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  1. I've got one too, and _love_ that guitar. Though after seeing this one, I'm tempted to send it to Stike for a orange sparkle upgrade.
  2. Such a cool guitar! Good price too. I do not need another guitar. I do not need another guitar.
  3. Don't see these much! No affiliation: https://reverb.com/item/34677080-hamer-newport-90-sunburst-electric-755736-used
  4. Normally, I dislike gold hardware on a guitar, but it looks great on that one... beautiful.
  5. I'm glad yet sad at the same time. Was considering selling a kidney for this.
  6. Never heard this before... This is incredible... Thanks for sharing this!
  7. Feels like a no-brainer to me too. Maybe sell them all except for one?
  8. Sooooo tempted to grab this. I'd have to sell my Black 79 Sunburst though. Anyone want a '79 Sunburst, Black? I'll cut you a good deal ?
  9. I've got this one: LOVE this guitar. It's got WCR Cherrybuckers in it at the moment, but I'm hanging onto the DD's that it came with as well. Only one that I've seen in "Vintage Orange"
  10. This photo is Gold. Are my eyes fooling me or is that Andy Summers?
  11. That guitar looks like it has some serious mojo. I have my own black 1979 sunburst (but not bound and crowned), and it's an amazing guitar . Congrats!
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