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  1. That was, IIRC, the catalog model.

    I sold it in late 2020 when I liquidated most of my guitars as part of an employment related move to Florida.  It sold for a few hundred more than $3,500.  That was just before the Covid spike. My guess is that today, it would sell for somewhere between $4,500 - $6,000 provided it's still in near mint condition.  It was the best looking of the 4 Triple Threats I've owned.



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  2. I just acquired a Taylor 562ce 12 string from Guitar Center.  I played it for a while in the store while they appraised some old gear that I brought to trade.  Everything seemed fine except the string action was slightly high.  I was impressed enough to make the deal.

    While tweaking the truss rod to remove some relief, I noticed possible issues with the top of the guitar near the bridge. There is a slight dip forward of the bridge and a slight rise behind.  I understand that this may be perfectly normal, but I'm concerned that there is a defect that could get worse over time.

    I've attached photos that show the amount of deviation from perfectly flat on either side of the bridge. The first photo shows a reflection of the strings on the area forward of the bridge.  The image makes the depression look much more severe than it actually is, but that's what drew my attention to the issue.  The other photos show the issues accurately.

    I know that there are several master luthiers and many pro technicians that are members here, as well as lots of other knowledgeable folks. I'd appreciate any opinions on whether this is normal or a potential major problem. 





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  3. On 11/28/2022 at 3:28 AM, geoff_hartwell said:

    Badger- why modulation after delay instead of vice versa?

    I never used the chorus and delay simultaneously. The Fish Factory was dialed in to use the red side as a clean boost so I could hit it and the delay switches at the same time for solos.

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  4. Warning!  I placed an order on Friday through the linked Reverb ad. At the time there were 2 units in stock according to the listing. I received the following message from the seller today:


    Thank you for your order and we appreciate your business. Although we try our best to maintain 100% accuracy with inventory, there are still rare occasions where we experience an inventory error. An example would be when two customers buy the same item at around the same time on two different places. We regret to inform you that we are currently out of stock of the item you purchased. We have contacted the manufacturer regarding your order and expect to hear back shortly with availability and have every intention to expedite your order once the product is received. In the meantime our sales staff would be happy to speak with you regarding your order and to see if there may be other alternatives to your original purchase. As always, we are also happy to refund you in full as well.

    Please accept our apologies for this inconvenience. Look forward to hearing from you. Pit Bull Audio



  5. fullsizeoutput_69d.jpeg


    I put this one together with a JHS Prestige boost, Mooer chorus and delay and TC Electronics poly tuner in mini form.  The Fish Factory incorporates two drives in a single enclosure so it's arguably a mini as well.  Sounded great but I had to either use the side of my shoe or wear cowboy boots to hit the switches.

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  6. There is a lot of speculation and debate over the audible differences between different types of capacitors in guitar circuits.  The majority opinion seems to be that values matter and type of construction doesn't. 

    The issue with 920D's behavior is that the PIO caps sell for $28.00 and the Mojo dijon caps sell for $1.50.  They wrapped the $1.50 cap in a PIO cover and charged the PIO price.

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  7. Link to TGP Thread

    Not sure if the link will work if you're not a member at The Gear Page. You can find the thread by searching "With genuine paper in oil capacitors" in the Luthier's Guitar & Bass Technical Discussion sub-forum.

    Interesting.  Apparently a company that sells prewired pickguards and parts has been intentionally mis-labelling cheap caps and selling them as boutique PIOs.

    Hello $hit.  Meet fan.

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  8. As the proud owner of shares of Green Bay Packers Stock I understand the appeal. 😆

    NFTs can have actual value when they represent fractional ownership of tangible assets, but this ain't that. If Rick was selling ownership shares in the actual guitar, rather than an image, it would be more interesting.


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  9. On 9/27/2022 at 6:12 AM, Nathan of Brainfertilizer Fame said:

    Based on the bottom photo, I wouldn't put much faith in this seller.


  10. The Springsteen Telecaster, according to Rick Petillo, had four pickups and four output jacks.  No mention of more than one control plate.

    "According to the late Petillo, Springsteen's guitar had originally been owned by a record company and featured an incredibly shady installation of "four pickups wired into extra jacks that would each plug into a separate channel on the recording console."

    Made by routing out a significant area under the pickguard, this mod would ensure that session guitarists would earn four times typical union pay for playing four slightly different versions of the same guitar solo. "

    This actually makes sense as an early method of mechanical multitracking.  The payola story sounds contrived to me, but I guess it's possible.  

    Linking the Springsteen guitar to the abomination for sale on Reverb is pure B.S. IMO

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