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  1. The ZVex Box of Rock, on it's own, doesn't work that well in my rig. But stacked with the Soul Food, it's killer. The Soul Food is essentially a Klon. It has a nice midrange hump that kicks a clean sound into crunch territory, which is extremely useful in my current band. I use it alone about 80 percent of the time. Stacked with the Soul Food, the Box of Rock takes it into heavy drive without coloring the tone except to add a nice sizzle. And it has a variable clean boost to kick it even harder. The trick is to balance the drive and tone controls of each stage to get what you wa
  2. I decided to try the ZVex Box of Rock first. The Bogner looks like the best solution though, it is so versatile. That expression pedal gain control is a great idea.
  3. Went ahead and got the Dirty Shirley. It did not like my amp, unfortunately. I'm thinking amps-in-a-box just aren't going to work in this rig. Also jettisoned the Naga Viper. Right now it's Soul Food for crunch-drive with the Boss Power Stack on low gain for a stacked kick. Might give AIABs one last chance with something like the Bogner La Grange.
  4. So here's how this resolved itself... I had given up on this for a while because I wasn't getting what I wanted. Then I started playing around with the LoneStar. I wanted to see the impact of installing THD Yellowjackets in the two outside tube positions and EL34s on the inside. This drops the overall power output to 65-70 watts in the 100 setting. Turns out this gave me exactly what I was looking for - in the clean channel. The drive channel didn't fare so well. I figured I could use the clean channel exclusively with the right pedals. The right pedals turned out to be the EH S
  5. The JHS Charlie Brown V4 arrived over the weekend. Very nice low gain pedal voiced to get JTM tones. The Drive control is kind of odd - it doesn't add a lot of drive until it gets past the 3 o'clock setting. Takes you into AC/DC territory at the top but at noon it's a very chimey tone with nice midrange. Combined with the Power Stack it allows you to get three distinct overdrive levels - Charlie Brown at the low gain end, Power Stack for crunch, and the two stacked together for heavy drive.
  6. As I said in the original post, I've been using an old Vox Tone Lab into a 4x10 Tech21 Power Engine. Using the Lonestar as a pedal platform is an entirely new application - when I used it before I didn't use any clean tones.
  7. One big issue with the Lonestar is the speaker. It is dull-sounding compared to the Bassman, lacks sparkle. I have a 2x12 cabinet with Greenbacks I will try with the Lonestar to see if it brightens up.
  8. The Lonestar is 100 watts, so power isn't an issue.
  9. The Boss Combo Drive arrived today. Did OK on its own, did not play well with the Power Stack. Did OK with the Purple Plexi. Also did OK with an old Tech21 Double Drive adjusted for Class A/B distortion. It sounded best with the gain low, gives a chimey tone with a bit of grit. I really like the JHS channel on Youtube and I'm going to audition their Charlie Brown pedal (JTM in a box) next.
  10. Part of the challenge is picking the best pedal platform for running amps-in-a-box. From YouTube videos it appears the go-to platform is Blackface Fenders for their clean headroom. I would think you could make a lot of amps good platforms by replacing the tubes with the Groove Tubes that don't clip at a lower level.
  11. I got mine yesterday but unfortunately it did not like my '59 Bassman Reissue. The sound lacked midrange definition and was vastly inferior to the Power Stack. However it did work well stacked downstream of the Power Stack when the PS was adjusted for low gain distortion. The PP was good at taking the PS from crunch to drive without overwriting the great PS tone. Incidentally - as I try these out and reject them I put them back up for sale. Right now I have the Wampler Plexi Drive, Mad Professor Twimble and Orange Getaway Driver for sale.
  12. Tried out the Twimble. It wasn't what I was looking for. Purple Plexi SE on the way.
  13. After not liking the PlexiDrive I'm not sold on Wampler in general. I want to exhaust my other options before trying another one of their's.
  14. Just got the Boss Power Stack and man is it good. Nearly perfect plexi tone, very wide gain range. I tried it alone and it was awesome. I then cascaded it with the Getaway Driver. I was able to dial in a good lead volume and tone using it after the Power Stack. I think that might be overkill though - something like the Timmy might be a better cascading option. So one part of the problem is solved. I'm hoping the Twimble can handle the low gain tones.
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