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  1. No, Just looking for something I might play. Between my Newport and my Thorn Grantura I do not gravitate to this guitar! As I had mentioned earlier I pre-ordered before all specs were known. It was rumored it would be solid down the middle. It is fully hollow. The opportunity to grab the Grantura came up and that is what I was really looking for, a slightly downsized 335. arnie
  2. Updated initial post with some specs! Really nice guitar guys despite the Epiphone name plate. I promise the quality of this guitar won't disappoint! ArnieZ
  3. Bump Lower Price... Trades …. Offers Essentially unplayed guitar ArnieZ
  4. Looks like someone is getting a switch on the upper horn of a DC! arniez
  5. Woo Hoo !! 3 out of four using some version of our inlays, Mike!!😀 I think they're catching on arniez
  6. I have the same guitar in Sunburst. This is an excellent price and the guitar won't disappoint a Tele lover! Nitro finish too BTW arniez
  7. I am a definite maybe...cant predict call schedule but if possible will be there! arniez
  8. I saw Joe a couple of years ago at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. He open with an acoustic set followed by an electric set. I enjoyed the show tremendously. I don’t go to a lot of shows but when I do it’s usually a guitar oriented performer.I wouldn’t hesitate to see him again. My wife is much more inclined towards exit or more vocal oriented loved the show as well. arniez
  9. Sadly, one of the problems with guitar players is that everyone is a target for everyone else’s preferences. Who has not been criticized? Clapton stinks, Hendrix was ok , Mayer is total shit Bonamassa meh, and it goes on and on. We all have our opinions, some more informed than others. Why so critical? If I could play 25% as good as those guys I'd be ecstatic arniez
  10. ArnieZ


    Everything Mike touches is golden and this is no exception. Beautiful guitar!! arniez
  11. not a good enough reason, my gear far outstrips my abilities as a player arniez
  12. Just relating my experience, maybe they fixed it. I have had issues with DR blues as well but it seems they resolved the problem arniez
  13. I really liked the way they sounded on my T51 f but there were frequent intonation issues that were not worth the trouble for me arniez
  14. Happy and Healthy New Year to all! ArnieZ
  15. Like DBraz I contacted Mike pretty early on but was not after an Ultimate shape, so I got in line and waited. Took a trip out to Shishkov headquarters thinking I wanted a wide flame top. There wasn't one that I really wanted and then Mike showed me a quilt. I immediately pictured the guitar and finish and we were off to the races. Mike was working on the bullseye inlays at the time but I wasn't sure I wanted those. I came up with the idea of an inlay like Mike's signature 12th fret inlay but sans pick. Mike worked that out beautifully. Though I have never been snobby about fretboard material I asked Mike if he had any Brazilian boards. He said he did but didn't know where they were so selection came later. Finally pickups! I really loved the way my PRS DGT electronics worked. Josh said he knew the recipe for the pickups and wiring was available from the PRS website Raw top Mike's first mockup of the fretboard Fretted Board Carved and bound body headstock Finished body with best color representation I love this guitar, but one of the best parts of the experience is that I got to know and become friends with Mike, and that folks could be the best part of the deal!! ArnieZ
  16. Clearly your priorities are changing. It sounds like you'll have little regret. Aside from 4 digit few models have significantly increased their value. It seems like you have a substantial offer, like you said no brainer. There will always be Hamers out there you had a hand in building. If it were me I would do it! arniez
  17. Yeah he can play stuff I will never be able to even attempt and he is a virtuoso. Sadly that music does nothing for me, it's hard for me to even consider it musical. Is there a melody in there somewhere? Very repetitive..... meh arniez
  18. They don't get better than Mike!! arnieZ
  19. When I saw him he played a G&L Legacy Special sounded great! Was really better than he show I saw with Warren Haynes, who is no slouch!! arniez
  20. Did anyone besides me see Jack perform with the Allman Bros.? He just tore it up, outstanding. IMO on that day, I didn’t,t care if Betts played at all! arniez
  21. I have in the past fiddled with digital via the Line 6 rig that Serial loves and uses. It was ok for me at the time but I still had tube amps and eventually got restless (GAS). About a year ago I bought a Boss Katana and found it pretty satisfying for home use. I have also employed some of the sneaky amps. Recently I sold my Redplate with the notion that I would buy a small tube amp with a loop. Enter the Fillmore 25, which is great on its own.The Katana has a loop as well. I am waiting for the release of the fractal floor unit and intend to use it through the loop of one or both the amps. I am hoping this will be adequate, if not and I’m convinced, I’ll buy some more neutral powered speaker/ amp and hopefully be done! arniez
  22. Not to derail, but I don't recall this at all! seems like I missed some good sh** arniez
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