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  1. Thanks @Toadroller! It was a blast working on it with you. Since the best part of these threads are the pictures - Here are a few we took - The lemon color was hard to capture. I’m looking forward to seeing Mrs. Toadrollers pics 🎸
  2. Very cool @Steve Haynie - Thanks for representing at the show - fun story! I tried to get some decent shots when Dustin was moving around on the front part of the stage when I saw them here in Hartford , but they didn’t turn out because of the lasers/lighting and other special effects.
  3. If you’re seeing the east coast group, there’s a good chance.
  4. Dustin is on the east coast tour, I think you saw the west coast group.
  5. Northfield


    Sounds great @nhojbo - I really like it! 🎸
  6. The guitar is a really cool midnight blue pearl burst so it flip flops between almost black to a cool blue pearl sparkle under direct lighting.
  7. I’m a huge TSO fan and when @it's me HHBoffered to help make the connection between me and his friend Dustin Brayley, who is an extremely talented player and overall awesome guy, I was beyond excited! Over the course of the past year, we managed to get the DC prototype into his hands as well as spec out a custom guitar for the tour this year. I occasionally will hand deliver one of my guitars, and so I took the opportunity to head out to California this fall and hand it off to Dustin just before he headed to the TSO tech rehearsals. I don’t know how you guys that travel with guitars on planes do it on a regular basis - what a PITA, lol. Dustin is with the East Coast tour, so I grabbed a few tickets to see the show and the TSO Shishkov in action when they came to Hartford this past weekend. The show did not disappoint, and it was great to be able to catch up after the show with Dustin and meet some very talented musicians. I love making these guitars, and it really brings it home for me when I get the opportunity to watch them being played by such talented people. It’s even cooler when i get to see one of my builds in a show like the TSO. Thanks for helping to make this happen Bill- as a small builder, it’s not always easy to make the meaningful connections, and the grassroots support is appreciated more than you guys can know. So, now that I’ve typed way more than I normally do, let’s get to the serious stuff - guitar pics! 🎸
  8. Didn’t realize it had been so long since my last Shop update. It’s been a busy month.
  9. Earthy goodness flowing in this one 🎸
  10. Here are a few shop pics of the current group ( in no particular order) 😎
  11. It was a cool event and we enjoyed the VIP treatment and some awesome music with friends. The Leidos guitar spent some time in the interview area for the bands to check out. Here’s a quick pic of Sameer from Young the Giant with it.
  12. Northfield


    Wow, nicely done @nhojbo! Thanks for posting the link, it’s always great to hear them in action. Rock on!
  13. Nope, it’s at the Barkhamsted reservoir.
  14. It was great having you over @DBraz, it was a blast working on this one with you and you’re welcome anytime! The road trip was icing on the cake - it’s always nice to meet another HFCer and see some very cool guitars. Also, thanks @Bennyboy-UK for arranging the very cool TRC!
  15. Lots of cool, new things going on right now - should be a great year!
  16. This one really turned out to be one bad ass guitar! Finding premium maple blocks big enough to do a one piece solid body is definitely challenging though. I know a lot of you have already seen these, but for those that haven’t, here’s a few of the pics that we posted.
  17. I don’t think the soon to be owner of this beauty is on the HFC, and it’s too cool looking not to share -it’s an amazing chunk of maple and man, the flame really popped on it. I can’t wait to get a couple of clear coats on and get it buffed -it’s gonna be one killer looking axe 😎
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