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  1. If there isn't a gasoline tanker sliding sideways in the rearview, it just isn't a 4321 road trip!
  2. And sold two of them to me! Both were amazing guitars, but had to go when I realized that pointy guitars do not flatter the 50+ physique. It's about the look, after all.
  3. For kicks, pull the primary preamp tube out of the normal channel. It will disable that channel but won't cause any damage. See if you like the tone from the reverb channel better. You should sense a bit more gain. I have a '67 Deluxe Reverb that I absolutely love. I've tried many speakers in it and settled on a Weber Alnico silver bell. A very close contender was an Eminence Cannabis Rex. Both tighten up the low end nicely without dramatically changing the tone of the amp. Congratulations on preserving a great piece of history.
  4. Best of both worlds. Single coils in the front, party in the back:
  5. Phase 1 complete. Wired up, ready for a quick set-up and shakedown cruise: This is why it needs a pickguard:
  6. I'm guessing you chose not to embrace the steampunk movement either.
  7. Blue Candy Crush! wow It needs a pickguard. Without one there is a sizable gap in the neck joint that's not covered by a pickup ring, plus an unfinished area between the pickup and the end of the neck. Blue pearl looks interesting too This was my original thought:
  8. Here's my plan: Step 1 - Apply the WWKD? (What would Kizanski do?) principle, with a slight modification. Have a new pickguard made to replace the old broken one. Install two good pickups, Three (interesting) knobs and a miniswitch for coil splitting. Play it for a while and determine whether I love it that way. Step 1a - Consult with Jay on the possibility of a full restoration. So, what color pickguard? I'm thinking antique pearloid. Any other suggestions?
  9. Thanks for the info. So, this is the Glen Tipton model? The dark color is actually a dark metallic blue. Here's the biggest modification: Added neck humbucker cavity and three extra holes. The funny thing is that the cavity is perfectly routed. A clean, professional job. The control holes, on the other hand, are a hack job. Under the plastic plugs, the edges of the holes are rough and chipped in the control cavity. Fortunately, holes are reasonably clean on the outside.
  10. What's the proper model name for this one? Phantom? Other than the Asshat butchery it's in great shape. I'm thinking through the options on restoring it. Optimally, I'd like to bring it back to as close to original spec as possible. Would that be 1 humbucker and 1 volume control?
  11. I did not mean to imply that I would end the auction and sell the guitar for the reserve price. If that's all it brings at the end of the auction, so be it, but I hope to do better. To those of you who have contacted me, I apologize for the misunderstanding.
  12. I've had several inquiries regarding the reserve price. It's $1,500.00
  13. I am available for any Bruce McBride songs. Assuming the Gracious One and the Minneapolis contingent is attending this year.
  14. Listened to it once. That was enough. The article was better than the song.
  15. If ease of use is a consideration, I recommend the ancient and long discontinued Line6 Duoverb as a pure amp modeler. Originally listed at $1,200.00 you can pick up a used head or combo for under $350, sometimes much less. I also use the Line6 SpiderValve combo. Another design that eliminates digital interfaces and programming, it is dirt simple for those of us with little tolerance for user manuals. Also sounds great, thanks to a tube power section designed by Reinhold Bogner and a nice complement of amp models. The effects are usable, but really an afterthought on this amp. Both of these amps work well with real pedals, so you can use your own favorites.
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