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  1. Mark, are you open to trades on that Tele Custom? Thanks Peter (hamstd@gmail.com)
  2. Dave, I have a few options. On a business trip but hit me up if you don’t find one. Peter
  3. I have one I am selling. Super tight flame on the top, crowns, floyd rose trem. If interested, email me at hamstd@gmail.com and I can get you more info and pics Peter
  4. I've got a couple of Prototype II (both Kahler and floyd) and a handful of phantoms (sustain block trem, kahler, floyd). If you are in the market, drop me a line at hamstd@gmail.com . Thanks Peter
  5. Eric Johnson, Carlos Santana, Joe Bonamassa, SRV, John Mayer all use/used them on tour.
  6. Bob, Good luck with this one. I think you are making the right decision (please save me the T-bolt-yeah that one picture leaning up again the tree) and give the guy my number and I'll promise to come over and mow your lawn every tuesday as part of my retirement plans. Peter
  7. Plenty of blitz and blitz base cases, but only rainbow stripped Unicorns around here!!
  8. I've got one for sale but it isn't cheap. Email me at hamstd@gmail.com. Peter
  9. Congrats Joe on an amazing score!!! That is much cooler than the Washburn graphic stuff in my opinion!!! Ed, very nice-thanks for sharing. Can't remember, was this a Jim O'Connor finish?
  10. Tone knobs are for pussies...... Before Buckethead made the kill switch popular, there was George Lynch and the 3 way toggle....LOL Your next guitar? I think it originally had a black pickguard on it (a former factory person sent me a pic along time ago), but a previous owner got smart and said why cover up that nice flame.
  11. Did you think about my offer?

  12. Why mod when Hamer already did one-its' waiting for you John.
  13. Gus, Good to hear from you again and hope you are doing well. Do you atill have your White prototypes with the black binding. Now that is one sexy beast!! Drop me. Line at hamstd@gmail.com. Welcome back peter
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