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  1. Glad it sold! Almost had to pull the trigger on that and end up with a guitar rammed up my rear by the wife. Hopefully she would have started with the headstock first.
  2. had one. Can't remember the tone but I could set the action on it as low as any shredder guitar and no fret buzz. Easiest playing bass I ever saw. Gave it to my middle sons wife as they had a band and she needed a bass. Gave my son a 1993 hamer archtop gt for the band too. Band didn't work out and they got divorced, and me out 2 damn fine guitars.
  3. if we get 500,000 members here and each give 1$ then we can pass it around for everyone to try it out!!!!!!!!!😃
  4. my only experience with solid body flame maple is the guitar was very bright, and I couldn't get it under control with several pickup changes to typically "dark" sounding pickups. This was a guitar that had a mostly solid maple body.
  5. i had to play a jazz tune written in Cb, one of the stupidest things i ever saw.
  6. 2 maxon od808's stacked and a zvex box of rock. seems to work for me.
  7. I have a bucket load of homework to do for my occupational health and safety diploma. Having to go back to school at 50 due to a busted finger and no longer able to do previous employment sucks!
  8. yes, headstock repair by BCR greg. I filled the front side to pretty it up a bit and painted it.
  9. OK, you can send him the purple hamer AFTER you send it up north to canada for a little play-time here...
  10. i had them but seemed to be missing the "woodieness" of the strat so put in some fralins and never looked back
  11. not sure about any particular one she likes best but she hates my acoustic because it is too loud. I admit its a cannon of a guitar, a morgan concert cutaway custom made in vancouver. Just glad she doesn't know what it costs or I might be looking for the 3rd wife...
  12. my 89 strat into the genz black pearl 30, and then had to plug in the watson to same amp, and had very different results.
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