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  1. After all of the crap I went through with eBay over the past couple of months, including multiple attempts to hack my account, a misdirected suspension by eBay, and a couple of extremely irritating auction "winners", I was ready to walk away. But . . . I've been jonesing for a PRS and spotted one on eBay that had some of the earmarks of a potential bargain. Primarily really bad photos and a mid-week, mid-day ending time. Best of all, the guitar is located within 10 miles of my job! I was hoping nobody else would bid and sniped it this afternoon. I pick it up tomorrow morning. Take a look, did I do OK? PRS Auction Linky
  2. I won't be late if I say: "Happy BirthWEEK, Herr Uber-Host." Party like it's 1999 my friend.
  3. Can you tell me the exact weight of the delay pedal? Just kidding. I'll take it if it's still available. Let me know. Your PM inbox is either full or disabled.
  4. I agree with Steve. I've subscribed to Guitar Player for almost 30 years and I'm seriously considering passing the next time my subscription expires. I enjoy Vintage Guitar. For gear reviews, I think the class of the field is Guitarist Magazine from the UK.
  5. I think we need to impose a new rule. No Waterloo speeches unless you've actually established a presence on the board.
  6. Tell him to take it to a reputable repair shop that you can verify is legitimate. You want an expert opinion on the condition of the guitar and the extent of the work required (if any) to get the guitar in good playing shape. Talk to the repair tech yourself - don't take the buyer's word. If the frets are actually flat the guitar will need, at minimum, a fret crown and dress - possibly a partial or full refret. It all depends on how worn they are. Not trying to be an ass, but if I bought a guitar and the tops of the frets were flat, I would not be happy (unless, of course, the condition had been acurately described). Flat frets indicate a significant amount of wear and require a good bit of work by a skilled tech. Otherwise, it may be impossible to get reasobaly low action without buzzing and the guitar will not play as "in tune" on all frets as a guitar with properly crowned frets.
  7. ebay listing This looked very interesting. But scroll down and read the seller's response to the question about the neck repair!!!!!!!!!
  8. Ugliest . . . carpet ever! GORGEOUS GUITAR, THOUGH. Bring back the rusty basment doors.
  9. www.stewmac.com High quality, great value lifesavers. Under $16.00 for both sets. One end is “regular”, the other has the ball feature for angled access. (Go ahead, MC, I set you up). $13.00. I own a professional quality lug wrench too. I hate cheap tools.
  10. I'm working almost exclusively on bass. The goal is to stop playing bass like a guitar player and start playing more like Paul McCartney and, ultimately James Jamerson.
  11. Having heard "no" from the folks at Hamer a few times, I just assume that Jol has his reasons and move on. Sometimes he doesn't want to revisit old concepts (no FBs or "beer" guitars) sometimes its a production issue (no reverse victory inlays) and sometimes he won't build something that he does not believe fits with Hamer's current image or Jol's personal design or aesthetic tolerances. That's a diplomatic way of saying that Jol won't put the Hamer name on something he considers "butt ugly". Regardless of how much a customer wants it or how much someone is willing to pay.
  12. I haven't heard anyone else promoting that headstock as desirable on a Vector. Or any other non-traditional LP Special derived body shape. Except for one very adamant ebay seller who was trying to promote it as "adding value" to a Blitz. You're certainly entitled to your opinion, but I think the line is going to be pretty short to board that bandwagon. Good luck, though, today's "no" often turns into tomorrow's "yes" with Hamer.
  13. I know Larry Carlton played on it. I want to say it was a Boyce and Hart composition, but I don't think that's right.
  14. Besides, which That one was pretty heavily boogered for the price. Refin, repro logo, Gibson pickups, cracks, etc. I can't imagine a solid all original one going for a whole lot more than that. Good luck in your quest, I wouldn't lose any sleep over that one.
  15. Good Lord. Is it that difficult to type the words "to be"? "The guitar's nut needs replaced" ????? No, dipshit, the nut needs TO BE replaced. It's called English and it's a language taught in most schools here in the United States. I suppose the guitar is very "resonate" too. Prolly. BTW, nice paint job. Edited to clarify that my use of the term "dipshit" is directed toward the seller, not vockins.
