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  1. Relic'd by Billy Gibbons actually having defecated on it.
  2. Those are some cool alternatives. Thanks! If I can't make it with a soldering iron and duct tape, I'm probably screwed on any DYI attempts, lol.
  3. I have two speakers laying around - a old EVM-12L and a WGS Reaper 55Hz. I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy a V-Boutique enclosure for at least one of them. I have one of there 2x12 Cubes, and I love the thing. However, I'm looking for some suggestions. They are 8 ohm. I'm kinda trying to figure out if I want to do a 1x12 just for the EV as 8 ohms or try out a 2x12 and throw both in at 16 (or maybe 4 I guess) Ohms. I know a 12L and what is essentially a Celestion G12 Heritage 30 watt would be an awfully unusual pairing for a lot of reasons. It's pretty much one cab or the other, so b
  4. The only thing I can think of off the top of my head is really anything by Journey or Fleetwood Mac post Peter Green. I never liked Journey, but I did, at one time, like Fleetwood Mac all right. Ever since School of Rock it seems, there has been this resurgence of women who seem to seriously think of Stevie Nicks as some kind of witchy, middle-aged role model. It's so cringe inducing that it pretty much completely put me off the band.
  5. Did you fire your singer and try to hire theirs? And am I actually the first person to make that joke on this thread?
  6. I was talking about how great Powerage was to a chick I'd kinda been low key having a thing with, and she said "AC/DC is crap." We're done.
  7. Hand cramps for me usually are due to these factors in this order: 1. Hands just generally being out of shape after not playing for too long. 2. Not staying hydrated. I try to down water in a rational but consistent way day of and remember to drink at least twice as much of it as Wild Turkey at the show. I drink liquor neat generally because it plays better with my diabetes than beer, but it does sure as hell wring you out faster if you aren't careful. 3. Being a little too jacked with energy at the front end of a set and fretting a little too hard and/or not getting a littl
  8. I researched it a bit before buying it. I wasn't looking for a light guitar, but I wanted to learn more about it nonetheless. Pros - It is light, and I don't notice it sounding any different than anything else. It sustains as well as anything else I own, and pickups govern more of the color than whatever it's made out of. I won't tell people what they can and can't hear, but if there is any difference between the harmonic content it has and an alder or ash guitar, no one is ever going to notice in any of the environments in which I use it. Cons - Seems to strip easily. The brid
  9. Got the Donahue and the Phat Cat in and like the sound a whole lot more. Guitar sounds hotter and rounder but now with a lot more twang when you want it. I'm also not impressed by the empress would body. Sounds fine, and the weight is awesome. However, I stripped the control panel screws and had to throw some match stick ends to get the screws to stay in. I grew up working on cars and have never been one to over tighten screws that don't have an important reason to be torqued down. I'm really surprised by how easily the body did that.
  10. ^That's brilliant! Rather than doing something people would pay to see, do something people will pay not to see. And then THREATEN THEM WITH IT.
  11. And I do gig with other guitars. I did find myself thinking the other night, "ummm... where did that note go?" The brightness isn't a problem, but losing sustain is. I've owned three G&Ls with singles now, one with stock pups, one with after markets, and now another stock. The first guitar I had for 20 years and never found correct. The second guitar is my one of a handful I wish I'd never sold. This guitar feels the same as the second but currently suffers from the tone of the first. So I suppose this is an anecdotal experiment at this point to see if better pups bring it inli
  12. $499.99 markup, haha. Oh well, I got my money back out of it and then a tad, even with the bridge upgrade. Good luck to him.
  13. Went the easy (and cheaper) route and got a Jerry Donahue pup for the bridge and a Phat Cat rwrp for the neck. Buying direct for Rio Grande is expensive when you can get their pups cheaper new from other music shops, but I didn't feel like tracking down wind directions and so on. Figured I'd just get it all from SD.
  14. It's like someone sculpted a melting jack-o'-lantern into a bass.
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