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  1. My Eastman mandolin is an outstanding instrument in every way. Im tempted by their es175 clones
  2. Turn one big pile of shit into a different looking pile...
  3. My 2013 as new EC sig strat. Holy shit do I love this thing! I WISH Id check one out 20 years ago. I adore the combo of the noiseless singles and tbx/mid boost
  4. I ream the nut slots w old strings like Dave described. I stretch like crazy including behind the nut and tailpiece on a gibby style. I also find that if youve developed ANY backbow in your neck the d and g go nuts on a setneck 24.75 scale
  5. As a theater music director you find many many people fall into the flat keys as their natural vocal range. E A are uncommon compared to Ab Db Eb and F. I often wonder if this is why its so hard to find a wailing male rock singer
  6. They suck for excluding Gorman. You cannot build a band then say they dont count. Rich can barely play. The first exposure to 90% of their fans is a Gorman drum beat. It should be the Brothers
  7. I think "dancing" maybe too strong a word...
  8. Mission of Mercy is a great suggestion for a female fronted band!
  9. Wow wow wow! I was expecting some bolt on thing like Ive screwed together. Thats the real shit there
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