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  1. Feels like a no-brainer to me too. Maybe sell them all except for one?
  2. Sooooo tempted to grab this. I'd have to sell my Black 79 Sunburst though. Anyone want a '79 Sunburst, Black? I'll cut you a good deal 😉
  3. I've got this one: LOVE this guitar. It's got WCR Cherrybuckers in it at the moment, but I'm hanging onto the DD's that it came with as well. Only one that I've seen in "Vintage Orange"
  4. @django49 I found a post where you said it had Seths in it when you had it?
  5. arg, someone buy this already so I'm not tempted to make poor financial choices!
  6. There is something about the pics that they post that is... I don't know... Very distinct? Like I just stumbled across this listing in Reverb, and called it as a "Dave's Guitar Shop" posting because they all have ... something.. about them. I don't know if it's some magic trick they do with the lighting, or if there is a knob they can tweak in photoshop that makes the flame look "extra-flamey" or what. Cool guitar!
  7. @bubs_42 Thank you for for the all the effort that went into that one! It's a kick ass guitar...
  8. It's been a while since I've seen one of these threads, so I'm hoping I can lure some of you into sharing pics of your favorite guitars. I've been wildly lucky with the guitars I've picked up here over the years, and thought I'd share. I suspect you'll recognize some of these. Thanks again to this awesome community! 79 Black Sunburst 82 Ferrari Red Prototype 84 12 String Pearl White Prototype 98 Blue Sparkle Phantom 07 Vintage Orange Talladega
  9. This photo is Gold. Are my eyes fooling me or is that Andy Summers?
  10. Lets see: 79 Sunburst (Black) 82 Prototype (Ferrari Red) Early 80's 12 String Prototype (White) 98 Phantom (Sparkle Blue, customized by Bubs / Murkat / Stike) 07 Talladega (Vintage Orange) I have been _wildly_ lucky with the guitars I've got here. Very grateful.
  11. Odd, just tried it again and it worked. Go figure! Thanks to all those that put their time and effort into hosting and moderating this site. Very cool of you.
  12. I tested it and the message box doesn't work for me either...
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