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  1. ^^^^^ This....I never quite loved the tweener sound of the Tally as well. If I had really loved the neck I might have tried some other pickips. Glad I owned own but had I kept it, it would not have gotten much playing time arniez
  2. Here is another Bee Gee’s cover
  3. Not solid in the middle I believe only the 90 is solid in the middle, like a 335 Arniez
  4. EC = Eric Clapton. Dementia is a bitch!! arniez
  5. I’m clearly missing something....Do I really want to know? arniez
  6. Aw cmon, get some thicker skin! Everyone would love to score that guitar at that price. The probability lies with unlikely and people are having some fun. But no one feels ill will or malice towards you. Hope you score a great guitar cheap!! arniez
  7. That’s what you get when you move the switch to the upper horn😈 arniez
  8. I loved my T51 (first Hamer) but my hands moved on to bigger necks and she is gone! Enjoy!!! great guitars arnieZ
  9. Not for me to decide and none of my business, but $700 + shipping is a great deal on that guitar Arniez
  10. Sorry Ken,Really cool guitar and I know how much you love your Kolls!! arniez
  11. I’m so tempted, I love 335’s but they are too big for me! love that guitar but not for me someone’s going to get a beautiful ES arniez
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