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  1. Apparently the gig was a success. Wish I'd been there. Some cool shots from the evening: Dregen & Steve Conte Sammy Original Hanoi Rocks drummer Gyp Casino Andy Mccoy Nasty & Andy
  2. Congrats. Those old Deans can be great. I was working extra in a small music store in 1986 and it was the only shop in Sweden who sold Deans at the time. I played this blue triple bound,three pickup Cadillac on a daily basis. Just loved that guitar. It cost way out of my league. But If it would show up used now I would buy it on an instant. I just loved it.
  3. Slowly getting my home recording corner set up, so that I can do some writing and track guitars for demos etc. Also, great for practicing laying down guitar parts before going in to do the real deal. Not fancy by any means. Neither the gear or the set up. But I will get some better stands for the speakers, buy some better cables and learn how to use Cubase 12 Pro properly. I also plan to do a little video editing here. When I had the house I could use every room as a studio/recording room if I wanted. But in my appartment I have to keep it simple and as small as possible.
  4. Tulip mania (Dutch: tulpenmanie) was a period during the Dutch Golden Age when contract prices for some bulbs of the recently introduced and fashionable tulip reached extraordinarily high levels. The major acceleration started in 1634 and then dramatically collapsed in February 1637.[2] It is generally considered to have been the first recorded speculative bubble or asset bubble in history.[3] In many ways, the tulip mania was more of a then-unknown socio-economic phenomenon than a significant economic crisis. It had no critical influence on the prosperity of the Dutch Republic, which was one of the world's leading economic and financial powers in the 17th century, with the highest per capita income in the world from about 1600 to about 1720.[4][5][6] The term "tulip mania" is now often used metaphorically to refer to any large economic bubble when asset prices deviate from intrinsic values.[7][8]
  5. https://www.gibson.com/en-US/kirk-hammett-greeny Haha. 50K (according to a post on the LP forum), fools. 😁 Buy an original 79 Sunburst, get the same tones.
  6. I wish I had paid more attention to that they were coming here to play in August. As it was in Gothenburg. I was late and could not get it in to my schedule to go down. I have seen them at least three or four times I think. But it was over 15 years ago since I last saw them. First time was in the mid 1990's, right after they had that track in the David Lynch movie Lost Highway. The Hultsfred festival here in Sweden paid them 5000 dollars for the gig, one of they guys at the festival told me. I wonder what it will cost to book them these days....
  7. I'm just glad the cat didn't do the drilling. 😄
  8. They did four shows here in Sweden in August. Apparently they burn about a 1000 litres of fuel in one night. Lots of fire. 😁
  9. Did he drill a large screw right through the pedal into the board?
  10. For sure they are not. Not even close. It's the iron, among other things. 2203's and 2204's will be the closest thing, and just as great. Even the JCM800's. The reissues that Marshall make are very close though. Well worth buying. You can't get a new 2204 though, so if you find a used one - grab it!
  11. Damn, that was fun! Corey still got pipes!! Vai's tone is very raspy. Don't enjoy it at all, still he does cool chops here. Vernon's tone is stellar!
  12. Duesenberg trem? https://www.thomann.de/gb/duesenberg_les_trem_ii_nickel_tm85n.htm?shp=eyJjb3VudHJ5IjoiZ2IiLCJjdXJyZW5jeSI6NCwibGFuZ3VhZ2UiOjJ9&reload=1&glp=1&gclid=Cj0KCQjwmouZBhDSARIsALYcouqXfn3iWjXlWKKnRq3mWVLn2McrlSgjGGHoNEWtTv7d4lwXEgJCanAaAm6jEALw_wcB
  13. That's some Zodiak Mindwarp right there! Congrats!
  14. It has Schaller tuners and I can not see any plugged holes for previous Grovers. That would indicate very late 79 or after 1980. But that bridge looks very suspicious. I wonder what the neck angle is on this one, has it been re set? Wrong pickup screws too. It looks great though and that brake looks solid.
  15. I believe it needs a Bigsy. That tail piece looks really weird.
  16. Personally I think it looks bad ass. And I like the gothic typeface of the Danzig logo. It looks evil. I'd love to have it. It must be the same fiddle that has been discussed here before:
  17. The Mammoth record lacks groove and swing though. It's really hard to digest. I've tried a couple of times but I just can't get in to it.
  18. I don't know if there are any Hanoi Rocks fans here. But I thought this was cool to share. Original line up will do a gig at Michaels 60th bash in Helsinki.
  19. That T-rex echo sounds great in clips I've heard. I missed a huge sale on those little over a year ago. Less than half price. Bummer. The Belle's preamp works absolutely great with taming the high treble with my Newport w. Phat Cats. It sounds cool with all guitar. But when I need it I just turn down the delay vol knob to zero. I have not yet tried it out with my full rig at our rehersal place. So still curious how it will sound at full blast.
  20. Yeah, then I remembered correctly. You were so enthusiatic about it. I actually had your review in mind when I bought a used one last week. I like it so far. The inside gain control knob is hard to dial in. I think the Belle Epoch sounds best with the gain set pretty much at plus minus zero. No gain added, but not lower than the input signal. At zero the pedal loses all it's balls. And with the gain higher it gets slightly muddy and loses to much highs and bite. I have it in True Bypass mode, if I want to use it as a boost only then I just turn down the delay level knob to zero.
  21. I thought you used the Catalinbread Belle Epoch? Have you sold it? (Or do I remember it wrong)
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