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  1. I started to replace the jack in my Redwood Studio. The damn jack is soldered to the pot. I tried to de-solder but even 450 F wouldn’t do it. Don’t want to ruin the pot. Help please? https://i.imgur.com/ICn5kjY.jpg
  2. I agree! Same could be said for guitars, which IMO are more consistent than vintage and in most ways just as good.Sure, there are some examples that set the standard, and will, always be. Having said that the consistent reproducibility of the really good quality stuff today is amazing! Guitars and Amps arniez
  3. Hey Arnie,

    I'd like to you up on this offer if it is still available.



    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. ArnieZ


      Hi Dave

      did you get the pedal?


    3. rugby1970



      I did get it. Thank you so much for the kindness. What do I owe you?


    4. ArnieZ


      $8.50 You can Venmo to arniez@aol.com


  4. Congrats great story very cool ending arniez
  5. If you pay for shipping you can have my Bad Monkey tube screamer flavored. arniez
  6. Ill let the new owner come forward if he wishes. Safe travels my old friend! arniez
  7. Stunned and saddened, 65 is waaay too young! Heartfelt condolences to @Rocktuna, did not know you were brothers. This makes the loss much more profound, knowing that 2 of our HFC family have suffered. RIP KTB arniez
  8. I think it’s the same guy selling the studio custom and one other guitar arniez
  9. I really like that! Cool aesthetic arniez
  10. Spoken by a man who has never heard me play, thanks anyway!! you are better off to have not heard me arniez
  11. Congrats, almost identical to the one I had! arniez
  12. Sent email to customer service and shipping reduced to $4... on its way! thanks Jeffro arniez
  13. I think it’s fair but I still own it, and I’m ok with that! Haven’t played it in a long time which is why I’m looking to move it. Fortunately I don’t need the money! arniez
  14. I'd be concerned about the price.Been awhile since I checked out Daytona's but..... arniez
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