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  1. Hard to believe no one wants any of this stuff! Prices too high? make an offer! Best I can tell they are in the ballpark. The Redplate is just a freakin steal IMO arniez
  2. ArnieZ

    Guitar Tone Options

    that's too much for me to even contemplate. I can't reliably tap my foot and play, yet alone worrying about that switching. To each his own😯 arniez
  3. I thought wrong hole was kind of your thing? 😃 welcome home! arniez
  4. ArnieZ

    NAUD - Artist Ultimate

    Welcome to the club, Iwould have sold you mine😀 arniez
  5. ArnieZ

    NAUD - Artist Ultimate

    Looks like a ground to me arniez
  6. Price on the fuzz. arniez
  7. ArnieZ

    New Member

    get out while you can😃 arniez
  8. I definitely have one, Iit doesn't have the "J" arniez
  9. your title is more eye catching than mine😃 arniez
  10. https://youtu.be/rqINmkabo1A
  11. open to offers, this is all really nice gear! ArnieZ