  5. Saw Corrosion of Conformity in Memphis last nigh. Met Pepper and Mike because they were just hanging out and talking to folks before and after the show. Even though it was a small venue, they seemed to be having a great time. I love it when bands are actually as cool as you hope they're going to be. Editing to Add that it's also cool you don't have to pay for a VIP ticket just to say thanks for the music and get a shirt signed.
  6. LucSulla

    Eric Otten

    I'm sorry I'm so late seeing this. R.I.P.
  7. "Spline, spline, everywhere a spline..."
  8. He's the one who supposedly said it was one of his favs. I personally don't like it as much as the 2013 LP trad that I own, which is loosely based on 59 LPs, or else that would be the guitar posted here. And I don't think it's a selling point and seems a little histrionic, which is why it isn't listed in the Reverb ad. But that is the legend you always hear around these Miller guitars. It even showed up on this thread by the fifth post. Give me a break here. 😜 I mean, Peter Green is known for his rock solid mental faculties. It does have a somewhat unique tone, kinda like an LP and an SG had a kid, but one or the other of them had a Tele in the family tree a few generations back.
  9. They're cool! Always gets comments too. I had a longtime Miller rep show up at a show that I thought was going to pass out from excitement when she saw it.
  10. As much as I've enjoyed this guitar and playing it live, my current drive to get my finances in order has left me having to make some "hard" choices. I've already sold off a good bit of what I've had, so now all that I have left is stuff I really like. This one was really a blast to have for the last several months, but I think our live schedule is winding down. I bought this somewhat as a stage piece, so that makes this the easiest one to move on. I'll do it for what I paid here, $1575 shipped CONUS. For more: https://reverb.com/item/28235511-hamer-miller-music-1986-red
  11. Well, I reckon I'll never buy another V. I can't afford this one, but I don't know the point of owning any other one now after knowing it exists.
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