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  1. Still today, an underrated band; and Ric wrote almost all of those tunes. While I realize they enjoyed their greatest success under the direction of Mutt Lange, Heartbeat City just doesn't have the raw punch and quirky nuances of the earlier albums. Like Hysteria was for Def Leppard, it was really too slick and pristine to follow up. It didn't surprise me one bit when they broke up. Without failure, after a few weeks of introducing a young, budding college student/wannabe rock musician to the anthologies of Cheap Trick and The Cars, they come back with a sense of enlightenment and typically make remarks along the lines of, "You think those songs are simple until you break them down; then you realize there's a lot going on!" No shit. The lads were serious musicians making fun music.
  2. He seemed impressed with it--pretty obvious from the inflection in his words. This is one of those rare cases where I think Jol and Frank made the right call. That Dean vee headstock is a hideous abomination. Sorry, Gene (BTMN). I love Deans otherwise, but just cannot get past that gaudy vee fork. The shrimp fork was much better.
  3. Jeff R is correct for recessed-trem Hamers.
  4. Those sound like the names of bands in a secondary stage lineup at a death metal festival.
  5. It does, indeed. and he was probably thinking at that moment that it was "Yuge."
  6. Lita gets mad props from me for actually holding on to her custom built guitars and playing them...for decades. Tipton is one of the only others who can claim having done the same. They knew what they wanted, they got them, and they played them.
  7. There's a colossal dickweed on the Raleigh CL who posts/bumps the same eleventeen fucking pianos SEPARATELY every 2-3 days...for years. He could easily post a single ad with the whole lot in list form like any reasonable human being. But, no...he lists each one separately...ad infinitum. Damn asshole. Then there's a dude probably 10 miles from my house who's been hawking the same square neck dobro and Fender Duo Sonic at pipe dream asking prices for at least four years now. He obviously cannot muster enough brain cells to buy a clue. That said, CL still delivers. I scored a minty Wampler Pinnacle Deluxe v2 this week for an even bill. Couldn't beat that on Reverb, pianos and all.
  8. I can only imagine the derision a bloke might suffer if that if he honestly admitted a preference for a modded mutt of foreign provenance versus his collection of pricey, museum-quality boutique guitars. I can see it now... "I mean, I really like my Motor Ave, PRS Private Stock Custom 24, and Custom Shop R9, but they just live in their cases. My modded MIM Tele really hits the sweet spot and plays just as well as my more expensive guitars." Then...
  9. I think it's because they didn't have Bobbie Fleckman, the hostess with the mostest, working for them.
  10. I see your Nektar, raise you a Blackjack, which according to this eerily Spinal Tapesque documentary, was "not a gamble."
  11. Try the handle "Turd Ferguson" or other, related SNL monikers, such as "Jasper Quazzeltoot" or "Peabody Tilcutt" or "Derval Mackinaw" You get the picture.
  12. That mental image makes me think of the tone that Neil coaxes from the combination of Ol' Black through his dimed, ancient tweed Deluxe.
  13. Verily, verily. But none of those could reach the lofty heights of name coolness that accrued to Lithuanian-American professional tennis player/amateur guitarist Vitas Gerulaitis. I recall my best friend's dad channel surfing and briefly watching the finals of the '79 U.S. Open match, casually blurting out loud to no one in particular, "Vitas Gerulaitis?!? What the hell is THAT...some sort of VD?!?"
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