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  1. This is not my pic, but I am 99.9% sure this is my Monaco III that I bought from Feynman (including a mandatory fish in the case). Here is my SuperPro. Lots of mids in this beast. Just changed string gauge on it to from 10's to 0.095 and that's just right for this guitar.
  2. Congrats! I should think the stock Duncans would be a good match in the T62 (SSL2's if I remember correctly, they should be Alnico2). I had a love hate relationship with my T62. It played really sweet, and it was light and super comfortable. But it came with Häussels that sounded bright and harsh. I put Antiquities in it. The Texas hot in the bridge. But I could never dial in a tone I was 100% satisfied with. It always lacked body and punch, the way I want a Strat to sound. It sounded a bit too thin. Might have been the smaller body, the ABM trem or just my example of the T62. Or it's just that they where made for the 90's player in mind, to sound a bit more modern and shred oriented. I want more vintage tone in a Strat than my T62 had.
  3. The Band was his best lineup. This can never be questioned. It looks like Alan Clark on keyboards? Groovy band this for sure!
  4. 10 years. You have to pay that 25th day and night for a long time to make up.
  5. Soundclip please! Or it did not happen. 😄
  6. They should be frightening. That is the whole point of a gig face. I say congratulations to your success in the evil gigface department. 🤬 👿
  7. Very sorry to hear this. Take care and all the best. Hold on to the good thoughts!
  8. There is no "run of the mill" about the Korina Vectors (or Standards) what so ever. They are incredible guitars. I had my Korina Vector at rehersals yesterday for the 2nd time since I bought it and f*xk this guitar delivers the goods. It plays incredible, but it sounds absolutely insane. I think it will go with me to the grave. I was thinking "have I ever sounded this great?", with a stupid big smile on my face for two hours straight. Are they worth 7K (for a NOS one)? I dunno. According to Kim Keller Hamer only made about 200 of them i total. I find nothing strange about the fact that they are asking 4-digit Standard prices for these guitars. They are that great.
  9. I was on it, but could not make up my mind in time (I have a Super Pro which is pretty much the same guitar but with a maple top). The seller got back to me that he had sold it localy. Someone came by and picked it up at his house.
  10. I'll check if my vol.pot acts the same way. But The damn Phat Cats get very "ice-picky" in my guitar too. I changed the mags in the bridge PH. Put an A8 in there, and it enables me to have it further from the strings with the same output, which makes it sound a bit less "ice-picky". I usually, when I play the Newport through my Marshall amps, keep the tone knob on about 2 - to tame the treble spike. My Newport sounds great on home volume through my Fender amps. But when cranked with distortion it gets very trebly, in an unpleasant way.
  11. These guitars look quite cool, in a fugly way. I hate the look of the string through body/tom bridge design on anything but Flying Vees/Vectors.
  12. That is a way to raise their profit. The companies keep the same size on packaging, but it contains less. And here in Europe they also went from declaring yougurt and other liquid stuff in liters, but instead in grams or kilos. The customers believes that 1 kg is as much as 1 liter, but it's actually less in in the package. Hence, more profit. Soon the guitar manufacturers will declare it "Fender scale" or "Gibson scale", but the guitar necks will be a lot shorter. And you will look the fool for think it is the same as it always was. Soon we will all play dwarf sized guitars.
  13. I used a germanium treble boost, rangemaster type, on all guitars on our first album and had it on my board all the time up until I bought the SoloDallas Storm pedal last year. The Storm has a bit less mids and works more like a broader enhancer of the whole register. It sounds a bit more natural, but I'd still call it a kind of treble booster. A more modern sounding one though. It's on my board right now, together with the Fulltone Catalyst set up as a mix of treble booster and fuzz. One of them is usually on most of the time.
  14. I think it looks similar to putting one of these on the wheel of a Ferrari.
  15. The black, long Rickenbacker type, switch tip is one of Hamer's trade marks. Does not look right with a white, short, tip. Those volume and tone knobs are good damn awful. Put the originals back please. It's a post 1990 Hamer. They need the bell knobs. Leave the Wolfetone humbuckers in the guitar, but save the Duncans. And put the original switch tip and knobs back. Please!!! 😁
  16. Okay, there I just wasted 60 seconds of my life. What a moron. 😆
  17. It sounds like a New Order songs, kinda. But not as cool as New Order, off course. 😄 I don't know if I like it or not. Need to listen more. His voice is a bit bland. It does not create that much tension within the song. The other thing is I don't hear that much guitar in the song, hardly any. So what's the point with nine pickups then. Yngwie would have shredded the songs to pieces with nine pickups. More is more.
  18. https://pitchfork.com/news/abba-announce-first-album-in-40-years-share-new-songs-listen/?bxid=5d7feab83f92a411013b9ea0&cndid=&esrc=&hasha=b1e60a13c6e06c626f8ae64f4f6853e8&hashb=9466ba8a72afbb800cf24a54a6dfcfc4e773e1c5&hashc=d09f4a9b99dad2c7be40d147cb15f9ce822ed05de7230b99955567991313c3d1&utm_brand=p4k&utm_campaign=aud-dev&utm_mailing=P4K_HotLinks_090221&utm_medium=email&utm_source=nl&utm_term=P4K_HotLinks_NewMusic
  19. They are super rich, all of them. And they are way old. They should have done this in the 90's. What's the point now... But they have a hologram ready to launch. World tour. They had planned to do two new songs for the show. But got feeling and it became 10 songs. The hologram tour was supposed to go off over a year ago. Then came covid. I guess they got tired of keeping these new songs in a drawer. So they released them. And Sweden has around 30% income tax. Lower than in some US states. Annefrid is married to dome German duke or something. Multi millionaire. Björn is an investor, Benny to I think. They did Mama Mia the musical and movie. ABBA Gold sold over 30 million copies. They are doing this cause they want to. Not for money.
  20. Try to find an older, 1980's or if you are lucky 1970's, Dimarzio DP103 PAF. They are almost identical to what was in the early Hamer's. Here is a great looking set: https://www.ebay.de/itm/324770196861?hash=item4b9dcfed7d:g:1G0AAOSwY1Ng6xMV Two other: https://www.ebay.de/itm/174918203056?hash=item28b9eff6b0:g:IN4AAOSw4h1f6l1- https://www.ebay.de/itm/174917280517?hash=item28b9e1e305:g:noMAAOSwIStgOiKY
  21. I found these in a local ad. 150 $ for four Marshall branded EL34M's. I don't know if they are a matched quad or two matched pairs. But they came in their original, very worn and dusty, packaging. Just to cool to pass on, so I bought them. The guy who sold them runs a studio 15 minutes from where I work. I am quite possitive that they are early 80's brown/red based dual getter Tesla's. Anyone here who can identify them 100%?. The package has never been opened, so there is no question to that they are never used, NOS, tubes.
  22. 70 $ for a 59/SH1 in the late 70's. 79 $ for a 59/sh1 in 2021. Not a huge price increase in about 40 years. https://www.seymourduncan.com/single-product/59-model Took me a couple of minutes to figure out that "ld" and "rhy" stood for.
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