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  1. STM, Are you located anywhere neare the NW Chicago suburbs? If so, I'd be happy to take a look at the wiring. I'm guessing the problem can be corrected easily. Even if you have bad components, I have a box full of pots, caps, switches, etc. that we could use as replacements. No charge, of course. LP wiring is easy.
  2. I think I've heard about three Foo Fighters songs and thought they were all solid, well written and produced. I'll argue with anyone that Nirvana was one of the most important bands of their era and had a major impact on the direction of popular music. For me, that's sufficient "cred" to take Dave Grohl seriously. After all, he's just an an entertainer. I think a few are reading way more into his comments than he intended. I interpreted his statements as a direct and (personally) much appreciated "ENOUGH!" to the Disney employees and American Idol producers who are eliminating every drop of spirit, soul. and talent from widely distributed popular music. Any record exec's niece or nephew can have a hit record with ass implants and autotune. Give me Dave Grohl singing into a $50K Neuman and ProTools any day. As long as I don't have to hear that mechanical Autotune glissando. You know who has cred? Niel Young, Hank III, Steve McQueen and MC Chris.
  3. Sorry, my response didn't make any sense - one of those days! I was indeed referencing the Nicki Minoj demonic possession publicty stunt near the end of the festivities. I had no problem with her blatantly blasphemous "in your face" to the half dozen openly Christian attendees (after all, I'm a big Alice Cooper fan), but it was a near perfect counterpoint to Dave Grohl's statement about music coming from the mind and heart of the performer. Minoj managed to "sing" off key consistantly and any part of the performance that could be catagorized as a song was completely buried by staging, correography, video clips, and other non-musical elements. It was laughably obvious that she was attempting to "one-up" GaGa and position herself as a "shocking" performance artist. Too bad she can't sing.
  4. Well . . . at least he didn't gargle incomprehensable off-key kinderhymes while dry-humping a fake priest. What the hell was that about? Gaga-envy?
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYCW2uH2wx8
  6. Dave Owen (BadgerDave) Algonquin, IL Attending Cliffdwellers Event Attending Jam +1
  7. Huh?!? Why is this the first time I've seen this. That's the guitar of my dreams! -Austin +1 - what is that finish color officially called? Blue. Here's the story as I remember it: This was a custom order from around 2004 or maybe a little later. The buyer was dissatisfied with the guitar because the top color wasn't what he expected - too transparent, too much grey in the blue and too much cross (medulliary?) grain running through the quilt. The Hamer Dealer took the guitar back into stock and resold it to me via eBay. I changed out the stock P90s for a set of mini-humbuckers (pretty sure they were DiMarzios). I kept the guitar for about two years and resold it on eBay with the original pickups. As far as I know, there is no official name for the finish color. My understanding is that it was a one-off attempt to match something provided by the person who placed the original order.
  8. Rhino has a series of mini greatest hits collections that they offer on iTunes. 5 songs for $3.99. I just added: Black Oak Arkansas Los Lobos Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels The Cars Warren Zevon Who can name two BOA songs other than "Jim Dandy" without checking Wiki?
  9. Sounded better than SpiderDave or GamecockDave.
  10. Speaking of Springsteen covers: Because the Night - Patti Smith's version. Richard Thompson does a great version of ther Brittany Spears throwaway "Oops, I Did It Again" demonstrating that it is actually a very well crafted song. I like Billy Idol's version of "Mony Mony".
  11. I'm betting that I make an appearance at the 4321 before Sir Dan.
  12. A magical combination. These are Lollar minis. The innner surfaces of the stock mounting rings had to be enlarged slightly to fit - I used a Dremel with a metal burr, but it could be done with a file in a pinch.
  13. Or, drill out the holes on th mounting tabs slightly and mount directly to the body using small wood screws with the spring between the body and the tab. You can adjust pickup height with a small screwdriver through the hole in the mounting ring. Easy, arguably improves suistain and gives you some EVH vibe. It does permanently modify the pickups, however.
  14. I'm a little late to the party, but here are photos of a chambered koa body I got from Warmoth with forearm and back contours:
  15. Great to see you post, Brooks. I was getting in one of the last rides of the season today and thinking about you. My extra caution wasn't necessary - no douchebaggery observed this time. Hope the healing is quick and complete.
  16. OK, I found one! SUITE HOME CHICAGO 1 W Superior Street STE 601 Chicago IL 60654 Phone: 1 312 638 0891 $169 per night plus taxes, parking available at extra charge. This is an extended stay hotel so the rooms have dishes, a stove and a refrigerator. It is two blocks from the Excaliber.
  17. Trying to be helpful, not negative here. The Ohio House looks to be completely sold out for October 15-17. Perhaps Chris was able to block some rooms there? On the other hand, the Trump Tower has a couple of rooms left at $825 per night. It really is getting very tight. I'm not finding anything within a half mile of the Excalibur other than the Trump and one or two other hotels at astronomical rates.
  18. Good. I'm always looking for a stupid reason to do my acoustic version of Hail To The Redskins. I thought that might catch your attention, Dave. Depending on how many interceptions Jay Cutler has thrown by then, you may be able to score tickets cheap.
  19. Redskins at Soldier Field that weekend. The downtown hotels are filling up fast and many are requiring three to four nights minimum. The Congress is available and inexpensive (by Michigan Ave. standards) but it's a bit of a wreck. Two nights will run $350 or so. Out of towners will probably want to buddy up to save money.
  20. I love Jol, but three sentences in I predicted a Duncan would be his choice.
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