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  1. You even answer that shit? 😲 I turned the "ringer" off on my iPhone when my wife got me an Apple watch (it, along with my MacBook alerts me anyway πŸ™„) If it's not a number from my contacts or I'm not expecting one, it doesn't get answered. Occasionally, I'll get the telemarketer or robocall in my voice mail but overall, the number of telemarketing calls I answer has dropped to almost nothing.
  2. While the song is enough to elicit a WOAH - the video is laughable. Hard to take a band who're supposedly rocking out when they alternate between that choreographed stuff (stolen from Motown no doubt) and the goofy, crazy interpretive dance/performance art Alan was doing.
  3. I've been blaming old age or it's onset for my shitty guitar playing since I was in my 40's.
  4. Huh, could be. I didn't see anything that looked artificially augmented... other than her hair color. I will say that whoever did perform/record this was coaxing some amazing notes out, given the clean signal that's used. I'd need a shit ton of gain to pull that off...
  5. Was impressed with Ms Vargasova's prowess... almost as much as I was with her flamed tresses. Not my usual playing style to take interest in but done well is done well. Curious choice in instrument for this kind of number, though. πŸ€”
  6. Yeah, I don't think his departure spells the end of Steel Panther. It will be interesting to see who they get to replace Lexxi and what persona they'll have him/her sport.
  7. Some self-created presets. I'd have to look them up to tell you what was used. The cab IR is one I got from a ML Van Halen pack I bought online- from Eddie's F.U.C.K. period, I believe. The amp is a Herbie CH3 with my settings. I had 4 different scenes within that Preset.
  8. Just my trusty Swirly Cali , thru several presets in my Fractal Axe FX3 and a Crybaby 535 Q.
  9. I agree with the drums as well. We had to move things around (like the drums EQ) in order to get the vocals to be more prominent but it seems we may have over done it.
  10. πŸ˜† Nope. Just my trusty Swirly Cali with reversed head stock and a beautiful toggle switch, thru several presets in my Fractal Axe FX3 and a Crybaby 535 Q. Blade switches are hellspawn devices and with a few exceptions, un-welcome in my lair. Matter of fact, I'm selling off 3 of the verdammt Cali's with blades in 'em.
  11. F- ups and knots in the belly stayed with me (and still do) during my 10 years playing with Splitstream. Really wish I could figure out a way to get past that shit.
  12. Glad to hear I’m not the only one who feels that way about the vocals. I thought they were a little too far in front. In addition to volume, we had them EQed to push them forward.
  13. The latest effort from my sorta prog-ish band My Critical Mess, featuring vocals from my former cover band vocalist, Mike Ousey.
  14. Yup. Game changer. Guitar enlightenment attained.
  15. This looks promising. Where the hell was this at the start of 2020 when I really needed it?
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