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  1. This drives me nuts. It's the equivalent of car sellers on Craigslist getting weird about your asking for a VIN - a frikin number everyone in the world can see JUST BY WALKING PAST YOUR CAR. A serial number is not a fucking social security or credit card number. Maybe there is some Byzantine scam by which giving out the serial could cause something to happen, but it must almost never happen. Music stores and most sellers list them, and it isn't like they're getting defrauded left and right. But as a buyer, just like I might want to run a Carfax type thing on your VIN, I have some interest in reading your serial number, mostly to see if what you are selling is what it is. Whatever off chance likelihood there is that I'm going to swindle you out of your guitar by reporting your serial as stolen is dwarfed by the chance that maybe by being stingy with the serial that you might be hiding something. Which honestly, isn't that damn likely either, other than sellers not knowing how to read their serials themselves. Mostly, it just gets on my nerves because it's just more irrational bullshit some in the guitar community seem to think makes some kind of sense. Or maybe I'm wrong and all of us giving out our serials on the Shishkov forum are about to get massively get fucked by counterfeiters and con artists.
  2. I believe it is something like that. I listen to Dave Friedman's podcast pretty often. He does a lot of hands on work with his amps, which are built by Boutique, but his relationship is deeper than that. He's still the guy testing the tubes and doing the burn ins. I believe they are all signed by him as well - haven't opened my BE-50 up. He also knows a lot about the other amps there - he knew a ton about the new transformers used for the new Soldanos - but he doesn't have a stake in Soldano I don't believe. Mike is also only a consultant with the brand really at this point, but he's an important part of the equation still. So there is some aspect of these boutique builders banding together to operate at scale. I don't know if they created BAD or if BAD was a preexisting thing that grew larger from this. I also think Friedman Amps and possibly Wampler are an important part of what it currently is, but no idea how.
  3. Those guys are fools, and I'm enjoying watching them get burned. I sold the Miller Time for $1400 I think to someone using a secondary account on Reverb to mask that they are a gear flipper. He listed it a week later at something like $2400, and there it has sat for months, along with the other Miller Times around that price. It's not that I won't sell to a flipper, but if I know that's what they are up to, I tend to stick to my guns a lot harder on my original price than I do with y'all. Only reason it pisses me off is that I let something go for a deal that is now locked out of the hands of anyone around here who'd like to try one for awhile. Kinda reminds me of what has happened with Van Winkle whiskey, but I digress. I think the easier opportunities for us normies are gone. I feel like the USA made pointy guitars were the last thing that you could have picked up 10 to 12 years ago and doubled your money on today. For instance, Jackson Fusions were going for around $500-$700 back in 2007 and are currently bringing in $1300 - $1600, and we're probably at peak value for those. I think the only way to make money on guitars these days if you're a guy like me who was trying to do it on the side is if you live in a rural area, you can exploit the lack of knowledge (not knowing about forums and Reverb) and superstition (people don't really buy before they can play, that's crazy!) to find good deals on Facebook and Craigslist and then sell them back off on Reverb or eBay for a couple hundred dollars profit on each one if you're smart. But you'd have to move a lot of those in a month for that to be worthwhile because the margins are small. I'm not sure it would be worth the time and gas to do it.
  4. Better question - why won't someone throw up a cheap USA Dean ML in this buyer's market. I missed a minty one two weeks ago for $1200. Accepted the offer too late. Still pissed at myself.
  5. Do any two words on eBay pop the excitement for a new listing quite like "from Japan?"
  6. Damn, the bottom really did fall out of the Les Paul market. That's why I've decided to collect Jacksons! No wait, that's even dumber... but way cooler. Kinda like this borderline NSFW South Park .gif for which I am only placing the link. https://thumbs.gfycat.com/DismalDamagedFrog-max-1mb.gif
  7. Ha, yeah. I tend to look at selling gear more as minimizing my losses rather than ever breaking even or making any money. I've even rationalized any losses I take as the cost to "rent" that instrument for however long I had it.
  8. Yeah, this time of year always sucks for selling. I will say this though - Good pictures and writing a decent ad helps a lot. I've moved guitars when their were older postings for the same models for about the same price as those listings I think because I try to take at least OK pictures and actually bother to try and sell the guitar a little in my ad.
  9. That video is responsible for running "clam" jokes featuring the word "motherfucker" in my current band. But you have to keep in mind that while he was a foul-mouthed perfectionist, he also tapped Neil Peart to lead the Buddy Rich Band to make sure they had work after his passing. Also, knowing what a bastard he could be, If you watch the second performance in @gtrdaddy's vid, it makes his enthusiastic applause and his stopping to thank the Tonight Show band all that much more special. I think a lot of those jazz guys were just that way. I'll say this much. I grew up with a retired Lt. Col. as a father who was known around the base as "Mr. Happy" for his legendary abilities at chewing an ass. He has told me that he viewed it as his working in profanity like Michelangelo worked in oils. That being said, after hearing and reading numerous examples of Buddy Rich and Miles Davis, I don't think anyone can lay down a "motherfucker" like a pissed off jazz musician.
  10. I'd kill for a hot dog now. And I will. Again. 👹
  11. Just riding the wave, seeing where the tubes take me.
  12. He's a more technically competent drummer than Lombardo for sure, which is no slight at Dave. Portnoy is just sick. However, he never seemed to lose that fanboy bit of wonder at getting to watch his influences even after he became a legend himself.
  13. Mike Portnoy going full fanboy and air drumming behind Dave is pretty great too.
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