  16. Can't let one of these threads go by without mentioning the two best (IMO) power pop bands of the 80's. Off Broadway (usa) and 20/20 Off Broadway got very close to the big time and released a pair of great albums on Atlantic (IIRC). They had a minor hit with "Stay in Time". One of the best lead singer/lead guitar combos I've heard in Cliff Johnson and John Ivan. The band was managed by Cheap Trick's manager, Ken Adamany who dumped them just as they started getting some traction in favor of southern rock outfit called "Little Dixie". I was fortunate to be at the "post dump" show at Headliner's in Madison. It was a fantastic, obscenity-laden, drunkfest on stage. At one point, Cliff was riding a guitar stand hobby-horse style and shouting "How 'bout that Little Dixie - yee haw!" Not particularly professional, but fun as hell. 20/20 wrote some of the best songs to come out of that era including 'Remember the Lightning, Yellow Pills, Cheri and She's an Obsession".
  17. Bump. The Fender and Nash are both still available. Not looking for trades unless you have a Victoria 20112 or 5112 or something similar in a guru-built (i.e., easily flippable) 1x12 combo with 20 watts or less. I'd also consider trading one (plus $) or both for a PRS McCarty, CU22, Singlecut or Santana III.
  18. I had a ticket and was on my way out the door to O'Hare when all Hell broke loose at work. 3 hours later, I'd missed my flight and what looks like one of the best 4321 Club gatherings yet. Bruce, Faux country and you didn't break out the seafoam T-51? Shame!!!!!
  19. Holy Crap! That's $2,302.22 U.S.!!!!!!!!!!! I've got an autographed copy too! This could make the recent flood of eBay Cali listings pale in comparison. First $1500.00 offer gets mine. I'll even cover the shipping and PayPal fees.
  20. The '65 Edited to add: I'm going on vacation beginning Thursday of next week (5/10), so I won't be able to answer questions (or ship the guitar) after early next week. So, HURRY! LIMITED TIME OFFER, ACT NOW!!!!!! Seriously, the Nash or the USA Reissue? The Nash. By a hair. Mostly because it's unique and a little strange. That appeals to me. The Fender is more refined. The Nash is kinda' punk.
  21. The '65 Edited to add: I'm going on vacation beginning Thursday of next week (5/10), so I won't be able to answer questions (or ship the guitar) after early next week. So, HURRY! LIMITED TIME OFFER, ACT NOW!!!!!!
  22. Vintage Jazzmasters are easy to find. All of the big vintage dealers have them. Unfortunately, prices have gone from $2,000.00 to $5,00.00 and up in less than a year. $5K could still be a bargain, though. IMO, they are one of the last "great" vintage guitars that are still (relatively) affordable.
  23. The Nash is very different from the USA Reissue. Sort of like comparing a Cadillac to a Lotus. The Nash is stripped down, bare bones and a lot of fun. The sounds are similar, but the feel isn't. The Nash is lighter and it feels like a pair of old blue jeans. Either you like Bill Nash's "artistry" or you don't. I think he goes a bit overboard with the relicing, but I appreciate this JM for what it is. Most, but not all, of the finish has been removed from the back of the neck and it feels perfect. Pickups are Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder JM models. The tremolo is functional, but not as smooth as a genuine Fender model. Nash has only made a handful of Jazzmasters. I suspect that this is the only burgundy mist one. The headstock is painted to match the body. I understand that this is somewhat rare on a Nash.
  24. Yes, the '65 is the sunburst in the center of the second photo. Bought it at a guitar show. At the time it was unplayable past the 7th fret because of a horrible partial refret. After a full refret and set-up, it's magic. The burgundy mist model on the far right is a Nash. I'd let that one go if someone offered me close to what I paid for it - $1,400 plus shipping.
  25. Recent Fender ’62 USA Reissue Jazzmaster in seafoam green. My acquisition of a ’65 JM makes this one redundant, so I thought I’d offer it here first. Sorry for the crappy photos. They make the guitar look more Daphne blue, but in person, it is definitely seafoam. I can take more to order if you’re interested. Completely stock except for the addition of a pearl pickguard and a Buzzstop. Excellent condition, looks new except for one tiny chip on the back/bottom edge. I owned the guitar for a week before I noticed it. Precision setup for low action, no buzzes and great tone. Original white pickguard and original Fender brown/yellow plush hard shell case included. Comes with a big bag of Fender Factory tags, strap, etc. Light for a JM, about 8 lbs. Sounds like a great JM should. $1,000.00 shipped, lower 48. I’ll ship just about anywhere else (even Canada!) at actual cost. Add 3% for PayPal. PM or email at: dave.owenATgeDOTcom
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