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  1. Nah, honestly, the double neck is even a bit useless beyond the 12 string portion. Trying to play the 6 string with what little skill sets I have are hampered even further because of how low and awkward the access to the strings are. It's fine if I wanna play some chords but shredding is a disaster.
  2. LOL - Yeah that pretty much sums up my (previous) situation. Though, I sent my rants directly to the source. Fat lotta good it did. I ordered in late Nov. (29th?) and just like you I got the same messages. I did reach out to Positive Grid and the word I got back (after having it listed as shipped for weeks) was they sent large batches of Sparks out to Fed Ex where they were essentially warehoused until they could be processed and then actually shipped. They were entered into the system first thing and a tracking number was generated and sent out but then they sat for weeks until they were shipped. Positive Grid cited the pandemic for the slow down for getting them to Fed Ex and Fed Ex similarly cited it for the delay in shipping. Whataya gonna do? Here's one of 2 replies I got: Hi Jim, We apologize for the extended delay. You may have recently received a notification that your Spark was picked up by FedEx to be delivered to you. FedEx has informed us that due to COVID-19 logistical issues, they are behind in processing shipments and delivering them to customers. In some cases you may have received a tracking number for your shipment, but FedEx may not have updated the status of your order in their system. We know this is extremely frustrating, as you have been waiting a long time and now there’s further uncertainty regarding your delivery date. Please rest assured that your Spark will be delivered to you as soon as possible. We thank you so much for hanging in there, and we sincerely appreciate your patience. Kind Regards, Felix Positive Grid Support
  3. I wish! Was busy as one legged man in an ass kicking contest- didn't even have time to dig into the Spark amp...
  4. Banner friggin' day for me. Fed Ex and USPS delivered a plethora of goodies-
  5. Why? Unless you're trying to move some of your stock, the less folks out there gunnin' for the remaining Hamers, the more for you and the rest of us existing and faithful Hamer fans.
  6. I'm inclined to agree. Love the subtle quilted figuring showing through. I am thrilled Stike was able to bring to life the concept I had in mind.
  7. Gotta admit, though the artistry involved in making it was impressive, was NOT a fan of the subject matter, even if it was a black rose.
  8. Seeing the post about that red sparkle double neck planted a seed which germinated, grew and blossomed in very short order today, resulting in a New Hamer Double Neck Day declaration. The plan was simple: sell my MOAC Hamer Fath Double Neck and use some of the proceeds to acquire the red one. The rationale was sound: The red sparkle 2 x N Cali had more going for it as far as my preferences go. 27 frets (vs the 24 of the Fath) and no scalloping. In addition to that, it was 1.4 lbs. lighter 🤣 and not the collector's piece; I'd be less apprehensive about playing it out, if that were to even happen again. And the Fath brought in more than my asking price; the value differences left me with a little extra green in my jeans after all was said and done. Win- win. Within 24 hours of posting the Fath, I had a fantastic, no-nonsense buyer who didn't haggle or question and even threw me an additional 100 bucks to ensure it was shipped extra soundly! The minute his funds hit my account, I quickly threw in an offer on the Red Sparkle. (methinks I'm gonna need to come up with a better moniker for this beaut. Something subtle and down to earth... like Cosmic Wino. 🤣) Admittedly, there were some tense moments waiting for their acceptance to the offer but it obviously happened. Details once Cosmic Wino arrives and gets a proper set up and test drive.
  9. Heavier than cmatthes' 2 x neck aside, the Red Sparkle Cali is mine. Details to follow.
  10. Stike done his thang. Total revamp of Burrito 1!
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