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  1. Not to derail, but I don't recall this at all! seems like I missed some good sh** arniez
  2. Demo was great, as usual! What do you think about the guitar? arniez
  3. I've seen Paisley twice, got way more than my money's worth both times!, The dude can run across stage and play better than most mortals. There is no style he can't play and excel at! arniez
  4. I have rotated the Seths and the PhatCats in mine several times. I think for me the Seth Lovers are better. The PhatCat bridge pup is too strident for my liking. arniez
  5. A little more info on the Suhr which adds t its attractiveness. Frets are Stainless Steel GOtoh 510 trem with a steel block. Locking tuners and Suhr's proprietary noise cancelling system. I don't know the technical details about this but the guitar is dead quiet. The fret work is impeccable and the guitar was set up perfectly, for me anyway! Trem. has travel up and down and returns to tune reliably. As someone who got used to Hamer's consistency it is a pleasure to find another company that delivers. Besides a Tele there is probably nothing else Suhr offers I would be interested in, except for the Aura which is out of my $ league ArnieZ
  6. Each channel has a clean, drive and hi gain setting as well as separate EQ and reverb settings. All the controls are duplicated on both channels and it is foot switchable. If you decide to use a pedal in front of the ie a boost or drive you can potentially get 8 different tone pallets from the amp. As on all Boogies the controls are very interactive so even thought the 2 channels are identical, they can sound quite different. So far I'm quite pleased with the amp. Cost wise compared to say a DR Z you're getting a lot for the money. Love Dr Z's amps and a Z28 was my favorite for a very long time. Not wanting to spend the $ on that kind of an amp for my living room shows arniez
  7. Have had a bit of gear overhaul and turnover lately and replacements have been secured😀 Duplicates, unused and impractical have been moved, don't know why impractical counts! Gone are the T51, Bluesboy, Redplate and Superchamp xd The Tele is a Fender Vintage 60's model, just like Mirrorimage's. Double bound body, Nitro finish, 9.5 radius Alder Pretty good out of the box needed some TLC to optimize. Sounds like a Vintage Tele more so than the T51 and has a bigger neck which I like. The Suhr pretty much perfect out of the box. Lightly reliced but you can tell the fit and finish are first rate. Jury is still out on the bridge pup but plays great has that beautiful glassy sound you expect. These I think you can buy sight unseen without worry. The Boogie, my first ever, is a Filmore 25. More tweed than blackface, 2 identical channels each with lots of options. I am not completely dialed in yet but pretty close. The identical channels prove to be exactly what works for me. I really like this a lot. So far every guitar I have plugged in sounds great! and there are still too many of those😯 ArnieZ
  8. Further clarification for Mr. Dave The redwood studio follows the same general format as other studios ie mahogany body and 3 piece mahogany neck. fretboard is Brazilian rosewood and pickups are Seymour Duncan SLU's arniez
  9. WOW one day away and **** happens! Get well soon!!! arniez
  10. Never have kept a Strat for long. I think ultimately the bridge pup really bothered me. Getting the itch again and wondering if the bridge bucker will fix my issue. Looking for some input before I buy and then sell at a loss😕 arniez
  11. Can't leave Brad Paisley off the list and Keith Urban deserves consideration as well ArnieZ
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