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  1. “You can’t sing if you have a clarinet in your mouth.” Wisdom.
  2. There used to be a guy on the Seymour Duncan forum who went by the handle Big Al, but everyone kept referring to him as Bi Gal.
  3. Matt Andes with Jo Jo Gunne. Their album “Jumpin’ The Gunne” is just full of great guitar riffs. I love his upbeat open-E slide playing. The coda of the closing track, “Turn The Boy Loose” is a layered, multi-guitar solo masterpiece. Warren Cuccurullo with Missing Persons. Can’t go wrong with Zappa alumni.
  4. Having guitar shipping boxes shipped to your house reminds me of a line from an early Laurie Anderson performance: I bought a waste paper basket and carried it home in a paper bag. And when I go home, I put the paper bag inter waste paper basket. ... or something like that.
  5. The most positive of vibes sent. Get well soon, gtrdaddy!
  6. October is “Steal One-of-a-Kind Guitars Month”.
  7. Nope. It's SSS, with the bridge pickup reverse-slanted. You can catch a glimpse at 3:11 in "The Answer" video above. Total Hendrix setup, routed into an SG.
  8. I'm not really a compressor guy, but I idolize a few of them. I know Johnny Marr used a Diamond Compressor as his only stomp box, in front of a Boss GT-100 for several years. When he moved up to the GT-1000, he finally got to the point where he could use the GT's built-in compressors. Of course, YMMV... the Diamond is a soft opto-style compressor, and I assume you're looking for harder, country-style squish. IMO, the compressor is crucial to the style you're playing. Get a good one, and use the Zoom for the other stuff. Two pedals isn't a pedalboard.
  9. Man, did this thread go off the rails. I was going to write a fond remembrance of The Cars early years and their influence on my guitar playing, but nah... I wrote it on Facebook instead.
  10. I’m one of the aforementioned “East Coast guys” and saw them once or twice playing opening slots at the Philly Spectrum. I even owned one of their albums, though I didn’t play it more than once or twice. As East Coast regional, Spectrum-opening bands go, Starz were better.
  11. I wouldn’t say it was ever a strategy. It’s just where I ended up given my tastes and budget. The Koreans just seem to hitting that particular target. As long as I have a few nice guitars to play and a car to get around in, I’m good.
  12. With apologies to The Vapors. It seems to me that Korean stuff just hits the price/quality sweet spot for my low budget (but with standards) lifestyle. First, my DIY Schecter PT partscaster. I couldn't afford to the replace the "real" black PT I played back in the '80s, so I built a tribute to Townsend's "Live Aid" goldtop PT. The body is an MIK Schecter PT, which I married up to a maple Fender MIM neck. If I could only have one guitar, I'd keep this one. Is it custom shop quality? No, but it's good enough for me. Next up, my "Hamer" Sunburst. I never got around to buying a US Hamer back in my youthful, single days, and now that I'm older with house, cars, four kids (and a gig about every 2 years) I can't justify the $$$$. Enter my Slammer Series Sunburst, upgraded with Gravelin pickups, new guts in the control cavity, and some lightly used Schallers purchased here on the HFC. In my brain, I know real US Hamers are better guitars, but when I'm playing my MIK, my heart can't imagine how. The fun-to-$$$ ratio is off the scale. The same thing just happened again, this time with a car. I changed jobs and lost my company car, and needed something I could afford. Having just turned 60, I didn't want a tiny, tin-box piece of crap, but buying out my wife's Toyota Rav4 that is coming off a 3-year lease was just too much money. I looked at higher-mileage Rav4s but Toyotas hold their resale value to a ridiculous degree. Enter a Hyundai Santa Fe. Hyundais do not hold resale value, though Consumer Reports rates their recent models nearly (but not quite) as good as Toyotas. Just like the guitars, it's in my sweet spot in terms of car/$$$. (Sorry, no pic. I'm out of town on business and can't pick it up until this Friday. It's silver.) Pretty soon, everything I own will be Korean.
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