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  1. Earthy goodness flowing in this one 🎸
  2. Here are a few shop pics of the current group ( in no particular order) 😎
  3. It was a cool event and we enjoyed the VIP treatment and some awesome music with friends. The Leidos guitar spent some time in the interview area for the bands to check out. Here’s a quick pic of Sameer from Young the Giant with it.
  4. Northfield


    Wow, nicely done @nhojbo! Thanks for posting the link, it’s always great to hear them in action. Rock on!
  5. Nope, it’s at the Barkhamsted reservoir.
  6. It was great having you over @DBraz, it was a blast working on this one with you and you’re welcome anytime! The road trip was icing on the cake - it’s always nice to meet another HFCer and see some very cool guitars. Also, thanks @Bennyboy-UK for arranging the very cool TRC!
  7. Lots of cool, new things going on right now - should be a great year!
  8. Geoff, I can't thank you enough for all of the work you did on this and I’m blown away by how it turned out! It was fantastic working with you on this project and I love the overall composition and how the parts fit together. It’s generally me taking what you guys say and running with it during a build, so it was really fun to be on the opposite side this time. While Geoff was working on the demo, he would send me short videos and sound clips but I didn’t see the whole thing put together until it was posted here - guess I got a taste of my own medicine so to speak, 😂 Rock On! Mike
  9. This one really turned out to be one bad ass guitar! Finding premium maple blocks big enough to do a one piece solid body is definitely challenging though. I know a lot of you have already seen these, but for those that haven’t, here’s a few of the pics that we posted.
  10. As far as builds on the bench, Should be crossing into 3 digits at some point this this spring.... as far as assigned serial numbers, I think we’re getting close to needing to talk Gene
  11. Merry Christmas -hope it’s been a fantastic one for all of you!
  12. The carve top SC that I made last year was the same size. Rumor has it that there may be a slightly larger version in the pipeline
  13. I don’t think the soon to be owner of this beauty is on the HFC, and it’s too cool looking not to share -it’s an amazing chunk of maple and man, the flame really popped on it. I can’t wait to get a couple of clear coats on and get it buffed -it’s gonna be one killer looking axe 😎
  14. Thanks for posting Chris! Huge shoutout and thank you to Geoff! It’s been great working on this project with him and I’m blown away by his mad playing skills and his video production- I still can’t figure out how he gets all the dust off the headstock. I’m very excited about the full demo that will be done shortly. Rock on!
  15. Thanks for all the birthday wishes!!! You guys ROCK!!! M
  16. Getting ready to do some carving this weekend and these 2are going to be killer when finished
  17. It’s just a reflection from Christmas lights. I’ll put you down for dibs, but I don’t plan to part ways with it anytime soon 😀
  18. Wow, this thread really wandered. . Thanks for the feedback, definitely a lot of possible directions to take this idea. Lots of prototypeing to do.
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