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  1. So you're saying I really need two full stacks?
  2. To phrase this in youth speak circa 2018, this post got me so in my feelz that I would buy two 4x12s today if I saw them at a good price, lol. Thankfully, that isn't too likely to happen. I mean, I do like two of everything.
  3. I'll put that on my "Shit that Jason Needs to Do but Doesn't Because He's Also Afraid of Fucking it Up and so Stays in a General State of Neurosis" list. It can go just behind the clutch return spring hack I need to do to the corvette.
  4. I was having a moment of clarity. Don't worry; it went away quickly.
  5. Why? I have three Les Pauls and could easily own 3,000 more if I had the money. At a level, I realize this is silly, but nonetheless, Hell, they even piss me off because of always worrying about this or that trick to keep the D and G strings from binding in the nut - clearly a bad design. And yet I'd be happy to have every Lester in existence just to have them. I know I'm not even close to the only person here that thinks if one is cool, two is cooler, and 20 is even cooler. But I do wonder what drives that impulse.
  6. This am will more than likely be used in a stoner metal band I'm trying to get going. The Freidman is going to stick back in the more classic rock band, all though they both do either just fine. I've always liked EL34s in Mesas. That's what I ran in my Mark V. I guess I just like the EL34 sleaze more than the glassy thing 6L6s do.
  7. This made me GAS to get one of these again, which I did. Still my favorite thing Mesa makes, and for what you can grab heads for, they are a lot of bang for the buck. They are just so easy to dial in and go. My only two knock on them is that, while they will do quiet, they really sound their best when they are loud. They are a really dark amp until you open them up a bit, and then they are just rock 'n' roll machines. I was afraid it was going to make me dump the Friedman - why keep something that is three times the price? However, I find they are very different despite being "Britis
  8. Yep. As I've said before here, my ride or die is a 78 LPC. I bought it in 99, so I guess at this point, I've owned it for over half its existence. This may sound insane, but Kirk Hammett could walk in here and offer to trade me Greeny for it, and I couldn't do it. It and a 1911 my father gave me when I moved away to college are probably the only two things I own that I just can't see ever parting with.
  9. This one is meta because it's got guitars on a guitar. 😳 I wasn't ready for reality to fold in on itself tonight like this. 🤯
  10. I have Apple and Spotify. I also buy a lot of vinyl in an effort to support the bands I get into, which almost always comes with a high quality DL link. Amazon just never made sense.
  11. Well, there you go. Old people are still DIRTY WHORES.
  12. I'm good friends with a researcher at UF that did a lot of work down there on that topic, basically in an effort to understand how much seniors were banging and under what circumstances to do a health campaign to get the old fellas to bag it up. While that 10:1 number is incredibly exaggerated, since nature thins the men in the herd before the women generally, men do have more options in a retirement community often. In the late-90s/early-00s, this was right after viagra made it easy for a lot of these gents to rock the spot once again, and a lot of these guys and gals back at that time were
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