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  1. Newport Pro's sans Bigsby came with the plastic rings. The chrome rings were standard in the Newport with Bigsby. arniez
  2. enjoyed the cut i listened to a lot.... Kudos!! arniez
  3. During Covid I sold a relatively expensive guitar. I have a UPS account and printed up a label. Was told that because I was insuring the guitar for a large amount of $, it had to be dropped at UPS depot. The hours are limited and I was unable to take the package myself.My wife took the package and arrived at tthe depot a few minutes after their closing she I was still allowed in the depot. Unfortunately they would not accept the package saying they were closed and sent my wife to a UPS store. She didn’t know any better and ended up paying double, I was not particularly happy but what could you do? Yes as an account holder but pretty much got nowhere! arniez
  4. Special rings required, any dept h concerns? arniez
  5. Are Filtertrons a direct drop in on Newport Pro? arniez
  6. Foolish me never had one to sell. I knew I would end up selling it and felt I’d give someone else the chance to order what they wanted. Still have no interest in that body shape but every one of those ultimates was/is beautiful!! arniez
  7. I don’t think that is much of an up charge . Clean Newport is a $2000 guitar, wouldn’t let mine go for less, would probably ask more! I know asking ain’t getting but that is also true for the one on sale! arniez
  8. Looks like it could be replaced with a straight tailpiece. No Bigsby would be a positive for me arniez
  9. that is the model, if i bought one with a Bigsby I would never change the strings😀 arniez
  10. Have never owned a Gretsch, recently became more interested. Anybody familiar with this model? What do you think? arniez
  11. I had a similar experience with a Sparkle Drive. Nothing but good things to say about Voodoo! arniez
  12. Do the treble and bass controls add gain past 12 o'clock like on the original ? arniez
  13. This wouldn't be about a guy you ran off the board, I believe he was Canadian.....😈
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