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  1. And should have been easy to get correct. Too easy, actually.
  2. Biz Prof

    NGD - Gibson SG Standard in Pelham Blue

    I get what you're saying, Tbone, but surely you know that Pelham Blue and LPB were different hues. LPB is quite a bit darker while Pelham has a slightly silvery cast to it.
  3. The use of his full first name (Jolyon?) threw me off. But I give you bonus points for the double entendre.
  4. Rickey's and Sparky's segments were better executed and more interesting than Gary's. Cool back story on Medlocke's Firebird.
  5. Biz Prof

    NGD - Gibson SG Standard in Pelham Blue

    She's a real beaut, Clark. Personally, while I love Pelham Blue, I prefer the faded variety:
  6. Searched the site and answered my own question. Medlocke's Standards
  7. Hasn't Medlocke been doing this outsourced Blackfoot thing since the mid-1990s? I recall seeing a CD in the new releases rack at Tracks over 20 years ago, and the band photo was of a bunch of 20-something-looking metal players...no Medlocke in sight...or at least I didn't recognize him. I thought it was bizarre back then. Still do. Related topic: How many 4-digit Standards did Medlocke own? Two? Three?
  8. Is his name Joe....or Job?
  9. As the porcine comedian James Gregory asserted when asked by a flight attendant how much he weighed so that the crew would know how much fuel to pump into the aircraft, "Fill it up!!!!"
  10. Biz Prof

    Coupla program on AXS that weren't half bad

    I thought Rather's questions were absolutely fair game, and I think the lads answered them sufficiently. Skynyrd Mk II has cashed in on both the original band's catalog and the neo-rebel culture that much of their concert auduence subscribes to. If you are going to exploit the heritage and subculture for the purposes of making revenue, then fine. Own it and be prepared to explain your rationale. Rather did his job, and so did the Skynyrd boys.
  11. Biz Prof

    New Guitar Finish Ideas

    I've looked at photos of his builds a few times based on your posts. The build quality and attention to detail is mind boggling, but when I hear the term "furniture guitar", I must admit that it's Walker's builds that come to mind immediately. That's not really meant to be a slight or negative criticism, but his guitars are bordering on fine, handcrafted furniture with the architectural minutiae he adds to his designs. The beauty of the market is that there are some players willing to pay Walker ~$10,000 for such highly ornamented custom builds. Then, on the other hand...there's guys like me.
  12. Or "Lim" if you squint.
  13. Not sure, but I think this pretty much confirms that JAM was toast.
  14. Like others here, they garnered my respect after I took time to go back and revisit their entire catalog up through Street Survivors. Nearly all of their albums during RVZ's tenure had strong musicianship and solid songcraft. To my ears, the "add-on members" that weren't from the Jacksonville area (i.e., Ed King, Steve Gaines) injected a lot of flavor into the music and made them exponentially better than they'd have been (and were for an album) when relying solely on Rossington and Collins. The late '80s-2018 Mark II version of the band, well....I'm not sure what you might call it, but it's neither appealing or good to my ears. At all.
  15. Biz Prof

    Best pinched harmonic.