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  1. Brad has definitely had an interesting arc with his YouTube channel.
  2. 100 watt Marshall Vintage Moderns. You can still find them under $1k on occasion, and, if you have ever wanted a hot rodded JTM 45, they bring it. I had four Marshalls back this summer, and this is the only one I kept. I feel like sooner or later, people are going to figure out that they are one of the best Marshalls the company made in a long time.
  3. I do know why I buy all the Charvels that I do. I got into music in 1986, and I will forever love super strats. For my, Charvels and Jacksons are just the coolest in the world. However, I've played a Les Paul for probably 90% of everything I ever did from 1996 until 2012 and still live on the around 50% of the time even now. That body shape and scale length is just baked in, and every time I pick one up, I am shocked by how much better I am on them. I'll probably continue to struggle on Charvels because they look cool, and stage shows (and whammy bar squealies) aren't for nothing. But when the serious business needs to be done, I'm just a Lester guy. Not to mention the fatter necks on the LP traditionals are absolute hand saver for long sets. -BUT- We also have an embarrassment of pickup magicians around here. After being blown away by Josh's stuff, I decided to give a call to @Jeff R to see what he was cooking up in Baton Rouge and sample another one of the pup wizards we have floating around here. He talked me into a set of his Dreambuckers, and they frikin deliver the goods too! I'm sure either one of them can whip up anything you want, but I was looking for something pretty hot with a little bit of a vintage sensibility. I have a 2014 Lester Traditional that came with the 59 Tributes. While people rave about them (supposedly they got yanked for being too good and became the Custom Buckers), they were just too easy going for me. Cool? Yes! They had a nice, quacky, slightly tele-ish quality to them, but I don't play Lesters to sound like I'm playing a tele. Jeff gave me a quick consult and got them on their way, and I got them loaded in tonight. Man! This guitar has just totally come alive. It smokes like the Gravelins I picked up, but they have a different vibe all their own. I own six Lesters, but I don't want them all to sound exactly the same. I get in different moods, plus I'm playing in a couple of different kinds of bands. However, I do love a hot, articulate pickup that responds well to the guitar's volume. Having another color in the high output palette is super cool, and I'm really digging them. It's ridiculous the amount of homebrew talent that floats around this board. I feel lucky to have met all these folks via this website.
  4. Man, that's tempting. Not sure I have that kinda cash to blow at the moment though.
  5. Marshall's JTM45 was based of a Tweed 62 Bassman circuit, if that tells you anything. They are way, way more alike than different, and though Marshalls are known for being far dirtier amps than Fenders in general, it's not for nothing that this sound sprung out of Jim trying to clone a Bassman as closely as possible with available components in the UK in the early 60s.
  6. They don't have to be useless. Here you go. https://archive.ph/Ug4Oc
  7. Chris LeDoux is your patient zero here. Toby Keith and Garth Brooks both loved the guy, even though he himself continued to be a cult artist until his death in in 2005. Not only was he was doing more rock-oriented songs at times back in the 80s, you can hear his rodeo-lyrics in both Brooks' and Keith's early stuff. "Should've Been a Cowboy" and "Rodeo" could have been Chris LeDoux songs. For example: Going back to Keith, he got lumped into the bro country thing post "Courtesy...," but he was second only to Garth in being a true representative of where the Oklahoma country scene was while he was coming up.
  8. I saw them in a pool hall in Hattiesburg, MS, in the late 90s. There wasn't even a stage. They just moved a couple of pool tables and had themselves a metal show right there in the center of a couple hundred people. I remember it being rather glorious.
  9. He'd been drinking heavily pretty much since Metallica started clubbing. He blew his voice out doing "So What" during the Black Album sessions and had to change how he sang. I think some of the crooning during the Load era came out of that more than anything. I've read a couple of times that the Loads were pretty deeply influenced by Deliverance by C.O.C., at least where Hetfield was concerned. I hear a little of that in the guitar work, but Lars couldn't swing like Reed Mullen to save his life. Once you lose the groove in southern sludge metal, it just plods along like those Metallica albums did. And on that note, I can feel a Soilent Green binge coming.
  10. Different strokes, I reckon, lol.
  11. If they would have taken the best of those two albums and just made one, it would have been killer. And "Outlaw Torn" and "Bleeding Me" are amazing songs regardless of the era. James gives me chills on this version of "Outlaw" below.
  12. Paint job is hiding a helluvalot of rust. I joke about it because it's actually a concern, but I'm one of those nervous laughter types.
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