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  1. Really interesting and well written article, to say nothing of the brilliant guitar work!

    I've been surprised a couple of times by the quality of Squire models I've picked up at stores. Nice necks, good unplugged resonance, and solid construction. There was a Jazzmaster shaped model with Tele hardware that was particularly well done. I believe it was priced around $200.00!

  2. For kicks, pull the primary preamp tube out of the normal channel. It will disable that channel but won't cause any damage. See if you like the tone from the reverb channel better. You should sense a bit more gain.

    I have a '67 Deluxe Reverb that I absolutely love. I've tried many speakers in it and settled on a Weber Alnico silver bell. A very close contender was an Eminence Cannabis Rex. Both tighten up the low end nicely without dramatically changing the tone of the amp.

    Congratulations on preserving a great piece of history.

  3. Here's my plan:

    Step 1 - Apply the WWKD? (What would Kizanski do?) principle, with a slight modification. Have a new pickguard made to replace the old broken one. Install two good pickups, Three (interesting) knobs and a miniswitch for coil splitting. Play it for a while and determine whether I love it that way.

    Step 1a - Consult with Jay on the possibility of a full restoration.

    So, what color pickguard? I'm thinking antique pearloid. Any other suggestions?

  4. Thanks for the info. So, this is the Glen Tipton model? The dark color is actually a dark metallic blue.

    Here's the biggest modification:


    Added neck humbucker cavity and three extra holes. The funny thing is that the cavity is perfectly routed. A clean, professional job. The control holes, on the other hand, are a hack job. Under the plastic plugs, the edges of the holes are rough and chipped in the control cavity. Fortunately, holes are reasonably clean on the outside.

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