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  1. They suck for excluding Gorman. You cannot build a band then say they dont count. Rich can barely play. The first exposure to 90% of their fans is a Gorman drum beat. It should be the Brothers
  2. I think "dancing" maybe too strong a word...
  3. Mission of Mercy is a great suggestion for a female fronted band!
  4. Wow wow wow! I was expecting some bolt on thing like Ive screwed together. Thats the real shit there
  5. I ran a 64 super reverb like this all the time as a kid
  6. My advise is dont use a super lightweight slide. It has to have its own mass to some extent imo
  7. I'll have to ask Will about this blues album! I have lunch w him once a month or so
  8. I like the amp on the verge of breakup and interact w the drive pedal. Ive had success for my tone ( Im going for a mini jimi beck trower ritchie b ) via Tophat Club Royale Fender pro jr 3 monkey sock monkey
  9. Nah man just a little bit of the land is my families. The grass is always greener Wales sounds cool to me!
  10. the ones in the demo guitar are pretty hot to my ear, hotter than 57 classic gibson. If I was ordering some for classic rock I would go lower output than the one in the proto but humbucker kinda freak me out anyway
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