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  1. Soundslike he's more worried about flipping it for a profit than playing it... If the reverb circuit is like most amps, you could just tell him to plug in a new tank. In fact, you could be a nice guy and send him one. They're cheap on eBay. or Get the amp back and give him his money back.
  2. +1 on the headstock argument. (Which is supported by the fact that Standards and Cali's, etc. consistently fetch a higher price.)
  3. The guitar player in my cover band has an AxeFX. It really is an amazing unit. The sounds are drop-dead awesome! BUT...he still lugs a lot of gear. The AxeFX is in a rack with a few other items. Then there's the head he uses for power (a Guytron) and a Mesa cab. Plus a giant control pedal board. Now, he's trying to program it to be a stand-alone piece to run through the PA, but he programs it at home and then it sounds WAY different when it's actually running through the PA. All in all, the AxeFX is amazing, but it requires a lot of time to get "right".
  4. Hey! I had that same guitar (in 2 hum). The walnut pancake body was super dark sounding to my ears. Great 70's album-rock guitar!
  5. For a new band, I kinda like 5 Finger Death Punch. A little commercial, but good.
  6. This may be the bumpiest thread of all time. Oh, and here's a free bump.
  7. Did I see one of these atop Andy's rig at the Police concert?
  8. There were tons of songs/bands that I dug tone-wise, but the first guitar "sound" that dropped my jaw was Accept (Wolf). I still can't listen to Balls to the Wall without inducing neck pain.
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