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  1. Soon to be listed elsewhere. Would prefer to have this stay here where it belongs. if you have an offer in mind.... might be worth a shot..... boutique single cut..... Triple threat.... arniez
  2. Friend's band from college electric Dick Smith and the Dancing Dildos😁
  3. So the new wonder SS tubes don’t have a key. Wonder what happens if you plug into the wrong spot? arniez
  4. I'm sure your wife is great..... but she knew you were going to get it anyway😃. She is also smart and played her hand well. arniez
  5. Have had many conversations with Dr. Z. He has always been available and helpful. Several years ago I attended a conference in Cleveland. Called him up and asked to stop.by. No problem , very gracious, showed my BIL and I around and chatted for a bit.He literally has an amp for any genre at this point. I am moving from tubes to modeling and don't foresee buying another tube amp. But Z has several that have my interest tweaked nonetheless . Customer service second to none! Highly recommend both he and his amps! arniez
  6. I really did love that amp!! I finally moved it to try other things, but that rig still remains one of my all time favorites. I bought the 4x10 configuration after speaking with Dr Z. He said it was the best sounding configuration to his ears. His 10 " speakers were really quite good sounding. All of his amps with the ef86 front end were great sounding and swallowed pedals to make them sound like they were part of the amp. Though it goes against the grain simple circuits with high end components and design make great sounding amps. If I remember correctly Ben had his Bruno 30 at that HFC event
  7. I’d like to be in her band..... I think arniez
  8. My only reaction is that there,is,NO guitar that will make me sound like him. I wish!!!!! arniez
  9. Definitely a good hang! Had no guitar to contribute sounds or visual, but I can’t even do my own guitar justice! So hard to even consider in person meet ups these days. Crawled into the zoom a little late but still enjoyed it. Recommend to anyone hop on board next time, you won’t regret it! arniez
  10. Sadly in CapeCod without the Shishkov🙁 arniez
  11. Somewhat shocked at the lack of love😲. I can certainly live with keeping it😀 arniez
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