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  1. That's great! And Freebird has to be the most boring thing on earth to have to solo over for five minutes. We got a request once for it, and I said, "All you want to do is sing the 'Lord I can't change. Won't you fly high freebird, yeah' part, here me do that first lick in the solo, and then see if I can play those two or three faster licks along with the fast part in the breakdown. So that's what we're going to do." And that's exactly what I did - I think we spent all of 90 seconds on that, and I was right. That's all anyone actually wanted, lol.
  2. Sir, are you inferring that a sales receipt from Joe Satriani for some Fender speakers is not good shit? You might be able to present that and get those speakers back even today!
  3. When the slide part hits so hard that you have to be the only guy in the band in shades to play it.
  4. Waited for a while and picked up a 60th Anniversary American Strat Deluxe neck pretty cheap. Mama! I dig it. Roller nuts are pretty damn rad.
  5. I like "Rooster" a lot, but it gets played so much that it's hard to evaluate it these days for me. It's definitely not my most-spinned AIC tune these days, but had it not been such a huge single, it probably still would be.
  6. Muscle Shoals Little Richard is the best Little Richard.
  7. Second only to Little Richard on my Mount Rushmore of Rock 'n' Rollers. Live at the Star Club is one of the all time great live albums. The killer damn near killed this poor German house band.
  8. In some ways, I think you almost have experience in a three-piece rock band to really appreciate how great he was in that band. Filling it up like he did when it's just you puts him in some really rare air when you're looking at his work as an ensemble player. Obviously, he never had the chops of an EVH, but when it came to just the song, ole Mick definitely moved a lot of air.
  9. Just call it relic'd. I think whatever makes you want to pick it up more is justified by that alone. As far as paint: Whatever the effect wood or paint has on tone, my personal opinion is that it's so negligible as to be meaningless when it comes to what I do to get paid. No one is going to notice a slight dip in midrange or a tad more sparkle at Bubba's Redneck Cavalcade or Pete's Lawyer Blues bar. I lean more into keeping a variety of pickups in my guitars than a variety of tone woods and finish thicknesses. The PAF Joe DiMarzio neck I have in my 82 Les Paul Custom sounds a helluvalot more like the PAF Joe in my JS1200 than they sound different, and most of the difference can be attributed to pickup position and scale length. I go for gear that: 1. Works every time. 2. Dials in easily. 3. Most importantly, makes me enjoy playing on or through it. Personally, I think everything else is just campfire ghost stories. BUT - if that nitro finish makes someone want to pick a guitar up more than the same thing with poly, by all means, go with nitro. Whatever makes you want to play more.
  10. I have the Obituary shirt. Wouldn't be caught dead in camo shorts though.
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