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  1. Don't dismiss the Duncan Designed pickups just because they're not "real" Duncans. SD keeps a pretty close eye on everything their name goes on. They even have some documentation on their website, though it's a bit hard to find. Those are probably HB103s, which aren't a bad fit for a Cali. That said, I DID replace the HB103s in my Slammer Series Sunburst, not because they were Duncan Designed, but because the Distortion set was not appropriate (IMO) for a Sunburst. I wanted something more '70s 4-digit-ish. Yes, it seemed crazy to put a couple hundred bucks worth of pickups into a $200 axe but I'm glad I did. It's a first-rate guitar; good wood, well-built, good looking. I upgraded the tuners, pickups, and electronic guts and it's a lifetime keeper.
  2. If you're having a problem with the bass sounding good and strong when you mix it, but weak on other systems in different rooms, it may be your mixing environment. Something in your room layout maybe reinforcing and emphasizing the bass. Look at monitor placement with respect to walls and especially corners. Also, your position in the room. There a ton of info out there on home studio design and millions of people who will yell "ROOM TREATMENT" at you, regardless of what your problem may be.
  3. I thought this was going to be a Cochran vs. Bachman thread.
  4. My Slammer Series Sunburst was top-wrapped when I bought it. I kept it that way for several years, buying into the "gotta have the tailpiece bolted down tight for maximum coupling and TONE" theory. However, the guitar seemed dead to me; its tone was kind of plunky, with no attack or bite. For a while, I just assumed that was due to its being a mahogany/rosewood, short-scale guitar in the hands of someone who usually plays Telecasters. But a few months ago, I decided to string it in the normal way without top-wrapping. I found that, even with the tailpiece down all the way, the strings just cleared the bridge, so no problems there. I immediately notice a difference in tone, just enough improvement in snap that the guitar went from one I liked having on the wall to one I like to play. A subtle difference, but just enough to change my overall opinion of the guitar. As to the change in feel, I didn't notice any. Of course, the difference between the Sunburst and my Teles is already large enough that I might not notice the subtleties of the Sunburst alone. Also, I'm such a basher (and so out of shape from years of not-nearly-enough playing) that small changes in feel are lost on me.
  5. You take solace in the fact that we've ALWAYS been stupid? Tele, Les Paul, Charvel, Strat, Gretsch... Beck's the greatest ever, no matter what the ad copy says.
  6. I use sticky-backed rubber weather sealing foam in my DIY pedals, or sometimes sticky-backed felt. They are available in the “weather proofing and window-air-conditioner-installing section of your local hardware store. The downside is, you need an inch and it comes in 10-foot rolls.
  7. Has the grey foam turned to dust?
  8. I listened to American Idiot in the car yesterday. Billy Joe Armstrong’s been all about the P-90s lately and sounds pretty good. A Junior into a Plexi or two is really all you need. Their latest, “Father Of All... “ is good, too.
  9. I’m not sure about this because documentation is non-existent but I’m going say Matt Andes on Jo Jo Gunne’s “Jumpin’ The Gunne”. I believe Andes used a Dan Armstrong for slide and there are a few obvious Strat tones on the record, but I’m pretty sure the rest is just straight-ahead Les Paul Junior. Awesome sounding guitars throughout, good songs. “Made to be played loud.”
  10. Holy crap! I was just thinking the other day that I’ve never seen Elliott Easton with a Hamer. Dean, sure, and lots of custom or vintage Fender & Gibson, but never a Hamer. Only Easton could come up with a left-handed Teardrop with a locking tremolo. 3x weird.
  11. I'm a big Drooper fan.
  12. The video is a great tribute to a lot of people who helped them along the way. I cried at the drum set at the end.
  13. I saw someone refer to this as “Stevie Ray Vai” but I’m gonna go with “Sultans Of Shred”.
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