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  1. wish you a complete recovery.. Feel Better arniez
  2. Hamer used a compensated scale length for better intonation the nut may be moved slightly towards the bridge. arniez
  3. Beautiful!! Don't see many with a maple top. Would love to hear how it differs from spruce arniez
  4. F/S is my Artist Ultimate Serial # would make it a 2003 but completed January 2004. One of a very few Ultimates finished other than Cognac and just as rare a quilt top. This top was picked by myselt in New Hartford after my original choice was deemed unusable.This has been rarely played in the past few years and has left my home on only a couple of occasions. Iwould rate the condition as 9.5. No visible fret wear. Two dings in the top in the purfling that wont show in the photo. Otherwise there is some swirling and some hardware tarnish. Pictures at the top were taken today. some of the glamour shots were taken for it's inclusion in the Designer Gallery. The top speaks for itself and the mahogany is the straightet grain I have seen on any Hamer. Photos taken in sunlight no flash. COA, all case candy, and the monster cable it came with, if you wish. Glamour shots from the Hamer Desinger Gallery Asking $4500 shipped and insured will accept PP but obviously prefer in gift form fees are open to discussion arniez
  5. The 1st fret inlay on the Ultimate was a standard feature. In Hamer's inimitable way there would be an upcharge to delete it. arniez
  6. The Artist Ultimates all had pickups that were numbered to match the guitar. So the one at Sam Ash is # 26 (out of 25). Given the number of these on the market, I am going to offer mine up. Primarily for those who are looking for this model but would prefer one more unique. When I get the chance I will make a more formal FS post. MIne is # 48 and is one of less than a handful to have a finish other than cognac. It is also one of a few that has a quilt top.. If anyone is interested I will gladly provide more photos. there are 2 small dings in the guitar over the purfling that will not show up in a photo. Other than that there is some tarnish in the hardware and some pick swirls. the case is like new but does have a broken latch. The guitar has left my home on a couple of occasions only but never gigged. I have the COA all case candy and will even include the monster cable that came with it! I will try to put together a more formal F/S post when I get a chance, extremely busy at work! I am asking $4500 shipped and insured, will accept PP but would appreciate it in gift form.
  7. JohnnyB, Shit man what a bad ride!! There are no words..... I've been thinking about you for a while to lay blame for my reintroduction to Hi Fi. After some prior speaker conversations I came across a deal on some Golden Ear Triton 1 speakers. I will speak of the details with you privately, if you wish. They are so incredible I’m getting close to the rabbit hole. Upgrading my turntable and phono stage are high on the list. I am well aware of the challenges you face. Turn up the music and take them on! arniez
  8. Wow, sorry to hear that! I gather you would have difficulty playing guitar? Hope you regain some strength arniez
  9. fortunately mine doesn't have a crown, it has the even more hated Victory arniez
  10. And no points for sophistry? ? arniez
  11. Personally I love and respect all people providing those are reciprocal feelings. Having said that, the quoted portion of your post is very naïve and is painted with a very broad brush. Suppose an individual was raised in Nazi Germany by parents who are anti-Semitic and adopts those beliefs. As an adult he has the ability to reject that philosophy. I don't think there is any reason to support this with love and respect. Is an individual entitled to hold those beliefs, of course. Does society have a right to reject that in every possible way , absolutely. This same logic can be applied to other forms of Racism and bias. Are these individual entitled to make a living? not with my $$ arniez
  12. 66 Gibson ES 335 TDC purchased new and gigged all through high school and 1st year college. Sold with my 66 Pro Reverb! Only guitar and amp I have ever regretted selling. Tried another 335 but it just wasn't the same! arniez
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