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  1. Can't get to my mirage I, but I'll get pics to share. I do have this one which is sort of interesting-ever seen a 19 fret 4 digit standard?
  2. Thanks Bob, it is interesting. I have the catalog Mirage I and it doesn't have a stamped serial number. Frank U told me there wasn't time, they needed one like "now" for the shoot. Maybe he was just giving me a Rick Nielsen type explanation. I'll snap a pic tonight. Otherwise, I have the only import Mirage I out there-don't know where I should be proud or angry !!!😀
  3. Bob, don't you have a couple of Hamers (T51 and a special?) from Frank U that aren't stamped with a serial number? These were used for the catalog shoot? I have the Mirage I from the catalog that he sold me and it doesn't have a stamped serial number. Technically it "didn't leave the factory" but they are legit USA made Hamers. Peter
  4. That's what she said!!
  5. Anything can be done when it comes to CMatthes!!
  6. Doug, let me check I think I have a gold Hamer floyd rose and definitely have a black one. Send me an email at hamstd@gmail.com and I'll get back to you on what I have. Thanks Peter
  7. HamStd

    Name the Gravelin

  8. Hey Bubs, I have my eye on something special so everythings for sale and I don't mean $50K either (unless you want me to arrange Jessica Alba to deliver it to you personally or you want 60 phantoms delivered to your garage.....😀). Make me an offer I can't refuse. Peter
  9. We like the Phantom over here and I don't discriminate either- floyd, kahler, sustain block trem, no trem, triplebucker or three singles, dots, crowns, LEDs, no markers, frets, no frets they is all good!!! [ Let me see if I can dig out some of the weirdo ones now. Enjoy Peter
  10. Arm of Hamer, drop me a line at hamstd@gmail.com. I am interested. Thanks Peter
  11. Yeah but in 1960 who knew these would be worth anything? Just ahead of its time, give it 59 years and it could be worth $250K. Beauty is in the eye of the can opener.
  12. Hey Chris, don't be starting any rumors-I like girls..... "not that there's anything wrong with that"........
  13. If you're talking about who I think you are talking about, it was Tom Peterrson's mini-Standard. 😁 . I can also vouch for Stonge being ACES to deal with!!! I even have secret pictures of his stash taken with my glasses-cam.