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  1. The two used guitars I have purchased from GC were without a case. One listed a case and they shipped with a bag POS. I was told by a guy in a Local guitar center, that I've known for many years and after much distress from me, quote : "they make us throw them away". I gather that some managers want to sell an accessory item with every used instrument, simple. Very best on the Superpro purchase, I LOVE mine. Oh, it was the one that came with the gig bag, I liked the guitar so much that I could not return it because of that deficiency.
  2. I pushed in my 1996 PRS arm and it fit ok, so I ordered one of those. Stainless one that's for the US guitars, but others may fit better.
  3. You're correct, it was on Dave's. I did make an offer on it though. My guitar self commandment: Thou shalt not try to flip Hamers or Byrdlands. Buy to keep forever or not at all.
  4. I, like others, have had many Fenders, even an early custom shop guitar and yes, THD, a Mel. None have fit me as well as the Daytona. I think I love my Daytona for the reason many people despise them, the neck. Flat and quick. Mine is an ash/Sperzel equipped guitar and its pretty heavy, but I don't mind. Oh, and it's the one guitar I leave on a stand to just grab and play.
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