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    I had a bunch of hamers until Gene went and sold them off to pay for a new wig
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    see above
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    Just my Love gun

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    the Nighttime world-where I am King
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    I'll take a six piece chicken and make it extra spicy.

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  1. Really nice person and a great guitar player. RIP
  2. Shoot me an email at hamstd@gmail.com. Might be able to help on the sunburst front.
  3. It is 0175. Very nice guitar and very resonant. I called it the Monday guitar as you might be in for a surprise if you use the side dot markers as a reference. Peter
  4. Have to agree with you Dave R. My favorite model. ( the trans black one in the back is proto #4 made for the guy that supplied them with the first bird inlays). But as noted you can’t keep them all and you just need to liquidate sometimes. πŸ˜€
  5. Peter,


    I sent you an email in regard to a post you made in the WTB Californian thread.

    I responded to a message you had sent me a while back in regard to another Hamer I bought.

    I am interested in finding possibly buying a Californian


    Rick Recco

  6. Did you think about my offer?

  7. Hi.... Any word from the guy you sold my Archtop to?

  8. Hi Peter,

    I sent you an e-mail.Β  Any pics would be appreciated!

    Dave Rauschenberger

  9. Kiz, that is the best post I've see all day!!! Thank you!! BTW, I believe that's called a "schmeckle" as that guy looks a bit jewish to me-not that i am racial profiling but just saying..... Oy-vay!!!
  10. No pm button here for you. I would like to talk with you. Can you give me a call on Sunday afternoon or perhaps we can pm on Facebook for a minute. I would like to know if you still have #58 of the Korina Standards.

  11. What are you asking for the Phantom A7?

  12. Hi, I was wondering if you are still considering selling that red Hamer 12 string bass? I'm rethinking my approach and might yet want to buy it. If I try to go cheap I may never get one.

  13. Hey, Peter. Long time. Hope all is well. We don't often see 12vers of the guitar type around here. Funny how sometimes oddities come in waves.Β Do you have any hidden jems of this variety that are looking for a new home?


  14. I agree, doesn't look like a problem there to me. That just looks like a Saturday afternoon around here.....
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