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    Hamer Custom Michale Fath Double Neck Cali, '12 USA Cali Custom, '89 Cali Elite LE (modded) x 4, '91 USA Cali custom single HB (modded), 4 Hamer USA Cali Mutts, HEL Custom Spitfire, HEL Custom Interceptor/Standard, USA Diablo (modded) , Jackson CS Star, Charvel CS Star, Gibson CS Axcess Les Paul, '76 Fender Strat (modded)
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    Fractal Axe FX3, HeadRush FRFR 112 cabinet, Fractal FC 12, Marshall JVM 205H, Marshall 1960B Cab
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    Boss ME 50, Cry Baby Wah,

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    Guitars (duh), skydiving, riding my Harley, scuba diving, martial arts, weight training, art, margaritas & tasty grub.

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  1. Just a heads up, the song is sorta progressive- I.e. a little long and involved but hopefully worth the effort to scrounge up a decent set of ear cans or a quality set of earbuds to catch all the little tidbits we wove into this.
  2. This appeared on my Google feed today: https://getpocket.com/explore/item/jimi-hendrix-s-are-you-experienced-10-things-you-didn-t-know?utm_source=pocket-newtab
  3. It's kind of a toss up between Are You Experienced, (which had the same profound impact on me that VH's first did) and Electric Lady Land.
  4. Not particularly an unwavering subscriber to the opinions expressed in GP. And while this album was rather profound in its impact and status in the hierarchy of music in an incredibly creative time, not sure I would hold it up as the end all be all. Discuss. https://www.guitarplayer.com/players/heres-why-jimi-hendrixs-electric-ladyland-cannot-be-overlooked
  5. Bumped for edit. Selling only the FM3. I still have the Scarlett but will sell separately.
  6. Selling my "away rig"- this was bought new this summer, intended to be my rig set up at the beach house. It was used 3 or 4 times during a one week period before being boxed up and tucked away as we sold the beach house. It is pristine and like new with the factory protective plastic film still on the display screens. The crazy versatile, compact & powerful Fractal FM3 amp modeler/ effects unit in original packaging w/ owners manuals. Price is firm. $1000.00 shipped.
  7. I'ma bring this round full circle. My next guitar graphic re-fin might be this... Mmm.
  8. Dean ML EVH Frankenstein red, white black Dimebag Darrel meets Eddie Van Halen- And it should be buried (or incinerated) like both of those guys.
  9. Yup. Having had a few of these over the years , the LE's (Limited Editions) featured everything @cmatthes pointed out and was part of the appeal to me over the Elite models. Here's one I recently sold off, more or less unscathed all original save for new SS frets and Schaller tremolo system.
  10. I wouldn't. But I guess it depends on why you'd consider adding one. So, what's the rationale? Is there reason outside of not wanting pick marks on it?
  11. I'm assuming you'll tell us our cost soon and send out the Paypal addy we can send F&F payment to?
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