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  1. Hi Dave

    BadgerDave here.

    I'll take the Telecaster if its still available.  The singer in my band wants to look like Bruce Springsteen!

    Shoot me your PayPal info and I'll send the $ right away.



    1. DaveL


      cool. Thanks Dave,  

      It's a nice guitar, It sounded great,  I just didn't play it much.  


      my paypal is DaveJL1984@aol.com      I'm at work so I'll box

      it up tonight and have tracking in the morning.    Thanks again.  Dave  


  2. I keep going back to this one. My Chandler 555 purchased from an esteemed member of this board. The finish is original. The bridge, pickups and wiring are not.
  3. I really liked Alabama Shakes the first time I saw them. Then the novelty wore off and they became annoying very quickly. Anyone else have the same reaction?
  4. Black pearl U Adds a smokey note to the mids And a few hundy to the market value
  5. I'd send Mike the photo and ask him to match it. 1 photo equals 1,000 arbitrary burst names. That's a beautiful choice BTW.
  6. I like the shape, but it pricks one of my personal piccadillos. If you need to add posts to redirect the strings, your headstock design is flawed.
  7. Got my confirmation as well. Damn, this is cool. $ is on the way, Mike.
  8. I'm in. I think Mike is going to be a very busy man.
  9. 1979 Standard, one of the first black ones Hamer made. Set it on a stand during rehersal, walked away, tripped on the cord. The Standard did a faceplant on the cement floor and suffered a near complete decapitation. Serious "Oh $hit" moment. Edited to add "black". Obviously, Hamer had made quite a few Standards prior to 1979.
  10. Petersburg is just down the road from Chesterfield. The whole area is one big Civil War historical site. I lived in Chesterfield when I was going to school at the University of Richmond. At that time, the schools were the best in the area. That was in 1993-96. Don't know if it's changed. I loved the Richmond area and would move back in a heartbeat. Great weather, history, decent airport, close to DC, Charlotte, South Carolina beaches, and relatively inexpensive.
  11. Moderately priced: DiMarzio Virtual PAF, DiMarzio 36th (as have been mentioned) Boutique: Lollar Imperial, Wolfetone Dr. Vintage (or Marshallhead for slightly higher output), VooDoo 59, Fralin, Harmonic Design, WCR - all slight variations of excellence.
  12. I strongly recommend that you check prices online before coming over. My experience is that prices increase dramatically if you don't book 14 days in advance. I'm not sure you can even buy a same day flight in person at an airport in the US anymore. Flights are routinely overbooked and, at the moment, there are tens of thousands of people who are trying to get home after their flights were cancelled due to sever weather in the midwest, southeast and northeastern parts of the country. In Chicago, O'Hare airport is full of stranded travellers who have been sleeping there for days. We had another 8 inches of snow last night. Check expedia or kayak for prices and to choose a flight, then book directly through the airline's website.
  13. Amazing. I didn't realize that tequila makes you blurry on the exterior too!
  14. In some cultures, and in the minds of many individuals there is a "haggling rule" that says you have to begin every transaction with an outrageous initial offer. They assume that if you grossly inflate the asking price, the other side will agree to meet in the middle. Other people are just clueless.
  15. Looks like there may be some separation of the finish from the edge of the fretboard. Pretty common. Possible to fix by injecting super glue or (my preference) sanding off the finish on the rosewood completely.
  16. The Waterboys The Angels (Angel City in the US) 20/20 Damn! no You Tube content
  17. This was the used first one I've come across. They had it tagged at $1,495 and I was able to do a straight trade for a couple of guitars that I may have been able to get a couple hundred more for on ebay. Since I can never leave good thing alone, I'm already thinking about experimenting with swapping tubes and the speaker. I have a Celestion Blue that I suspect will sound great in this amp as well as a set of Brimar 6v6's that I bought from Poe years ago. Also thinking that a lower output preamp tube might be interesting. Hmmmmmm . . .
  18. Divided by 13 CJ11 Saw this on ebay and noticed that the seller was a local music store - Music Gallery in Highland Park, IL. I wasn't all that serious about picking up another amp, but I had some uncommitted time yesterday morning and, since it was only 20 minutes away . . . I threw a few guitars in the car as trade possibilities, just in case. While I was waiting to try out the amp in the "Sound Chamber" I struck up a conversation with the owner. Turns out he knew Paul, Jol, John Montgomery and Dean Zelinsky and was one of the early Hamer and Dean dealers. A genuinely nice, interesting and engaging guy. Gave me a great deal on the amp, too! Speaking of the amp, It is an 11 watt, 1x12 combo. 2 6V6 power tubes, a 12ax7 preamp tube and a GZ34 rectifier. Essentially, a refined Fender tweed Deluxe. The speaker is a Celestion Greenback. I have a couple of 6V6 amps already, including a Blackface Deluxe Reverb and a Swart AST, which is essentially the same circuit, so I assumed this amp would sound similar. I was wrong - mostly. The CJ11 has much more pronounced and aggressive mids, along with none of the fuzzy low end I associate with Blackface Fenders. It is tight, punchy and "in your face". Not a lot of clean headroom, but what there is sounds full, lush and "swirly". No need for reverb - it's that good. It really excels when pushed just over the edge of breakup. You can use the volume control on your amp and pick attack to move between slightly gritty to classic sustained lead tones. This is one of the best sounding amps I've played. It's completely different, but I'd rank it right up there with the Bogner Shiva I once owned, and my '67 Deluxe Reverb. Not very flexible, but it does a couple of things perfectly. Oh, and with its cream and gold tolex and backlit logo, it has "the look"!
  19. Thanks. Can anyone tell me what model the Gibson pickups are? They have a "T" stamped into the backplate, along with the "Gibson USA" script, but no marks on the tops of the bobbins.
  20. Very nice Gibson Flying V with: Ebony fingerboard R&S complete electronic upgrade kit (original Gibson wiring harness included) Red Tortoise pickguard (original white and brown tortoise guards included) Original harshell case - note the combination lock has never been set - red plastic tab still in place Original Warranty, manual, checklist and case lock instructions Very good 9/10 condition with slight discoloration on the upper edge of the body (see the third photo below), a few jean rivet marks on the back and light string impressons beginning to show on the low frets. The action is very low without buzz, plays and sounds great. Neck profile is solidly medium in thickness, C shape and feels just a bit wider than standard, very comfortable. Pickups are Gibsons, as pictured, and likely original, though I bought the guitar used so I can't be sure. They measure 8 ohms and 8.6 ohms and sound very similar to Duncan 59s or Dimarzio PAFs. Price: $900 OBO plus $50 shipping (US) and 3% PayPal fee (if you use it). I'll ship to Canada, and consider other international destinations, but shipping is going to be expensive because of the oversize case. Photos:
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