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  1. If ease of use is a consideration, I recommend the ancient and long discontinued Line6 Duoverb as a pure amp modeler. Originally listed at $1,200.00 you can pick up a used head or combo for under $350, sometimes much less.

    I also use the Line6 SpiderValve combo. Another design that eliminates digital interfaces and programming, it is dirt simple for those of us with little tolerance for user manuals. Also sounds great, thanks to a tube power section designed by Reinhold Bogner and a nice complement of amp models. The effects are usable, but really an afterthought on this amp.

    Both of these amps work well with real pedals, so you can use your own favorites.

  2. It is the guitar from RnR Vintage. The store is about 20 minutes from where I work so I was able to slip out and pick it up Monday. Very cool store, nice folks, good selection of really interesting used guitars and amps.

    I'd say that the neck is a hair thinner than medium, but not as thin as some from this era.

    Thanks for the kind words.

  3. I sold my last "vintage" Sunburst several years ago. Feeling nostagic for the days when I regularly abused a bound and crowned '78, purchased new off the combo department floor at Ward Brodt Music, I've been keeping an eye out for another.

    Here's the old one, photo circa 1979:


    and here are a few shots of the '78 I picked up this week:



    No current photos of me are available for comparison!

    The guitar is going to need some work to get it to play perfectly with low action on the dusty end, but it sounds totally freaking aahsum. It's got that woody, reedy crunchy tone in spades. Just like I remember.

    Yes, I'm gloating!

  4. I think I've heard about three Foo Fighters songs and thought they were all solid, well written and produced. I'll argue with anyone that Nirvana was one of the most important bands of their era and had a major impact on the direction of popular music. For me, that's sufficient "cred" to take Dave Grohl seriously. After all, he's just an an entertainer.

    I think a few are reading way more into his comments than he intended. I interpreted his statements as a direct and (personally) much appreciated "ENOUGH!" to the Disney employees and American Idol producers who are eliminating every drop of spirit, soul. and talent from widely distributed popular music. Any record exec's niece or nephew can have a hit record with ass implants and autotune.

    Give me Dave Grohl singing into a $50K Neuman and ProTools any day. As long as I don't have to hear that mechanical Autotune glissando.

    You know who has cred? Niel Young, Hank III, Steve McQueen and MC Chris.

  5. Sorry, my response didn't make any sense - one of those days! I was indeed referencing the Nicki Minoj demonic possession publicty stunt near the end of the festivities.

    I had no problem with her blatantly blasphemous "in your face" to the half dozen openly Christian attendees (after all, I'm a big Alice Cooper fan), but it was a near perfect counterpoint to Dave Grohl's statement about music coming from the mind and heart of the performer. Minoj managed to "sing" off key consistantly and any part of the performance that could be catagorized as a song was completely buried by staging, correography, video clips, and other non-musical elements.

    It was laughably obvious that she was attempting to "one-up" GaGa and position herself as a "shocking" performance artist. Too bad she can't sing.

  6. 1040004874789_BSC_wMinis_1.jpg

    Huh?!? Why is this the first time I've seen this. That's the guitar of my dreams!


    +1 - what is that finish color officially called?

    Blue. :lol:

    Here's the story as I remember it:

    This was a custom order from around 2004 or maybe a little later. The buyer was dissatisfied with the guitar because the top color wasn't what he expected - too transparent, too much grey in the blue and too much cross (medulliary?) grain running through the quilt. The Hamer Dealer took the guitar back into stock and resold it to me via eBay. I changed out the stock P90s for a set of mini-humbuckers (pretty sure they were DiMarzios). I kept the guitar for about two years and resold it on eBay with the original pickups.

    As far as I know, there is no official name for the finish color. My understanding is that it was a one-off attempt to match something provided by the person who placed the original order.

  7. Or, drill out the holes on th mounting tabs slightly and mount directly to the body using small wood screws with the spring between the body and the tab. You can adjust pickup height with a small screwdriver through the hole in the mounting ring.

    Easy, arguably improves suistain and gives you some EVH vibe. It does permanently modify the pickups, however.

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