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  1. Mattias, Please email me at hamstd@gmail.com. Would like to learn more. Thanks Peter
  2. I think you are thinking of Willcutt Guitars in Lexington, KY. http://willcuttguitars.com/ Peter
  3. Jochen, I have a sustain block term assembly. Email me at hamstd@gmail.com. peter
  4. Please send me an email at hamstd@gmail.com. Interested in learning more about the 335 if it is still available Thanks Peter
  5. Thats how you get them!!!! Can I ask is the body thicker on that one? Les Paul thickness?? Great set of toys you have there!!! Thanks for sharing!!! Peter
  6. Congrats Steve, great collection to bring back together!!! Envious!! I am sure it was not simple task to get Snake's explorer!!
  7. I have this one for sale if someone is interested. ALOT less than then one on Reverb (sans the silverburst and trapezoid inlays). email me at hamstd@gmail.com for more info. Peter
  8. It is gold sparkle with a sustain block bridge too. Made for Fred Newell. Steve S. has the guitar.
  9. David, I think under 1100 or 1200 is still from the first run of GMP guitars before they closed their doors. The s/n picked up after they re-opened the doors I think in 2015 or something like that. I seem to remember that the whole company started as one of the partners enjoyed painting cars and loved guitars (hence the flame and sparkle motifs) but that the whole company was funded by a power blender they produced that was a big money maker-but I could have that story wrong). Peter
  10. Ben, Glad you finally got the guitar with all the inspectors probably taking a turn plugging the guitar in........ This was a total custom order as it was made for a good friend of Jol. He selected all the wood for the guitar and spec'ed it out for him. On the logo, I believe this had something to do with it being a gold logo. This was the same with the 6 Futura prototypes that were done as well that had the gold logos. But I can 100% vouch it is not a refin and it is USA made and as Ben noted, it is logged in the serial number book as that was info directly from Jol who checked it and verified it for me. Enjoy Ben and thanks. Ben is aces to deal with too!!! Peter
  11. Plus he likes ham sandwiches and avoids STDs when possible.😀😀. I can check but these cases are hard to find as they are oddball shaped compared to standard GC1 obviously.
  12. If you don't go with Daves, drop me a line as I have a TLE with the floyd and boomers for sale. Thanks Peter Hamstd@gmail.com
  13. Over $21M raised in this auction with proceeds to go to charity. Obviously Christie's is going to stick their hand in the pot but still going to a good cause I hope!! Hats off to Gilmour, he could have easily said "I'd like to keep that money and give $1M to charity".
  14. Jesus now that's a physic answer if I ever heard one.... Are you going to now tell us that you can hear the different between duracell vs. an everready 9 volt battery.
  15. Geez Gene, would you please buy a proper set of six-inline Grovers and quit flipping that mixed leftover righty set.
  16. I might be able to help you with an unique Scarab (has a few custom order features on it). Email me at Hamstd@gmail.com for more info and the price range you are looking to spend. Thanks Peter
  17. Thanks fellow HFC’ers H.R. email me at hamstd@gmail.com. Happy to answer any questions and would love to set you up. My FBIV is a great player and sounds amazing. Peter
  18. I know we all like Hamers here, but I think the more important question is why is Greg watching Shalimar videos??????????
  19. Mr. Deturo, Send me an email at hamstd@gmail.com. I think I can help you out on what you are looking for. Peter
  20. Hi Ben, send me an email at Hamstd@gmail.com. The board won't let me post pics anymore-getting an upload error message. I have something green and quilty that is pretty unique. Peter
  21. That use to be my Korina V. Here is a shot of Joe comparing it to his orig '59 Vee (the garbage bag V, for those that follow the LP forum) at soundcheck for his show in SF. He used it onstage that same night. Peter
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