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  1. Old akg bug style and several other low priced wireless are no longer legal to use on their bandwidth. The sherriff will eventually come after youve played hot licks for hours over the aux emergency bandwidth. Dont ask me how I know this
  2. What a sweet and humble guy Mike is! Such a master and really the American success story.
  3. Whatever size they make cymbals out of cause once they start...
  4. Search for Big Block Dodge. Our only recordings were all made by Hamers, a Mirage, Mirage mapletop, Vintage S and Newport
  5. My partner ownes a Bose, the small one w the 3 channel tonematch. It sounds good but only has 3 xlr inputs. For 1500 I think there is a little more for the money out there. Her dad bought it as a gift for her. One tge upsidevwhile she is no shrinking violet it is easy for her to move on gigs Im not on w her ( many she is a in demand local performer )
  6. Maybe a vid of a sinker wood braz board air dried swamp ash into a Boss katana
  7. I just became the handler of a braz board piece. I guess since its only on high end guitars it will always sound good but dayum this strat copy w braz is the shit
  8. DiMarzio Area, virtual vintage or Fender noiseless work for me
  9. The noiseless single coils have changed my life and I suspect they could change yours
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