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  1. Love Leroy but doesn’t look like him to me! arniez
  2. It’s a fair price but recently have sold for around 2k arniez
  3. As a member of the HFC I would like to clarify that Artist Ultimates were made for many years. Mine was in 2003 and many were made after that. The number total was around 60 +/-. Wonderful guitars, but not as exclusive as some think. GLWTS arniez
  4. I think this amp was originally conceived as a clean platform to be used with pedals. Z’s ef86 amps love pedals! arniez
  5. Enjoy… great guitars arniez
  6. As they should be. Jeff’s pickups deserve more attention, he knows what he is doing and has great ears to help differentiate. If you haven’t been paying attention his repair and custom builds have really taken off. He is getting some national attention and well deserved! I have no doubt the pickups he wound for me will be outstanding and will report once installed! arniez
  7. You don’t need to worry you’re first on the “dibs” list behind Feynman of course. But don’t hold your breath😀
  8. Mine just got better as well! Can’t wait….
  9. it appears than that he has bequeathed it to me😀
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