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  1. Does it have to be a relative? How about someone who can spell "Hlubek"? Remember that you cannot pick your relatives, but you can pick your friends who pick guitars. You could adopt me. Speaking of heirlooms, is Junior playing the guitar he won yet? Yepper He's had it out learning Green Day and having fun. I think he'll get a little more serious about it when he turns 13 and learns that guitars and girls go hand in hand. BTW just to make us all feel old he had his 12th birthday this past June.
  2. I have four Hamers that I consider heirloom guitars all of them custom orders but the one hamer that I treasure most is the 25th anniversary artist that My wife told me to get at the first Hamer Open House.
  3. While I think that particular auction is WAY overpriced, the top end Tokai's are as good as it gets. I would put my 2003 LS-320 (which was the top model at that time) up against any Gibson R9. Yeah, it was pricey, but it was less than half of what a simlar R9 (with Brazillain Rosewood Fretboad) would have cost. It **IS** waaaaay overpriced. Just saw a new one, still in the the wrapping paper and just out of the box, on Saturday. $3,114 plus about $200 shipping. Too bad they (the store) can't ship to the U.S. The store couldn't ship it but could you ship it to the states? NOt that I'm in any position to buy but I was curious about that.
  4. Scottsdale isn't to far from Phoenix I wonder if Fender has some sort of tour or museum available. I was in Phoenix in Jan. ( a much nicer time to be there considering what Ohio is like in Jan.) but was too busy to check on Fender.
  5. good luck Dave. The G&Ls and the Ovations as well as everything else look great.
  6. Lemmee check... there's one, two, ttttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (bonk!) seriously though, my neighbor wanted the trebuchet but his wife didn't agree. not even close. I predict he'll build one anyhow. Man I'm bummed that I had to miss this get together. I't would have been fun to hang out and learn the uke.
  7. Concrete Blonde, Cheap Trick,Beatles, Stones, Who, Horton Heat, the legendary shack shakers, Horror Pops
  8. Well maybe if we all play nice and ask really nicely we could get Hamer to celebrate the 10th ann. of the first open house which would be in 2008. that would be a great date for an anniversary.
  9. Heh.. that kinda goes with me telling the Aard one day... you know, a Virt would be pretty cool to have and of course he was like, " yeah.. good luck with that.". Then I walked into the downtown Guitar Center one day and there it was. I hope it's getting good use at Casa De Stonge. I need to come visit it sometime. If I remember correctly Stonge is currently using it to help balance a wobbly table in the dining room.
  10. I'm pretty sure Steve is correct I remember it as 1997 when I first started posting. Seems like a lifeime ago. And lots of good memories.
  11. I think there were 50 made of that one. I had number 44. One of the few true sale regrets I've ever had. Number 44 had it and I let it go.
  12. Thanks Guys. Saturday night Birthday's rock.
  13. Keith Richards playing this LP Custom on the cover of the Gibson catalog. This photo and my love of the Stones was IT for me.
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