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  1. Andy’s prescience in putting a Fender strap on that Sunburst is remarkable. That is my favorite time period for the Police, between the 2nd and 3rd albums, when their “thing” was really coming together. They had a really great (and at the time, wholly new) sound. Glad to see the Sunburst getting so much play time, I’ve always though it was purely a “studio and photo ops” guitar. I notice the Dakota Red Strat sitting in the background, not getting played. That must have been right after he bought it. Thanks for posting these, I can’t believe I’ve never seen the Rock Concert footage
  2. I was like, which one's Geoff? Oh, he'll be the one playing the Hamer. Wait...
  3. COVID Quarantine Collaboration #3: I don't own a Dean and hadn't yet purchased/modded the Junky Junior, so the rhythm guitars are my Gravelinized Sunburst. The chorusy bits and solo are my trusty Telecaster.
  4. RIP Mr. Neve and thanks for all the wonderful music helped put onto tape.
  5. I bought my Washburn acoustic at West Chester Music in 1990. Not surprising, since lived there from 85-95. Check in at the Home Recording Forum. That’s where I found somebody with a working Tascam 246 when I wanted to digitize an ‘80s demo cassette.
  6. New Knobs Day! Decisions, decisions. (I really have more important things to think about, but still...)
  7. I'm not diggin' the speed knobs, want to order some bells knobs instead but I can't decide... amber, black, or gold?
  8. That was one of the selling points when I was comparing cheap guitars on the pawnshop wall. I paid an extra $20 for the headstock.
  9. New Junky Guitar Day! I bought this at a pawn shop in Sulphur, LA back in November when it became clear that my one-week startup at (where else?) a chemical plant was going to be a lot longer. It gave me something to do over the Thanksgiving weekend and evenings at the hotel for the remainder of my 3 1/2 week stay. Then I took the neck off, stuck the pieces in my suitcase, and brought it home. (With a 2-week layover in Houston while I recovered from COVID-19.) It's a typical $99 big-box-store guitar: thin body, bolt-on maple neck with scarf joint peghead, tiny metric electronics. But it
  10. If you’re not already a member, join the TDPRI and post a WTB ad in their classifieds.
  11. Punk/Ska power chords -> Hamer -> Must have checkboard strap. It's just logic.
  12. Needs a Floyd. Seriously, I’m impressed with the wide range of pickup-related weirdness Josh takes on. He just wants to make it happen.
  13. I'm recording some rhythm tracks tonight, using my Slammer Series Sunburst. Take ! was "close", but had a couple of glaring missed notes, one in the first verse and one in the second. Psyching myself up for Take 2, I suddenly remembered that I recently purchased a new strap that I never put on the guitar. I dug it out of the drawer and replaced the aged black leather strap that's been on the guitar for several years. I then proceed to nail Take 2. Sometimes, you just have to set the universe right, and things work out on their own. In this case, it was just a matter of making sure
  14. Early '80s College cover band needed a demo tape. Went to keyboard player's friend's "studio", and Teac 3340 and some prosumer-grade mixer set up on a folding table is his mom's basement. Results were predictably mediocre. Listening to it today, I realize we hadn't yet learned the "tune before every take" rule. Mid '80s Friend's original band were breaking up, wanted to document they songs before members moved away. Asked me to help with both guitar and engineering/production. We borrowed another friend's Tascam 246. We recorded the bass in the band's rehearsal room
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