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  1. Agreed... to a degree: I played a gig with my band out in Seattle and busted a string on my (at that time) one and only axe- the Floyded '76 Strat- and had to borrow the co-guitarists' back up axe- a hard tail Les Paul. It was never to be repeated. But having 8 of essentially the same guitar ( various p'ups and control options, to be fair) goes far beyond covering the possibility of replacing a guitar mid gig.
  2. I told myself (and the wife) that lie as well. And you're right- no one would notice and no one would care, especially at the lousy joints I played. Initially I was always stoked to pick out the axes for a night's show, thinking folks would appreciate the graphic or color I had selected and the suitability of the specs for the songs they were brought out for.
  3. My guitar playing progress is best symbolized by a hamster wheel.
  4. I've seen guys exhibit that same dynamic with GFs and wives...
  5. 'Cause one of them is great. Lots of them is f-ing amazing.
  6. I have grave expectations for revamping the existing stems. The recording was doomed from the start, given the small studio, the engineer's impatience, our small budget, and trying to isolate and record us. Bleed overs were ridiculous. Then there was the craptastic playing. No, I think it's best to just re-do the whole song using today's tech and our enhanced skillz. My tone and solo back then were utterly horrific. 😬
  7. Some might remember my post inquiring about studios or techs who might have the console to play a dated format? The 1/2" cassette, turns out, did have a place to be accessed...in Australia. 😲 Long story short, I paid a small fortune to have this tape dumped to wav. files and got the tracks back this morning. I've since opened them up on my DAW and... Oof. Cost to return ratio is WAY off but there's plenty of potential in revamping the song. It's really not a bad tune, if I do say so myself. I've since reached out to 2 of the 3 other musicians to see if they wou
  8. Model # appears to be a Slammer Centaura. The trem is a licensed Floyd but I can't help you on who made it. You're better off putting a better quality tremolo system in. Schaller LockMeister, Orig. Floyd Rose or a Gotoh. You'll need to check the post spacing to make sure it's a direct replacement.
  9. Well, I saw part of an Alter Bridge show but Myles Kennedy had a cold or some illness (COVID??? 😆) that night and couldn't sing after the first 3 songs or so, they said it was gonna be a lot of crowd participation stuff and I jetted. Prior to that it was Post Modern Jukebox in Aug. of '19.
  10. Model of guitar and bridge? Photos would help, too.
  11. Didn't I read recently that you also haven't picked up a guitar in 3 years or so?
  12. I think I owned that one. Nice guitar indeed but I moved it along as well.
  13. I'd be quite happy to get the 2 axes I ordered over 1.5 years ago and one ordered over a year ago. 😐
  14. VERY well put and essentially what I was hinting at. My pitiful scientific acumen did not afford me the confidence nor the lexicon to convey it as articulately as gtrdaddy!
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