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  1. diablo175


    They're heeeee-rreeee.
  2. diablo175

    New Gibson CEO

    Obviously, that's the Relic-ed Jeans model. Factor in an up charge for that.
  3. diablo175


    The story behind that particular one is kinda interesting and ultimately, led to Josh creating another iteration to add to his list. In short, DiMarzio uses some proprietary parts. The ceramic mag is 1/32" shorter than the standard size which makes Josh's .250 real double thickness A5 mag slightly too tall. He also mentioned "noise" on his initial go-round with it and determined it was due to the hex head pole pieces not making contact with the frame/baseplate. So, he put the original ceramic mag and steel spacer back in along with his windings and gave it test run. According to Josh: "And it rips! It's not as compressed sounding as the typical Super D and has a nice openness to it. Pick squeals are sweet, even with the hex heads adjusted flush to the bobbin tops which makes it a winner as far as I'm concerned. If you want more treble and presence, bringing up the hex screws on the bridge-side bobbin will do the trick. A rock and roll winner, for sure."
  4. diablo175

    Guitar skills implants

    Tough one but I'd have to say a lil' Nuno Bettencourt mixed with some John Petrucci and some Vai.
  5. diablo175


    Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Incoming new Gravelin p'ups! The slow but insistent move to change out most of the pickups in my harem continues! The latest batch of Gravelin goodies includes a rewound/repurposed red Dimarzio D-Activator, now more closely resembling his amazing Mongoose, a straight up new Mongoose and a special double slug prototype we knocked around discussing p'ups one afternoon. Josh, on top of being a highly competent musician and an amazing boo-teek pick up builder, is a first rate human being. Truly, it can be said his attention to detail and willingness to work with no-talent hacks like me along with his uncanny ability to take the highly subjective, garbled, word salad description of what I want from a p'up and make it happen are what set him apart. Tone reports when these get installed!
  6. Damn that's sexy! If the price wasn't so , uhh ... pricey, I'd hit that. Even a Floyd whore like myself needs at least one stop tail in their arsenal. And they don't come much more badass than that!!! ETA- even with make an offer option, that's still gonna be outta my ballpark.
  7. diablo175

    Hamer vs Gibson QC

    No shit- Red Molly was yours for a bit? That ax was partly the inspiration for my having a HEL Interceptor/Standard built- With Hamer long dead, Shane seemed like the guy to do it. In fact, I wish I had gone with my initial impulse to put a Sustainiac in the Willy G as well! Loved Red Molly! Sorry to hear it was a dog.
  8. diablo175

    News From The Bench

    Because you didn't find that out- I don't build. I am the visionary (some might argue that choice of term 😆 ) and I rely on those far more adept at bringing concepts to life.
  9. diablo175

    Hamer vs Gibson QC

    To add my .02- the Custom Shop LP Axcess (one of 3) my wife bought me for an obscene amount of scratch, was pretty much a dog initially. Un-fetchingly colored plastic parts, poorly installed and functioning Ping Trem and locking nut, (admittedly subjective) crappy pickups, crappy Chinese electronic components (toggle switch shit the bed early on and pots followed suite soon after) sawdust in the cavities/chambers, perhaps contributing to the switch crapping out? Luckily, the basic structural integrity was good and the fret work was solid. I eventually sank another $800 in to new components and bench time- OFR, Grover tuners, pickup, and wiring harness w/pots courtesy of Murkat, and black hardware.
  10. This has likely been discussed (possibly ad nauseum) but I was never fully read up on it. I was participating in a debate of sorts, today re: some of the infamous Gibson QC issues and that of Hamer. I'm aware of Hamer-itis but were there any other issues that plagued Hamers? It was opined that the trems on the Prototypes were somehow sub standard and that some of the finishes were shoddy. In being asked to substantiate the accusations against Gibson, I found that I could only relate my issues but I've read of many others. Can anyone fill in the blanks?
  11. diablo175

    Jason Becker project

    Good point. I would imagine shredders of this caliber would have to rotate in and out of an ongoing tour like that. Despite being less than relevant in current mainstream music, they're still widely sought after and likely have their own tours and other musical projects that would necessitate rotating of featured hot shot ax-slingers. Can you imagine a stage full of all those guitarists? If you could work out the logistics of successfully mixing them live, it'd be a spectacle never to be forgotten.
  12. Well yer outta luck then. Mine are off white...
  13. I might have a Ibanez V2... lemme check.