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  1. Tru dat but I'd likely go a bit more happily to my grave at 75 if I had shagged Ms Porizkova in her prime. Better still, go out at 75 right after banging a Paulina-level super model. Hmm....🤔
  2. Oops. So he did. Someone posted that on their FB page along with Ric's demise and I mistakenly thought Johnny died recently. Shame on me for not double checking it. Thought it was a little odd that there wasn't more media buzz about it.
  3. Did I also read that John "Johnny Ramone" Cummings of the, well, the Ramones ... also kicked the bucket? I'm lumping Sunday in as part of that week.
  4. Great idea; if nothing else, just to annoy jazz snobs but not gonna happen. It's: Shred 'til I'm dead. (or my ham-handed approximation there of)
  5. Can't play the guitar once yer dead, son. I'll hold on to a few Hamers Cali's, my HEL Spitfire and possibly the FWAM until I can't play them half decently (I'm pretty much there anyway) and then they get sold. Who knows, the way things are goin', maybe by then, they will have been salvaged for electronic parts and firewood well before.
  6. Yup. Korean made with a US-sourced maple cap and hardware. Kinda amusing- American maple shipped to Korea for assembly then shipped back over to the US for sale.
  7. Nah. It's not a prospective stage ax. Likely, just a soon-to-be-flipped item.
  8. Couldn't agree more. And it's got some very respectable hardware and snazzy appointments- natural, maple cap over mahogany wings, 5 piece neck thru, a real deal OFR, Grover mini's, in this case, the Rockfields were replaced with Seymour Duncans. Not sure what models but it could be an improvement. Sheeooot- it comes stock with 24 jumbo frets, reversed heads stock and a f-ing toggle switch, no less!!! That LTD Lynch Kami I'm putzing around on at work could soon be replaced with this.
  9. What is it (other than stupidity or trying to fill some supposed emotional void with things) that compels me to buy guitars that I know will very likely be subpar to my Hamers and HELs? To wit: '18 Ibanez RG 550. 2010 ESP LTD GL200K Kamikaze and now a 2013 BC Rich Zolton Bathory ASM. 🙄
  10. This. Firstly, wouldn't be paying 4 grand for a relic-ed Strat. Period. And damn sure ain't buying this or anything else at Walmart.
  11. I wish I were so lucky. On all aspects...
  12. Just curious- anyone else have a specific time that just seems to be better suited for optimal, creative guitar playing? Mine appears to be morning. After a shot of 5 Hour Energy Extra Strength (and the occasional resultant BM 😂) I typically have more consistent and satisfying jam sessions than at other times of the day. New ideas tend to pour forth, my phrasing and note choices tend to be a bit more adventurous and my technique seems to be just tiny bit more "on". This lends some credence to my theory of optimal periods during the day when we are more adept at guitar playing. Sure, a belt of strong caffeine after a good night's rest, the brain being largely unencumbered with the trivialities and travesties of the day help but I subscribe to us all having our own best times... other than when we are lucky enough to shoe horn it in.
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