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  1. Didn't buy much in 2019 due to a lot going personally - moved twice, sold two houses, bought one house, started a new job. BUT...this was a huge win. Love love love my Hamers, but this McCarty 594 is just perfect in every way.
  2. Thank you for the kind words. The catalog cover guitar was the inspiration for this one. It had bound f-holes, a Bigsby and maple headstock overlay which were features I didn't care for. Other than those, it's the same guitar. If I recall correctly @phoenix, who spec'd out some sick-ass custom Hamers, had something to do with the Brown Sugar color. Maybe worked with Jol or Bob WIlcutt?? Anybody remember the details? BTW, I have that catalog somewhere. I just moved and can't remember where I put it. If I can find it, I'll post a pic. Does anyone know who wound up with that catalog Newport Pro?
  3. My only Hamer custom order: The workmanship is amazing: True color (Brown Sugar):
  4. I'll see Tommy E in a couple weeks for the first time. Really looking forward to it.
  5. Too cool. Man, that headstock!! Never seen aging like that.
  6. I'm 90 minutes from the family so I shouldn't have much trouble. High temp tomorrow is in the mid-60s and sunny. Gotta love the south.
  7. I vaguely remember that as well and that Hamer "floated" the stain between the clear coats - something like that. Maybe @serial can pipe in.
  8. I guess? Their finishes do look different from other manufacturers. PRS seems to show both the wood and color in a special way. Those photos are not altered at all - the guitar actually looks like that in person.
  9. Thanks - I remember you responded to my DGT thread when I was looking earlier. I did find the PRS on Reverb. Funny thing is I had been in negotiations with another one - also in Faded Whale Blue - when this one showed up on Reverb. I loved the top on this one, but I wasn't going to walk away from the deal I had started so I went through with it and thought I had bought it. The next day I get a call and the salesman sheepishly starts apologizing and saying "this almost never happens, but someone came in and bought that off the sales floor right before you sent funds." Hey NO problem. I couldn't send an offer quick enough for this one and everybody's happy in the end.
  10. Faded Whale Blue. Like Hamers, the photos don't do it justice. Of the core colors (not Private Stock), it's my favorite.
  11. PRS killed it with this one. I had come to the conclusion that I was never going to have a long term relationship with PRS'es. They were always GREAT in some way but left me flat overall. Earlier this year I inquired about the DGT, bought one and have grown to love it. For some reason the McCarty 594 was never on my radar but once I found out about them and started investigating I knew I had to try one. I reasoned with myself that I would try one and either keep it or the DGT. I think I'm keeping them both. Is it overly "blingy"? Probably. I couldn't care less because it plays and sounds so freaking GOOD! The pattern vintage neck is by far the best neck they've ever done and they finally put two volumes and two tones on a McCarty, which as I understand has always been their attempt at a LP. Supposedly the 594 has a slightly thicker body than the stock McCarty. Can't comment other than the body depth is still less than my '57 Historic. The 58/15 LT pickups are fantastic and this one came with the "TCI" version which will be standard on 2020 models even though it has a finish date of Nov 2019. If you get a chance to try one of these, you will be impressed.
  12. Love everything about Jack Pearson. I am trying to catch him local to me but haven't been able to yet. He seems to play Songbirds a fair amount. I haven't seen any shows there, but they sure do bring in the talent.
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