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  1. I would route is clean. Fill it with a nice piece of mahogany. And cover it with a pick guard. Would make one hell of a players guitar.
  2. I just discovered these guys. Tried to get into them some years ago, did not stick. But this album I like:
  3. The amp and pedal market are not the same though. I think it is much due to the fact that som many are home players. They play at bedroom levels, or have a home studio set up. A Kemper style amp is more convenient. Not many have the oportunity to play at loud volume. (though everyone SHOULD).
  4. Yes, saw that this morning. (I have the bass. Will never sell it. Who does he think he is?)
  5. Love it. Congrats. I would love to lay my hands on a R0.
  6. These are spectacular guitars. I have Wolfetones in mine and it i I have a silver sparkle 1999 Vanguard with serial no: 950026. It is a tone beast. Love it. Just had the frets dressed. Good luck with the sale.
  7. Looks like it might even have had a neck brake at one time. From pic number three. It looks funky?
  8. That looks very weird. The Sustian block bridge is made the way it is to have the correct height for the neck angle. The bridge in your pic looks more like the bridge on the '78 shimmed bridge version. But without the shim. I am not at home, so I can not look at my '78 to compare. I notice that the saddles on your bridge aren't even screwed that high, to compensate for the fact that the bridge is lower. That is weird. Do you have a different neck angle on that Sunburst compared to your other Sunbursts? Does that bridge give you enough string height to set up the guitar correctly? It looks pretty tight for the strings to move over the pickup and pickup frame? You could always make a rosewood shim, like for the '78 Hamer bridges, for that one. If you want to increase the string height. Never seen a bridge like that without a shim on a Sunburst before.
  9. Never heard of the guy. "Legend"....? 😕...Then again, I only ever known the name of one Dire Straits member.
  10. That is a very cool guitar! Congrats!
  11. We can be friends. 😁 Slide it in was the groups last good album. The original mix. Not the re-mixed US version on Geffen, but the original UK mix. "The US mix lowers the keyboards and drums in the mix, and is more oriented around the guitars and bass. The US version features some different guitar solos to the European edition, with the addition of John Sykes as a third guitarist layered on top of the original guitar parts recorded by Mel Galley and Micky Moody. The bass guitar parts which were originally recorded by Colin Hodgkinson were replaced by returning member Neil Murray's bass guitar parts. The US version also included some new keyboard parts by Bill Cuomo. There are also other, more subtle differences in the mix. For instance, on the track "Gambler" on the UK version, Coverdale's voice echoes after every line he sings – this does not happen in the US mix. On the track "Slow an' Easy", the US version has more echo." Sykes was a better match for Whitsnake's new more 80's sound than he was for Thin Lizzy though. Personally I always felt that he overplays and just staples notes on top of each other really fast without any good melody or thoughts behind it. Sykes was never no Bernie Marsden or Micky Moody. Speed over melody and class, so to speak.
  12. Mickey Moody and Bernie Marsden was a guitar duo almost as great as Robertson / Gorham or Moore / Gorham. One of the most classical hard rock double guitar duos of all time. Their Les Paul's tones are, to me, THE classical Les Paul tones. And what a great LP tone is all about. They were the guitar players in the REAL Whitesnake. Not the late 80's false abomination of Whitsnake (hair metal Whitesnake) that most Americans think was the real Whitesnake. RIP Bernie Marsden, legend!
  13. That headstock! Jees, they will have to give them away.
  14. For switching between a humbucker and a P90 guitar I don't use a boost pedal for the P90. However, as I play Marshall's, the singlecoils sound way more trebly and harsh if I have the amp set to sound great with humbuckers. So I usually have like a drive pedal that I turn the treble down way low when switching to P90's. The Newport with the Phat Cats is even brighter. I really dig the Way Huge Green Rhino as it has a very tweakable Eq that works well for this. If I ever play my tele then I have to adjust the Marshall's eq for just that guitar. So harder to switch between gutiars then.
  15. LEGEND! I have The Guitar Sounds of James Burton on CD somewhere. Need to dig it up now to start the Friday mood.
  16. Some guitars live a rough life. I think that one might be a great one.
  17. I love this cover edit: would have been even better if she would not have worn panties. 😆
  18. If not, then it will be a Showdown at big sky now.
  19. Not really. I would have to fly over and pick it up then. Import tax from the UK is killing every good deal since you left the EU. 😕
  20. I would really like to have a built in Robotic voice who helped me remember this stuff. Like, you turn the amp on - voice: "The amp is now in stand by mode. Stay back. Dont. Do. Anything. Wait. Counting down! 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, ZERO. You can now turn off the stand by button and start to play." And then - a reversed message for turning off the amp. The voice needs to be robotic though. Preferably with a beep, beep, beep, sound in the background, like in the James Bond movies, before the whole island blows up. That would be cool.
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