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    Sitting In

    You guys ever have that experience where you're hanging out at a gig, get called on stage, and the moment you get up there, you realize you cannot make the main dude's setup work? Like, it just will not happen. That happened to me last night. I get asked to sit on on "Tennessee Whiskey" in front of a crowd of probably 500 or so. I take a shot and say, "Sure." I know the song, easy enough. Dude is playing a Supro/Friedman dual amp setup and a 335, so the gear is all great. Why not? He hands me the 335, and it hangs down to my knees. I wish I could sling a guitar that low, but I can't do it. Then I notice the strings are like 9s tuned down the Eb, the action is high, and they are old as fuck. Now I'm getting nervous. No problem, hit the gas, and go! Well, the amps have all the highs rolled out, and their are no cabs. Everything is going direct to the board and his "cab" is just the cheap wedge in front of him. He sounds good, but everything about it was just alien to me, and I acquitted myself about like it sounds I would. The band is a pro touring band, and the guitarist used to be in EMF. I didn't want to be bitchy about someone handing over a $2K guitar to some stranger and letting them play, but I sounded like some guy who's been playing two years wanking off in a Guitar Center. I even got they, "well, that was cute," pat on the back when I finished. Luckily, I just sucked it up and said thanks without pleading that I'm really better than that. Sounding desperate on top of sounding like a hack... I'm still salty about it. Not at anyone in particular, but I hate playing like shit in front of people. Plus, it sucks to get that chance to get up on stage and be "that guy" and then play like that, mostly because the set up is completely opposite of you do yourself. I got done, and the singer mentioned me seeming to be nervous. I felt like I was 16 years old playing at the high school talent show all over again, lol.
  2. LucSulla

    Sitting In

    And we all want to be that 10-year-old at least once.
  3. Zorn is capable of neat stuff when he feels like not fucking off.
  4. LucSulla

    Sitting In

    From piecing together the data, I'm not much younger than you, lol. But given the way I am, I will no doubt still be mulling this over when I am 70. Self flagellation is my favorite pastime. It probably wasn't quite as bad as I remember, but it wasn't very good either. I've knocked that song out of the park before, so it was really frustrating not being able to do that night in front of a packed house of Ole Miss coeds. Maybe it's PTSD from when I was just finishing up at MTSU 15 years ago and was starting to make a little bit of a name for myself among the locals. I had a real, "I can play any guitar," kinda attitude, and had a swollen head from this blow out, final show that my original band did three days before. I go see a friend's band, and they ask me to play "House Is A Rockin'." There is this beautiful, green ASAT sitting there, and I said, "I'll play that." The guy playing it said it was his slide guitar and that it was strung with elevens and had pretty high action. I smiled and said, "I'll be fine." I was not fine. I could barely do a damned thing on it, and as soon as I walked off stage, some redneck in the crowd patted me on the back and said, "Keep at it kid, and maybe one day you can play like those guys." I was so pissed because I was pretty sure I already could and let my ego get way ahead of my sense. Good lesson about hubris, that. Seriously, my actual guitar was in my car in the parking lot, and they told me they'd wait for me to grab it. But I was waaaay too cool for that, and my wings subsequently melted right in front of that redneck. I guess on the upside, I definitely didn't act like a smug asshole before I got up there. In fact, I try to be pretty low key in general about such things these days. But man, as soon as I tried to do my first warm-up run, I knew I wasn't impressing anyone last night.
  5. LucSulla

    Sitting In

    Lol, well played.
  6. LucSulla

    Sitting In

    I'm still getting over being mortified that someone here was there, lol.
  7. LucSulla

    Sitting In

    That was me. Were you there? Of all the fucking times for one of y'all to see me play... 😂
  8. Crazy - dude is playing a P-90 GT and still sounds exactly like he sounds.
  9. I think most of us use speed to add a kind of emotional intensity to a solo, and his phrasing is just so damned good that he doesn't need it. He can somehow hit that same gear without ever really needing to pick up the pace much.
  10. Thought I would make one of these for when it is late and I (or anyone else who has mental diarrhea) decide to post passing thoughts that I am sure everyone is just DYING to see posted. I walked in tonight after having a few drinks out on the town, looked at my hamers quietly resting in their stand, and was totally stoked that I own such instruments. I think I may play myself to sleep on the couch on one of them.
  11. He played a single coil GT... maybe this one, actually. For the ABITWII solo, I believe he was plugged straight into the console. https://www.rolandcorp.com.au/blog/pink-floyds-another-brick-in-the-wall-part-ii-guitar-tone-dissected Actually, it was into the board and then reamped through a Boogie MKI.
  12. LucSulla

    Fender Guitars Come With Cancer Warnings

    Or even stuff that has not been demonstrated to be carcinogenic but the argument from nature logical fallacy and confirmation bias were just too good to pass up.
  13. LucSulla

    Les Paul Standard, Long Scale

    Yeah, I kinda remember those being in a catalog one year back in the 90s if memory serves.
  14. It's a really cool amp! But I cannot deny my love of this Budda SD18 combo. I hope that amp has finally found a home as it has been all over the place in the last year.
  15. I'd go with the Katana over the Spider. They get a lot of love as a great solid state for a great price. The Spider Vs not so much.
  16. Well, I'd have a 65 Malibu with the L79 factory option and a Ferrari, but I get what you're saying. 😜
  17. What's the neck like on these guitars?
  18. Hey all, I'm selling the Sock Monkey 18/12 that I picked up. It is the same one that @bubs_42 sold awhile back. I think the amp is fantastic, but I really needed something with a loop and two channels at the end of the day and have decided to go with a Budda SD 18. It's a little easier to go from the Friedman to the Budda as I don't have to reset everything for going into the front end of an amp rather than a loop when I gig with the 2 Monkeys. I can say it is a great gigging amp aside from that, and I've been really pleased with the sound of the amp overall. I just need something a bit more versatile. I'm not trying to make any money here, so $900 flat gets it to your door. If you like EL84s and one channel amps that go nicely from dirt to sparkle without much fuss, you'll really dig this fella. I'll try to get some pics of my own up in a bit, but the one's Bubs threw up are still representative. For specs on the amp, from the 3 Monkeys website:
  19. I so wish I had the money for that. For the band and bars I'm playing, it would be the ultimate guitar.
  20. I'm just playing strats a lot more as of late and getting a whole lot more of what I want to sound like out of them. My main strat is great, despite just being a normal old American Standard from the mid 90s. It plays great and sounds great, but I have kind of been looking for a back up. I saw this one, and I dig it. The price seems OK as well, but when you look at the back... It looks like someone routed a canyon into the trem cavity. How much would this put you off?
  21. It could very well be, but it looks a bit larger to me.
  22. I like keeping my strats decked too. Guy is responsive, so it may all be academic at this point.