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  1. Hey! I know that Guy!. Kapeesh! That's fucking awesome. I'm smiling East to West for you mike. (North to South would be a surprised mouth like Quagmire's blowup dolls. That's so cool. Go get um!! Bm
  2. Eric Johnson 'Bristol Shore'. Towards the end. It's ear piercing. Bm
  3. My son (16) and I would love to go. We would even root for them! I don't do the foam finger though. Hope to go to Sept's Richmond races also. We have to make it to our new home safely first. I picture myself rolling the U-Haul with the car on the back. Oops. Bm
  4. I hope to be doing some setups and minor repairs on the side. Hopefully playing out. I'd like to find some people to play my original instrumentals. Also, I'd like to play out my solo acoustic set. Everybody up here my age either wants to be in a blues band or a cover band. Looking forward to getting tickets to Richmond Nascar for Sept 6th. Just keeping everything mellow will be awesome. You can't believe how stressed out this area is. Thanks! Bm
  5. Moving to Chesterfield, Va at the end of July. Are there any good schools, historical attractions, guitars, drugs or hookers down there? Bm
  6. I have everything except the rod cover. We'll figure that out. Personally, I don't keep a truss rod cover on any of my guitars, acoustic or electric. I also don't wear underwear. Bm
  7. Ironically, the "f" spaced will probably line up better with the pole pieces, especially on the bridge. That's why people get them. Bm By the way, I have it buffed up through my last two wheels, then I can start on your board. and oh by the way,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it looks FUCKING AWESOME!
  8. That's not right. They were so used to Hamer reversing the cream to the board that they thought reverse Hamer Zebra would be cream back to normal. It is a good thing you saw that, I never would have caught that. Fuck! It will take another fifty fucking weeks to get the right one. Another ripple effect of this fucking joke which is let's announce Hamer isn't producing, but let's still make the fucking things even though every aspect of the Hamer production routine is fucking evaporated to the point we can't handle something as simple as this!.....................................................
  9. On the normal zebra's, isn't the cream against the board? Bm
  10. Hey Mike, where is the picture with the message on the neck? It's like the neck is talking. Just like the "Help" message in that chick's stomach in the Excorsist. Everybody on the site should ask Mike to post it. Bm That's my buffing bench by the way. Isn't it just fucking bitchin'? Bm
  11. Two different style guitars. The Monaco Elite weighs 95 lbs. Did you guys in the HFC know that there are two different style modern Monaco Elites? They made the larger body Monaco first, which had a small porch on the treble side of the fingerboard extension. When they scaled down the Monaco Elite body, they didn't factor the small porch in the scale down, so they have a small body with a large porch. They adjusted it after. That means that the people who have the first 5-6 Monaco Elites have rare Hamers I guess. Does it? Bm
  12. They're not even shipping the fucking pickup until March 3. That's after I had to remind them to order the pickups and tuners a while back. This place is a joke. Bm
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