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  1. Ah, but the psychological and spiritual lift provided by guitars and playing music saves me a shit-ton of money on therapists and lawyers...
  2. Me too As I was recently reminded, it is a Super Strat-shaped Les Paul. Many of the characteristics of a good LP- resonant mahogany body, set neck construction and bound board. But without the hindrances- short scale, 22 frets, 12" board radius, and typically sans Floyd.
  3. I've often regarded it as rather reserved and understated... for MY tastes. 🤣 Seriously though, it's not in a Rick Nielsen-wild category.
  4. Absolutely. It's a crowd pleaser for the most part. But after rehearsing and performing it thousands of times, you'll beg for mercy.
  5. Kiss- Beth and Rock N Roll All Nite I'll admit, partially predicated on having played R N R A N for the last 8 years in a cover band. That'll make shit get old REAL quick.
  6. Damn. Not what I need to hear when I've already got 2 custom builds in the works and need to start thinking about downsizing the collection once I retire early this coming June.
  7. Gotta VERY squeaky (not scratchy i.e. potentiometer) Dunlop Crybaby 535 Q Wah pedal. Any thoughts on how to lubricate it to eliminate squeak? Reasonably sure it's the pivot point in the chassis and not the pot itself. I'm leery of applying lithium grease or 3-in-1 oil as both have netted less than stellar results in the past. It may very well have been HOW I applied it, too.
  8. Shit. Wish this had come out before I bought 4 new to me Hamers, 2 HEL custom builds and a Charvel CS DK24. Would've made explaining them to the wife SO much easier.
  9. A memory photo of my C3 at pre-paint stage popped up on FB this AM and I got to thinking about how bittersweet it is to have one of the last handful of builds that came out of the shop before they were shuttered for good. So, after digging around, I found the rest of the photos that were sent to me as this Cali took shape. For your enjoyment.
  10. The builder (and my long time skydiving, Harley riding, band mate buddy) and I share a penchant for off beat and peculiar humor. We had a tradition of giving our guitars goofy names. In fairness, it had a couple of names before I settled on Burrito, Ooblek and Ghoul among them. I simply went with Burrito because I love Mexican food and it's, well, goofy.
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