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  1. So, y'all have an engineering school at Ole Miss, yet no one in the vicinity of Oxford with the skills to set up a Floyd?
  2. Murkat will either back me up on this or dismiss it out of hand (he is the expert), but I have, on at least a couple of occasions, encountered issues with a Floyd nut itself that required either some gentle filing or replacement due to excessive wear in the slot(s). In my experience, it affected the string vibration all the way down the board, but I can foresee a situation where it might also impact only the first few frets due to the more pronounced curvature of the compound radius.
  3. Depending on your playing habits/style, you might have worn the frets in the 3-12 range more than in the cowboy chord area, but if they look level with a straight edge, they're probably good enough. I'd shim it again as you've implied. FWIW, I have a MIJ Charvel Fusion that came from the factory with not enough material routed at the nut. It played like buttah from fret 5 and beyond, but the open chords sounded awful. Didn't have much in the way of tools or woodworking knowledge back then (30 years ago), but i removed the nut and then carefully and gradually shaved the shelf down whilst
  4. Tried a true straight edge on those frets (three-at-a-time) to check their level?
  5. Boss SD-1 Boss RV-5/6 Tech21 DLA TC Electronics Mojo Mojo TC Electronics Spark boost Digitech Hardwire CM-2 Tube Overdrive
  6. I'm sure he's cool and his dexterity and technique are quite obvious. That said, this kind of shit didn't age very well.
  7. The song is just fine; on par if not better than much of the overprocessed nu metal schlock of the late '90s. The vibe and emotion in that video clearly shows the two things that equalize the otherwise glaring disparities between celebrities and normal work-a-day folks: the joys of raising kids and grieving the loss of loved ones. Like us mere mortals, celebrities feel the same gut-scouring sense of loss when a close family member dies and they vary quite a bit in how involved they are in raising their kids. EVH evokes the classic Norman Rockwellesque image of the closeness of a dad
  8. Brent can buff that shit out and make it as good as it was when it left Kalamazoo.
  9. That's a custom build by Jim Mouradian. I think it was done for Chris in the late '70s, but could have been just a bit later than that. You'll see him playing it in the video for "Owner of Lonely Heart."
  10. Love the body style and blue flake. Definitely not your average Strat-shaped guitar.
  11. Piggybacking on your logic, the only way I see JAM/KMC/US Music making the brand viable (outside of the dead end of serviceable imports) is to go back to the original formula: USA Standards via C.O. and simple veneer-top Sunbursts made in Chicago. As others have said, that would not be cheap to do properly. BUT...if a buyer really wanted a Standard made to order, whatever's left of Washburn custom shop in Chicago might be able to do it. Mike's understandable move away from making any more Ultimates leaves that gap open. Question is...how many buyers are ready and willing to pay up? The Sunb
  12. One man's opinion, I know, but I love the way it looks.
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