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  1. I remember Tonejunkee having one way back. Haven't seen him around in many years, but I always loved that look. Congrats Punk - that is badass!!
  2. So you guys were right on the money. Nice neck, incredible pickups - especially the split tones. I think I have used it more in single coil mode than in full humbucker mode. And @Jeff R's comment that it sounds good at every click..absolutely correct. Most of my guitars have 3-4 sweet spots. This DGT has countless. I am truly impressed. My '57 Historic with Seths does a better "woman" tone but the DGT excels at pretty much everything else. I know David and Paul tweaked the design for meany years before putting it into production and I have to say they nailed it. It's weird how it still sounds clean even with a heavy distortion pedal like my Suhr Riot. I guess note definition is what I'm trying to describe. @gtrdaddy is correct that it sounds good with anything. Over the weekend I put it through my Mesa Mark-III, BadCat Black Cat 15R and old Fender Super Reverb. Stellar all around. My favorite pairing so far is DGT > OCD set where it is just breaking up > Bad Cat. As far as fit and finish, no surprises at all. Typical PRS build, beautiful Honey 10-top which is more yellow than it appears, dark RW board and rosewood overlaid headstock with inlaid PRS signature. I wouldn't have paid extra for the headstock overlay, but after seeing it, I really like it. I am also digging the birds. They've always been a meh feature on PRS, but I like the current style with the pearled outline and abalone interior. These are very colorful and add a nice touch. The case seems much heavier than other PRS cases I've had. Is that my imagination or have they beefed up their cases a little?
  3. Has any guitarist alive NOT used something from Dunlop? Quite a legacy.
  4. I've read over and over that the DGT pickups make the guitar. I found a couple I was interested in that had non-stock pickups, so I passed.
  5. Y'all convinced me (not that I needed much help). Closed the deal on this one, should get it Tuesday: https://reverb.com/item/18025444-used-prs-david-grissom-10-top-electric-guitar-w-hard-case
  6. Nothing humble about that - David Grissom played it's twin for many years. Since I have an LP Goldtop I will probably go with a sunburst, maybe a 10-top but that's never been a selling point for me.
  7. I get it. I lusted after a McCarty for years. Finally found one and flipped it the very next day. Guitar did nothing for me, but I relisted it with better photos and made $200 off of it. Best, quickest flip ever.
  8. Thanks for the replies so far, you enablers... Lots of good info and guitar pr0n to boot. I appreciate it.
  9. That's quite an endorsement. I know you can't tell much from videos, but I have a feeling that a DGT would mate up very well with my Bad Cat Black Cat 15. (Side note Arnie: Your Artist Ultimate is my favorite of that series, just perfect)
  10. I've been looking at these for awhile and would like some feedback on those who own or have owned them. I've had three different PRS - one McCarty and two CU-22 trems. One of the CU-22s was fabulous and I still wonder why I sold it. I want to try something different and the features on the DGT really has my interest piqued.
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