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  1. Thought I had one in the basement. Just checked and apparently didn't survive the last purge☹️ arniez
  2. Yes you should be worried.................... but not about the guitar😀 arniez
  3. Probably Honey many artists were finished in that color! arniez
  4. Woodstock drove to concert from Michigan thru Canada. Won’t talk about the border difficulties. Got to the Venue and my acquaintance who I drove with would not leave his mother’s car. We ended up turning around and going home . I feel like I may have missed a lot! arniez
  5. GO !GO !GO Love the attitude ,work hard and don't give up! The keys to your best recovery ArnieZ
  6. Awwww shsit Wishing for a full and speedy recovery!!!
  7. Buy a Fractal fm3 by the time you get to sound just right you’ll be interested in another amp and you can model that as well😁 arniez
  8. I love it when you guys speak Yiddish 😁 arniez
  9. There is a digital library app named Calibre that may be able to convert the format to ePub which will work on your nook arniez
  10. At our age, a lot could be confusing😃
  11. Love the straps they pair with the guitars as well. I can't imagine they aren't exceptional playing guitars. Tones must be interestingly different with the multiple single coil arrangements. arniez
  12. Anyone own own? This guitar really appeals to me I'm sure way more $ than I would be willing to spend arniez
  13. Great score! Would love to try one myself Heard nothing but good about these! arniez
  14. I think it fits in the same case as a Newport. arniez
  15. Beautiful, You’re gonna love it! I never played one before I bought. Have the same guitar in 3T burst. Great playing and sounding. arniez
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