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  1. That segment should be shown to all students enrolled in Intro to Sociology.
  2. Best: Definitely the minty white Ibanez AS73 loaded with a set of Gibson '57 Classics that I bought from a local jazz box player. $250 with OHSC. Bought it to have a semi-hollow to play around the house; ended up in my gigging rotation that includes an Archtop Studio and P-90 Special. That Ibby is a tone monster in spite of its price and origin. Close second: A barely-used Wampler Pinnacle Deluxe V2. Pretty nice dirt box with a lot of tonal options tweakable to adjust to different guitars and/or pickups. Worst: Don't laugh...but my 2019 duds were all small-potatoes accessories. Bought a Dunlop concave pyrex slide in the "L" size that's supposed to fit my finger (I have an old one I got in a trade of parts that I love--it had no markings re: size). Turned out to be too large and not worth the effort to return. Also used an Best Buy gift card to buy a collapsible guitar stand for my daughter's Tele--a stand that's very compact when folded, but not very useful when set up. Again, small $$$ and not worth the gas or effort to return.
  3. If Paul had a shot to guest host a late night talk show, he would have the audience in stitches. Just a natural performance talent, he is.
  4. Larry Carlton on anything from the late '70s to present day.
  5. That "photo" reminds me a bit of this classic visual mash-up:
  6. Love all those that have already been mentioned. Here's one from the early '80s that oozes Joe Walsh. Drop D in the beginning, then changes to standard tuning. Just cool all the way through.
  7. Yep. Carpet tape or a thin bead of caulk. Done.
  8. I got it even though I didn't know second band's name. I still love DLR-era VH, but the guy really is his own worst enemy.
  9. About 90% of my pedalboard is Boss. The only pedal failure I have experienced in two years of bar gigs and rehearsals was an output jack on a TC Electronic boost. The Boss stuff just takes the abuse well and still sounds good. Now that I think about it, two of my Boss pedals were manufactured during the Reagan era. I'd say that's a strong endorsement.
  10. If he did say that, it would have been an accurate assessment of '90s country, not the current state of the genre. 2014+ country sounds more like a mash up of Nickelback and hip hop with exaggerated southern accents and templated lyrics.
  11. I think Rob's correct. Either the amp or the Boost pedal are set a little bit too high. To my ears, most of those demo sounds imparted a harsh buzz.
  12. Impressive. Lots of manual labor and intricate hand fitting. Probably the first time I've seen a guitar crafted using a dollop of Daisy sour cream.
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