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  1. Not that I know of. And our engineering school is kinda dicey, lol. That's one of the few things that Moo U down in Starkville does better.
  2. That may be it. It's just hard to believe it wore out because, despite being built in 14, I don't think it really saw much playing. It may have just been set up from the factory with 10s and for someone who preferred higher action than me. I set it up for 9s, but it was still a little hard to play down the neck. The truss rod was really responsive, and I actually had to tighten back up a little after the initial 1/4 to 1/3 turn I gave it. From there, I set the peg heights. I can probably back those out further... I really just need to unstring the thing as I also have no clue how far
  3. I'm pretty sure these are stainless steel. It's a Custom Shop order, and since we've been talking, I've noticed they are still smooth as (pick your cliche) despite my never having polished them. I'm pretty sure it has a compound board, and yes. The action has always been a little high, but it's also an old-school style, heel-adjust truss rod. It took me years to work up the confidence to loosen the neck and try and fix it (and still put a minor finish crack in the neck pocket, damn it).
  4. Tried the old credit card trick, and the frets seem fine. I guess I could shim the nut some more.
  5. I've owned the guitar for three years or so, so no telling. It could have been something that just happened over time.
  6. If I found time to participate and host, I have a professional Zoom account through school. As long as I'm the host, it can go as long as anyone would want. That being said, I Google is find by me as well.
  7. My Charvel had a bit too much relief, so I got that taken care of. Now I've got an issue with fretting out on the first and second frets. I've shimmed the nut lock a bit and raised the post height on the bridge, but to no avail. The frets themselves don't seem to be lifted, and once you're past the second or third fret, everything is butter. Suggestions anyone?
  8. I have a lot of Fulltone stuff for whatever reason, which I feel, at this point, is name brand. Sticking with my booze metaphors, I feel like Fulltone is Maker's Mark at this point - better than well whiskey and Jim Beam, but definitely not small batch stuff. I'm thinking about branching out a little though and maybe picking up some JHS stuff to replace the Fulltone stuff. Smaller footprint than the Deja Vibe and SupaTrem, plus Josh is kind of a local boy done good. I have some stories about the owner of that place in Jackson where he got started, lol.
  9. I feel so validated now, lol. The closest thing I have to this is the Lovepedal Eternity OD I picked up off @gtrdaddy, and even then, it's not all that close, maybe a little more so if it's handwired. I've never checked because I honestly don't care what's going on under the hood because, whatever it is, it sounds and feels awesome.
  10. Thoughts? Aside from a tuner pedal, which is apparently underrated because I feel like half the guitarist I play with have to use mine, what do you think? I know there are a lot of great pedals that fly under the radar, but I think this has less to do with being underrated and more to do with there being so damned many people making pedals these days. But I'm thinking of stuff from the big producers like MXR, Boss, etc. To make a booze comparison, a lot of the big name stuff really ain't that great, but you have some stuff out there like Beefeater Gin that gets overlooked because it'
  11. Now that you mentioned, this year has seemed kinda different.
  12. Only once... The memories of that night haunt me and the other survivors to this day.
  13. I don't know if I'm sad or happy about this because I wasn't lasting much longer. 😂
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