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  1. I've not tried Gravity and did not know it had splintered off from V-Picks. I am a big fan fan of V-Picks' Small Pointed Lites having found them to be superior to the venerable Dunlop Jazz III's. So much so that I have roughly 40- 50 of them, in various colors, scattered throughout the 2 dwellings. I keep buying them for some insane reason, stockpiling them like toilet paper during a pandemic surge.
  2. What's a pedal? Ooh, you mean that thingee on the floor I use to control my Axe FX3? 😜 Seriously, other than my Dunlop Wah, I don't really use pedals.
  3. Jeepers, this has been limping along, seemingly forever. Barely remember the last thing I bought at a GC. Maybe it was that used O’Connor snakeskin Cali I snagged from online? I think the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 interface from a few years ago was the last thing I purchased from/in an actual store. I flipped the Cali and bought another identical interface from another online retailer. Point being, if they do finally slip into oblivion, will anyone other than employees and shareholders even notice?
  4. Not sure it really matters. My only stipulation (initially) was that it had to be done on a Hamer. But since I have no way of verifying that... it's anything goes, I guess. I'm still calling this my Homage to Hamer project.
  5. There's no "if." I'm in and done. It sounds like Jakeboy and Dasein are in.
  6. Tob, I gave your track a good bit of attention because it was tapping (heh heh) the EVH vein. Nice job!!! What's the breakdown on gear in that one?
  7. You got it! No worries on time- not mentioning any names but the other participants have yet to deliver anything yet 😆
  8. If anyone is interested in joining in, feel free. Covers or original, let's do another version 2020-21 edition! I've got one completed and another in the works (I'll choose just one).
  9. Well, hot damn! Floyd Rose now has a FRT100 series trem- you get the whammy bar and springs- nothing else.
  10. 3 used (good condition, chrome might have a borderline stripped screw hole) Hamer stamped Schaller locking tremolos- 1 each gold, black and chrome. Gold come with posts and R2 locking nut. Chrome is bridge only. I have a ton of old trem springs, I'll throw 3 or 5 in if wanted. Gold- $150.00 shipped CONUS Black- $150.00 shipped CONUS SOLD Chrome- $100.00 shipped CONUS
  11. Nope- your run-of-the-mill Strat-style single coil with extra shielding. No 60 cycle hum!
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