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  1. It looks great, and you rarely see a red flametop from Hamer. Did Hamer get past their skinny neck period by '95? I once owned a '93 that had an incredibly skinny neck.
  2. Buying multiple harmonizers is an interesting solution. Seems excessive though. I wonder why no modern harmonizer has the key tracking features of the 2008 Digitech unit.
  3. Innnnnnnteresting, thanks. This might work. Look at all the cables it takes to make it work right! I have a friend that uses the Eventide H9 but it's like $500 retail.
  4. In the effects loop, in front of a Keeley Caverns and a chorus pedal.
  5. After playing around with the Boss Harmonizer I realize that you can't really use it to replicate many classic harmonized guitar solos. The problem becomes when the song changes chords and the harmony follows the change. The harmonizer pedal stays on whatever key you have it set for. For instance, I messed around with Bad Company's 'Can't Get Enough of Your Love.' Setting the harmonizer for the key of F gives you the scale to do the initial part of the harmonized solo. But when the chord changes from C to G, the key of F no longer fits. Anyone find a harmonizer that can get around this issue?
  6. Just put one on my pedalboard and gigged with it twice last weekend. Might be the best overdrive I've ever used, definitely the best plexi voiced OD. I cascade it with my EH Soul Food and they sound killer together. Also trying out a Boss Harmonizer, but I'm not sure about it because I think I need something that allows you to select modes. The Boss unit only lets you pick key and interval.
  7. A couple of times recently I've had problems with my live rig during a performance. The first time it turned out to be a failed switching FET in my Victory V4 preamp. The second time it was a failed short cable in my pedalboard. Problem is, I don't have time to troubleshoot these things so I end up staring at the rig and ultimately freaking out. Do any of you have an effective method of troubleshooting your rig fast during a live performance? One idea I had was for someone to create a product that plugs into each pedal in the board and shows via LED that signal is being passed. That way you could rapidly determine where the problem is in the signal chain.
  8. Reminds me of my introduction to the electric guitar in 7th grade. A 9th grader had this Goya Rangemaster, which has all the pushbuttons:
  9. I tapped the mounting rings, so no direct contact with the pickup? I guess it's possible though.
  10. Incidentally, I have recently fallen out of love with the Victory V4. It stopped working during a gig. Powered up fine but no output to the power amp. Sending it to NJ for warranty service but still, it's less than a year old. Will probably get another solid overdrive like the BB Preamp and go to a more conventional setup.
  11. Jim Irsay will pay whatever it takes to build his collection. Heaven help us if Page ever decides to auction off his doubleneck.
  12. The wood screws in my pickup mounting rings were locked up. Couldn't get them to budge. So I carefully sprayed WD40 on them and with the aid of a rubber mallet I was able to free them up. Of course, though, I wasn't careful enough and I got WD40 in my pickup, which no longer works. Will end up being a $100 mistake.
  13. Didn't Greg remove the stock SD P90 and put in a Rio Grande P90? To answer the original question, it was probably an SD Custom P90, which is what they put in the bridge position of all their P90 guitars. Ceramic magnet, very hot, 16k impedance.
  14. Sorry for the glare, the stage was quite dark. Very simple layout, Soul Food comes first, then the Copper V4 preamp (4-wire insertion to the amp's effects loop, adding two channels), then Timmy for lead boost, then Keeley Caverns for delay/reverb, then finally the Corona chorus.
  15. I have WLHs in my other Studio Custom. Sound great as well.
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