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  1. Happy birthday Ken. You knew somebody was going to say it. 😄
  2. I picked up a Fret King John Jorgenson model recently. I admit that I was drawn in by the quirky visuals, but I'm impressed by the quality of construction and design. It punches way above its weight. This one is listed at under $1K on Reverb. https://reverb.com/item/46128114-fret-king-arcadia-green-jj-john-jorgenson
  3. There were only 30 made. I've owned four of them and can testify that they are exceptional guitars.
  4. It's one piece of information that may or may not confirm that it's a refin. The log may say "custom order, black, with Kahler". As Stonge pointed out,the serial number is nearly irrefutable evidence that the back of the headstock is the original black paint. My only reason for suspicion that the rest of the finish is not original is that the face of the headstock shows some wear and scratches. The rest of the guitar looks nearly new. No Shenanigans here. It's not for sale. Straight up trade for a Triple Threat or the zebra 80 (81?) Special with the unusually thick neck that I stupidly sold - I'll consider.
  5. The value is highly dependent on originality, condition and features. Californians are very desirable. The range is roughly $1,500 - $3,500. Possibly more if you have several potential buyers engaged in competitive bidding.
  6. I'm trying to determine if the Special I recently bought has the factory original paint. I'd be very grateful if anyone here could check the serial number in the factory logs to see what info is there. I don't believe I've seen Serial Steve on the board recently.
  7. I've been experimenting with this Headrush Pedalboard and Line 6 multiFX unit. Surprisingly intuitive and easy to get good sounds.
  8. My one contribution is that the zebra paint is not factory. Hamer used ripped sheets of paper as masking to do zebra (and I believe zulu) finishes. The edges are never smooth or round.
  9. The end of the fretboard appears to be modified post-factory. Badly.
  10. Warmoth Alder Stat body Warmoth has this 4 lb. alder Strat body for under $200.00. They do great finishes or you could send it to Stike. Since you have the pre-wired pickguard, you just need to add a neck and hardware.
  11. I'm late to the party on this, but for the benefit of others who may have the same question: The Master kit Plus version, which requires extracting the bridge post inserts and replacing with hammer-in posts is very easy to install. Faber provides everything you need, and the process takes minutes to accomplish. The result is superior to the EZ version, IMO, as it eliminates the bridge post "wobble" inherent in the OEM and Faber EZ screw-in post assemblies. The Faber EZ version is tighter than the OEM, but there is still movement.
  12. Loser was written by a friend who moved next door when I was a freshman in high school. I'd been trying to learn guitar on a horrible piano store acoustic and he lent me a Silvertone amp-in case guitar. We immediately formed a band and have been playing together off and on ever since. The song was first played in public, at a school dance, in the mid 70's. Two years ago we decided to record some of the songs we wrote and played in bars through our teens and 20's. Loser was the first. Sadly, (for me anyway) it was the only one we completed tracking and got to the rough mix stage. We recorded at Sosonic Sound in Madison, WI. The drums are a Ludwig acoustic set. I did the guitar tracks primarily with a 1981 Hamer Special, but added some "Christmas" with the drummer's RIC 660 12 string, my Gretsch 6120W and a Warmoth Strat. The solo is all Hamer. All guitar parts were played through my Victoria 5112 at maximum volume. After listening to it a few times, I decided that the raw mix suited the song and its history. I would like to clean up the ending and add a gong, though.
  13. I was a scotch drinker for most of the 80's and 90's. Johnny Walker Red is a solid blend and a good introduction to the basic concept. My favorite, before I transitioned to tequila, was Laphroig. It's very much an acquired taste, with primary flavor notes of cilantro and ivory soap. Johnny Walker, J&B or Dewars are a safe choice for a scotch newbie. Avoid Passport or anything made in Japan!
  14. Hi Dave

    BadgerDave here.

    I'll take the Telecaster if its still available.  The singer in my band wants to look like Bruce Springsteen!

    Shoot me your PayPal info and I'll send the $ right away.



    1. DaveL


      cool. Thanks Dave,  

      It's a nice guitar, It sounded great,  I just didn't play it much.  


      my paypal is DaveJL1984@aol.com      I'm at work so I'll box

      it up tonight and have tracking in the morning.    Thanks again.  Dave  


  15. I keep going back to this one. My Chandler 555 purchased from an esteemed member of this board. The finish is original. The bridge, pickups and wiring are not.
  16. I really liked Alabama Shakes the first time I saw them. Then the novelty wore off and they became annoying very quickly. Anyone else have the same reaction?
  17. Black pearl U Adds a smokey note to the mids And a few hundy to the market value
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