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    Hamer Custom Michale Fath Double Neck Cali, '12 USA Cali Custom, '89 Cali Elite LE (modded) x 4, '91 USA Cali custom single HB (modded), 4 Hamer USA Cali Mutts, HEL Custom Spitfire, HEL Custom Interceptor/Standard, USA Diablo (modded) , Jackson CS Star, Charvel CS Star, Gibson CS Axcess Les Paul, '76 Fender Strat (modded)
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    Fractal Axe FX3, HeadRush FRFR 112 cabinet, Fractal FC 12, Marshall JVM 205H, Marshall 1960B Cab
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    Boss ME 50, Cry Baby Wah,

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  1. Wins: 2019 HEL Spitfire, Fractal Axe FX3, 1989 O' Connor 'marble' Cali w/ maple board, 1989 Cali Elite LE Fails: RG550 Genesis, LTD GL 200K Kamikaze, 2013 BC Rich Bathory Sig ASM
  2. You'd better specify standard 24.7" scale, too 'cause mine is 25.5" scale.
  3. I would imagine after Shane gets this completed, he'll have templates and the finer points of it stored in that steel trap of a mind of his. Producing additional Specters should be no problem.
  4. Jeez, for a split second, that looked like an eye-roll emoji...
  5. It arrived today! Holy sh*t, this thing is sweet! Gotta be one of the nicest necks on a Hamer I've ever molested.
  6. On point. I don't find the subject matter bothersome, just the manner in which it was rendered. Yeah, I get that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But in the realm of well-handled airbrushing and choice of styles that could have been opted for, well... I'm glad LucSulla is digging it.
  7. That would have been brutal... back when it was remotely relevant. What was it, 4 years ago? 5? Glad it's still getting good mileage. These zombie topics are resilient buggers.
  8. A consonant off but we still have a winner! Love the adhesive fret markers. and the chees-olah tuners. $2500. Sure. Uh huh.
  9. Yup. Actually, the initial release had an exact 25" scale. The later US made versions in 90 had a 25.15" scale. The HM series were unique in that sense.
  10. Not sure if "invented" is the word you intended? The original HM Strats were also 25.1" scale as well. Perhaps "re-tooled" or "opted" would be more along the lines of what they did?
  11. Not gonna lie, I had to Google Zubaz pants. Now I wanna pair. πŸ˜† I'm thinking FMIC is just trying to cash in on a burgeoning 80's resurgence. All these Boomers and Gen X-ers (like me) are buying up old 80's shredders and hair metal axes. We know prices for older Hamers have climbed, including for what used to be the loneliest axes in guitar expos; the 80's-esque shredders. Now same axes are commanding higher $ and Fender is moving towards getting a piece of that action.
  12. Not weird, just have awful taste in art? πŸ˜† +1
  13. An early NAMM leak shows Fender to be issuing something moderately interesting. Loved my NOS 1991 version of the HM Strat (with the OFR vs Kahler Spyder). This looks interesting with the maple board. But... They pretty much kill any inclination for me to seriously consider one due to the as yet un-named "high gain pickups" and the Floyd Special. Both could be easily upgraded but $1250 USD for a presumably Mexi-built re-issue of the vastly superior MIJ & US versions from 88-91doesn't seem too appealing even with the return to the highly stylized β€˜80s-era β€œSTRAT” logo. Certainly not when you can score one of the aforementioned '88- '91 versions for around 900 bucks used. And then there's the 25.1" scale. Been playing 25.5" for a long time and not sure if/how the loss of that .4" would work for me. Cause you know, that shit really matters when you are a 50-something, never-been https://www.gearnews.com/namm-2020-leak-fender-limited-edition-hm-strat-2020/?fbclid=IwAR2ypPcCFDZ0Y3fotX5cNu3mcdTncWtr1oi9To4VkgylEQgV-1ctNTIC2Ws
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