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    Hamer Custom Michale Fath Double Neck Cali, '12 USA Cali Custom, '89 Cali Elite LE (modded) x 4, '91 USA Cali custom single HB (modded), 4 Hamer USA Cali Mutts, HEL Custom Spitfire, HEL Custom Interceptor/Standard, USA Diablo (modded) , Jackson CS Star, Charvel CS Star, Gibson CS Axcess Les Paul, '76 Fender Strat (modded)
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    Fractal Axe FX3, HeadRush FRFR 112 cabinet, Fractal FC 12, Marshall JVM 205H, Marshall 1960B Cab
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    Boss ME 50, Cry Baby Wah,

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    Chester County, PA
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    Guitars (duh), skydiving, riding my Harley, scuba diving, martial arts, weight training, art, margaritas & tasty grub.

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  1. Only tried 'em once when I bought a guitar that had them on it as a selling point. Nope. Started out on Fenders, then D'addarios, then EB Slinkys, then DR HighBeams, then back to using EB's in several iterations of Slinky's. I've settled on the Cobalt Slinkys.
  2. I will always be a proud headbanger to some degree and I still have a pair of camo shorts somewhere but I never had facial hair to that extent- and damned sure never will!!!
  3. JB could command a stage and transfix an entire audience like few others. Absolutely riveting showmanship and energy.
  4. Kinda glad because lately, been craving a Standard and that one fit the bill.
  5. I didn't realize he was a Scientologist- 😳 😬
  6. I dig it! Though the lyrics definitely seem better suited for 1980's.
  7. Called this one the Cosmic Wino.
  8. Yup. But Gunter could use a few lessons in how to fairly and accurately represent his wares.
  9. Wouldn't know- haven't set it up but if it's anything like the Axe FX 3 I already have, I'm gonna LOVE it! All the settings and presets and processing in one unit. Greatly reduces the amount of gear I need to schlep to rehearsal!!
  10. Indeed! But it is a rather nice playing and sounding Cali- MUCH better than I anticipated.
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