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  1. I bought a recent 8 string bass exactly like the bottom one in Willie's post. It was not a high quality instrument. I had to relocate the bridge to get it to intonate. Extremely heavy (12-13 lbs), lifeless mid-scooped tone, no sustain. Made in China. I was hoping for a bargain short scale B8. Fail. It is possible that I got a dog and others are better.
  2. Electronic drums and modeling amps. I've been having a blast learning how to set up and use a Headrush MX5.
  3. Interesting moments: John and George playing the Fender Bass VI when Paul was on the piano. Paul's comment to Glyn Johns when discussing how to get more bass from his Rickenbacker 4001: "I really don't know what these knobs do." Quick shot with caption of "Alan Parsons, tape machine operator". Peter Sellers looking uncomfortable during a brief interaction with a very inebriated(?) John. Yoko and Linda being chummy. George's red 57 LP.
  4. Thanks Dave. My shirts arrived Friday. Really nice medium/heavy fabric and the printing quality is excellent.
  5. Loser was written by a friend who moved next door when I was a freshman in high school. I'd been trying to learn guitar on a horrible piano store acoustic and he lent me a Silvertone amp-in case guitar. We immediately formed a band and have been playing together off and on ever since. The song was first played in public, at a school dance, in the mid 70's. Two years ago we decided to record some of the songs we wrote and played in bars through our teens and 20's. Loser was the first. Sadly, (for me anyway) it was the only one we completed tracking and got to the rough mix stage. We recorded at Sosonic Sound in Madison, WI. The drums are a Ludwig acoustic set. I did the guitar tracks primarily with a 1981 Hamer Special, but added some "Christmas" with the drummer's RIC 660 12 string, my Gretsch 6120W and a Warmoth Strat. The solo is all Hamer. All guitar parts were played through my Victoria 5112 at maximum volume. After listening to it a few times, I decided that the raw mix suited the song and its history. I would like to clean up the ending and add a gong, though.
  6. I was a scotch drinker for most of the 80's and 90's. Johnny Walker Red is a solid blend and a good introduction to the basic concept. My favorite, before I transitioned to tequila, was Laphroig. It's very much an acquired taste, with primary flavor notes of cilantro and ivory soap. Johnny Walker, J&B or Dewars are a safe choice for a scotch newbie. Avoid Passport or anything made in Japan!
  7. I had the pleasure of traveling with Ray to a few concerts and HFC events when I lived in Minneapolis. He was always enthusiastic about a current interest, be it a guitar, performance or work. Ray taught me everything I know about 3D copying technology on a drive to the Zoo to see Los Lobos. This is very sad news, we hadn't spoken in a while, but I feel lucky to have known Ray.
  8. Hi Dave

    BadgerDave here.

    I'll take the Telecaster if its still available.  The singer in my band wants to look like Bruce Springsteen!

    Shoot me your PayPal info and I'll send the $ right away.



    1. DaveL


      cool. Thanks Dave,  

      It's a nice guitar, It sounded great,  I just didn't play it much.  


      my paypal is DaveJL1984@aol.com      I'm at work so I'll box

      it up tonight and have tracking in the morning.    Thanks again.  Dave  


  9. I keep going back to this one. My Chandler 555 purchased from an esteemed member of this board. The finish is original. The bridge, pickups and wiring are not.
  10. I really liked Alabama Shakes the first time I saw them. Then the novelty wore off and they became annoying very quickly. Anyone else have the same reaction?
  11. Black pearl U Adds a smokey note to the mids And a few hundy to the market value
  12. I'd send Mike the photo and ask him to match it. 1 photo equals 1,000 arbitrary burst names. That's a beautiful choice BTW.
  13. I like the shape, but it pricks one of my personal piccadillos. If you need to add posts to redirect the strings, your headstock design is flawed.
  14. Got my confirmation as well. Damn, this is cool. $ is on the way, Mike.
  15. I'm in. I think Mike is going to be a very busy man.
  16. 1979 Standard, one of the first black ones Hamer made. Set it on a stand during rehersal, walked away, tripped on the cord. The Standard did a faceplant on the cement floor and suffered a near complete decapitation. Serious "Oh $hit" moment. Edited to add "black". Obviously, Hamer had made quite a few Standards prior to 1979.
  17. Petersburg is just down the road from Chesterfield. The whole area is one big Civil War historical site. I lived in Chesterfield when I was going to school at the University of Richmond. At that time, the schools were the best in the area. That was in 1993-96. Don't know if it's changed. I loved the Richmond area and would move back in a heartbeat. Great weather, history, decent airport, close to DC, Charlotte, South Carolina beaches, and relatively inexpensive.
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