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  1. Gigged once during the holidays....once since March 2020. Now weighing a handful of potential gigs in April and May....and now June and July. People are ready to get out and back to some semblance of normal. That includes us, methinks.
  2. I nearly obliterated my hearing using a 50-watt half stack for three solid years of gigging. It was great. A full stack...uhhh....huh? Say what?
  3. I had only two gear acquisition goals going into 2021: Wait around for a Yamaha AC5R to pop up on CL or Fb for a steal of a price. These are killer acoustic guitars and would make an excellent gigging guitar (meaning if damaged or stolen, it wouldn't cause the same hearache as losing a $2,500+ Taylor). Not many of these on the secondary market right now, so I'll be patient. Find a better Marshall-in-a-Box pedal that what I already had to go in front of beautifully fat and clean Fender Super-Sonic 22 normal channel. This, I accomplished in Februrary by scoring a lightly used
  4. ^^^^ This. I've done this type of picking twice in the last three years and there are diminishing returns to unloading the whole lot by piece. As others have said, look for the guitar-centric codes and pull those out. The 12a#7 types...pull them all. This includes 5751/7025/ECC8# types...pull them all. Any power tube sets (including EL84 variants 7189/CBQ5), pull those and keep boxed sets together, of course. Early last year, I ran into a young guy who was attempting to clean out his deceased granddad's barn...a barn that doubled as a TV/radio repair shop. There were quite literally th
  5. IMHO, the last verse of David Alan Coe's recording of Steve Goodman's "You Never Even Call Me By My Name" qualifies if we're allowing originals. Hell, Goodman has several that qualify. To wit...
  6. I've not owned a Standard like many here have, But I've cradled a few. Aside from the thicker body, better looking headstock (4 digit or later), and more attractive profile/angles, the neck joint on a Standard (even the oft-criticized AH-to-NH transition version) is a work of art compared to the Gibson neck joint.
  7. Where did you source the bodies?
  8. IIRC, he has a LP with an Explorer headstock (not sure it's an Aldo Nova variant) that he plays quite often.
  9. But what is the claw's acoustic voice? This, we must know....
  10. I'm waiting on his next batch of Larges. Soon, grasshopper, soon.
  11. Back in my IT days, we called coding or function flubs "undocumented system features." I think that fits this situation, as well.
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