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  1. Thanks Kiz, I think I got it. For some reason they wouldn't upload off my new MacBook. No problem off the 10 y.o. iMac. Go figure.
  2. Yeah, I'm not sure what's going on. Stay tuned
  3. I'm going to try this on the HFC for a few days. If there's no interest, I'll move it to Reverb at a higher price. This was my first introduction to Hamer. I purchased it from the original owner who ordered it with a bound body. Currently has Dimarzio 36th Anniversary pickups installed. Neck is the Modern profile. I don't think they were calling it that back then, but I have a 2007 Newport Pro with the Modern profile and they are identical. Pretty typical wear for a guitar its age. Fair amount of "pizza day" on the back of the body. OHSC with its share of bumps. I have to net $SOL
  4. That's fantastic. Thanks for sharing.
  5. For sale is my Friedman PT-20 Pink Taco 20 W head. Has the gain structure switch – basically three different levels of gain. It’s a beast. I loved this so much I just upgraded to a BE-50 Deluxe. Bought from the original owner who ordered this and the Mini Dirty Shirley. He kept the DS so this has very few hours on it. Looks new – any weirdness in the photos is light artifact. I have to net $850 in the sale. Priced low because the power switch is a little wonky. You have to wiggle it a little to power it up. I will include a new switch (shown) from Freidman, but I just don’t have t
  6. Lovely. I have never played a Suhr.
  7. I just got a Freidman BE-50 Deluxe (AWESOME!!) and I don't see using these pedals again. If my prices are off, let me know. Both are in as new condition. I think I have the original boxes but I wouldn't swear to it as I may have lost them when I moved last year. 1. Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret. There are some really good YouTube videos that show what the pedal will do. $OLD shipped and PayPal'd to USA address. 2. Wampler Plextortion. $old Shipped/PayPal's to USA address.
  8. SOLD I can't ship so this will be local sale only. I could drive a reasonable amount to meet. I'm near Augusta, GA Amp is not a channel switcher but has two distinct channels, one with a 12AX7 preamp and the other with an Ef86 preamp. Kind of Fender / Vox but has it's own thing going. Each channel has a bass/treble and master volume available (can be switched in/out) and reverb. The EF86 channel also has five tone presets. Priced to sell at $1000.00
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