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  1. is this the 60" s original Telecaster? I hear good things about them? arniez
  2. ArnieZ

    Eric Otten

    Hopefully peace at last. Sincere condlonces to the family arniez
  3. I knew when you went it would be all in! Have not played any other Thorn beside my Grantura. If that id any indication than the Artisan has to be incredibly good! gratuitous pic https://i.imgur.com/bm8Whlh.jpg
  4. I believe it was Guitar Player, Iā€™m sure some has a copy. I do not arniez
  5. so no hard shell case? JK good on you!! ArnieZ
  6. On hold deposit received final payment pending arniez
  7. Redplate and Bluesboy on hold pending final payment Gibson AJ still available
  8. Wow sorry for your loss! arniez
  9. Shockingly sad, great unique talent known for his piano playing and singing was also a pretty good guitar player ! RIP arniez
  10. How do we see that? Do we do a search for pudgy Brazilian with 7 string classical?šŸ˜€ arniez
  11. Played this the other day for a few minutes, really nice guitar! open to offers on this including trades arniez
  12. Love the headstock inlay!! Almost makes me wish I had an Ultimate. Unfortunately not only is the body too big but I fear I would look like an old man with some one else's guiar. Enjoy it is a most beautiful guitar ArnieZ
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