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  1. Snowed out of seeing Ozzy w Randy in Madison like 2 weeks before he died, and snowed out from Neenah to Madison is fucking snowed out baby. Thankfully I had seen them in Green Bay the year earlier on the weird mini tour w Def Lep
  2. My tune was recorded at Marshall Sound Studios in Marshall NC by myself and the rhythm section from my Floyd tribute band. We tracked live w studios kit and amps ( deluxe reverb )
  3. The cheapest cry baby. Hopefully used without the stupid plastic battery door. Seriously don't fall for the bullshit
  4. Um, it has a name, Led Zeppelin!
  5. 4 track guys bedroom studio local Asheville studio nuther local studio ( this is waaaay before the vaunted current scene ) * starts to understand these mutherfuckers are idiots... 4 track cause god damn these demos stink 11-11 Studio in Nashville Power Station NYC ( now we are getting somewhere ) Beale St Studios Memphis( I MAY be the last guitarist to record in a proper studio on Beale! ) Kiva Memphis ( nuther srv room! ) My basement armed w knowlege kinda like Page ) Southern Living at its Finest ATL a studio in Asheville w the OP
  6. So it's becoming increasingly clear that 2021 and beyond is going to be gigging as a solo acoustic blues act. Ive been doing it more and more and am really enjoying it and it suits my voice well. I play things in the Robert Johnson style as well as sort of a lean rednone vibe w more emphasis on a tin pan alley style than a SRV thing. I'm coming up w a marketing plan including photos and all ,so with that in mind I do think this is the most savvy board on the net and I want your input in these area 1) physical appearance/image does a period style outfit/suit make it seem better or
  7. it'll be on that, One of the Days, Breath and Great gig, every tone ( well acoustic guitar just mic ) is a boss katana, the tune is the lead tone using the DI into an ipad, the beginning is a condensor micing the katana w the crunch channel and "60s fuzz " downloaded fro the boss site, these fuckin boss amps just make it easy, light small killer, Im sold
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