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  1. Rich_S


    I would keep this piece o' crap, and replace the mini with a full-sized Duncan '59N. I could make do with that as my only electric. Then, since I have a Telecaster firmly in-hand, I'd whack the guy trying to take my guitars away over the head with it, grab my Slammer Sunburst back, and run.
  2. Rich_S

    NGD-Rickenbacker 660-12

  3. Rich_S


    Somewhere around here, I have some 35mm slides that I took of them on that tour. I remember Robin’s teal (Green? Aqua?) suit. It was the third time I saw them live, and the first time they headlined the Philly Spectrum. Good times.
  4. Rich_S

    Bye Bye Buckingham

    I agree with Jeff that Finn was brought in more for his voice; the guitar is a bonus. Campbell was a no-brainer because he can play the epic solos and he & Stevie go way back. I wonder if they'll do "Stop Dragging My Heart Around" on this tour? Did I see Campbell playing KEYS on "Gypsy"?!? WTF? Two keyboard players on stage already, and you tell one of the best guitarists on the planet, "Turn off your Les Paul for a minute, there, and play this... dee, dee, dee, dee-dee, dee-dee."
  5. SOLD. Duncan SH-1b '59 bridge pickup. Normal spacing, uncovered black, short legs, 4-wire, 12 inches of lead. Good condition, includes springs and screws. $50 PayPal, shipped to the CONUS. As always, I'll ship to other countries, just PM me for the shipping cost.
  6. If they really wanted the baby blessed, they’d have said, “Put your Marshall 4x12 up against my belly...”
  7. ... and if they say it to one of US, we can set ‘em straight.
  8. Or in my case, if I didn’t already have a Slammer Series flattop with Gravelin’s in it (and I’m willing to forgive its TOM and stop tailpiece).
  9. I use a plain ol' white heavy with my name on it for electric. On acoustic, I prefer a bit more "give" so I use a Fender medium. That's it. My playing is bad enough without having different picks screw it up further.
  10. Rich_S

    "Frets are at approx 70%"

    Paint it grey or off-white and it would look like bones. Play it in a Flintstones-themed metal band.
  11. Rich_S

    Talk to you later...

    I just don't buy Waybill as a politician. C'mon... a red, white, and blue tie? Everybody knows the tie has to be red OR blue, but it can't be both. Or is that just the 2018 talking?
  12. Dang. I've been looking for one of those, but I'm right-handed.
  13. Rich_S

    Bought another Giffin

    If Paul Kossoff made a guest appearance on Futurama, that's what he'd play. Awesome guitar. I have a soft spot for Giffin since he made some of Pete Townsend's earliest twin-HB Teles. (See my slippery slope thread.)