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  1. It's the same one. Look the the grain/mineral streaks around the volume knobs.
  2. Yep. And I will be taking my little THR lunchbox on the annual family beach vacation tomorrow for the fourth straight year. There's something to be said for good tone and extreme portability.
  3. Note what practice amp Scotti's using in that video...(forward to the end if you don't want to watch the whole thing)
  4. I thought that Jon Maye (aka "MC2" here at HFC) owned that one (at least at one time).
  5. Perhaps not as collectible as they were just 10 years later, but they damn sure were collectible. Ed just never really bought into treating guitars like fine china.
  6. You? Oh, hell; you're good. 😄 Now, this guy?....His nasally twang is nearly as incomprehensible as that Vedder lad's from Pearl Jam.
  7. Yamaha THR10 for the win. And I'm a die-hard tube amp snob.
  8. Incredible how clean and precise his 8th-note and 16th-note picking was on a 12-string. Better than most of us on six-string, which speaks volumes about how talented and practiced he was.
  9. That does appear to be consistent with XT production. A similar Gumby-proportioned headstock was present on some of the last Korean models as well. I made a trade for a MIK Standard with a similar oversized headstock and then reshaped it using a template I made from Lexan.
  10. Got it. PM returned. Invader sold pending shipping/payment.
  11. COVID-19 boredom served as the catalyst for a music room spring cleaning, and I'm ready to get rid of some pickups. All prices include shipping in cont. US/Paypal to HFC members. 1. Seymour Duncan 1NQ: This is the pre-200x version of the STK-S1 stacked single coil. Good condition; black cover; measures 13.1k. I used this one in my '90s classic rock cover band heyday and it does the Strat neck position quite well and noise-free. $45 will do the trick. 2. Hamer/Dimarzio Slammer single coil. Great condition; decent lead remaining; black (of course); measures 6.6k. This would work perfectly in any '80s Hamer USA neck/middle single coil position. $40 and it's yours. SOLD pending shipping/payment. 3. Fender MIM Tele bridge pickup. Excellent construction and vintage look; measures 6.4k. I gigged it a couple of dozen times with good results, but needed more girth for certain rock songs. If I was playing country, it would have stayed. Take it for $20. 4. Duncan Designed HB103 set. Pulled from a MIK Slammer Series Standard. They actually sounded nice for hard rock tones and reminded me of the venerable JB/Jazz combo, but I was looking for a cleaner Alnico 2 PAF tone, so out they came. Good leads, 16.7k/8.9k resistance. $25 for the pair. 5. G&B set from a PRS SE. Good leads, A5 magnets; black bobbins; very good condition; measure 9.7k/9.2k. Sound like mellow A5-based PAFs to me and I gigged these for about a year before deciding I really like A2 mags in many of my guitars. $25 for the pair. 6. Rondo Tele set. Sounded a hell of lot better than I expected and in fact, I think I like them better than the Keystones that replaced in a budget mod Tele I put together a few years ago. Free to a good home. ' Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for shopping at HFC.
  12. With no offense intended to Brooks? (who I think reported here that he had a 70s SG Deluxe in his early years), the fender-skirt control cover is NOT a feature worthy of stealing from Gibson.
  13. I can hear that in the voice used by the guys who do radio promo spots for monster truck events. As in: "HORSEPOWER, HORSEPOWER, HORSEPOWER!!!!"
  14. And if you're ever in central NC, Andrew, the beer is on me.
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