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  1. Well, the good news is I'm not broke, I have well over 6 months salary in savings, I'm not desperate to unload it, Reverb has at least conceded to cover the shipping costs in the return (mighty nice gesture but ultimately too little, too late IMHO) I have prospective buyers who are aware of the cracks and still want it (and at a price I'd likely have ended up with from offering the ass clown his discount) and best of all, I'm not in business to do this so, I don't feel ANY compulsion or obligation to cut my losses with him and can sleep better knowing that he will not get that guitar. Yeah, it's petty but there's principle involved here and life's too short. My .02 any way.
  2. Profile says Maryland. My buyer is in Texas.
  3. Nope. You're not dense and I didn't ship him a guitar with cracks. Reverb's policy clearly doesn't factor in the potential for hairline cracks. Many sellers won't deal with shipping because of this very issue. The buyer had to weigh his desire for the guitar against the unforeseen, unfortunate but ultimately insignificant situation. But he made an unfortunate situation worse in how he handled it. Unbeknownst to you, several of his nurmeous messages flat out accused me of not disclosing the cracks. Had he approached this differently, it might have ended a lot different. Instead he decided for a power play/gamble to get the guitar for cheaper. Didn't work out for him. Fuck him. I stand by my assertion that Reverb's policy, though laudable in it's intent to protect buyers from unscrupulous sellers, falls short on practicality. Guitars shipped via air can go through temp differentials of 50 + degrees depending on altitude and weather conditions. Wood expands and contacts. Finishes don't always manage to keep up. They should know that and rewrite their policy to exclude hairline cracks at the neck pocket.
  4. Well said and even better still, essentially what I decided on anyway.
  5. As luck would have it, there are some interested parties on FB and I'm going to have it sent back and sell to the interested parties. Fuck him.
  6. The new, soon-to-be-former, owner wouldn't concede to that let alone be able to conceive of it. And Reverb's rather short-sighted policy supports him. The buyer has totally tipped his hand though, as soon as I initiated a full refund, he reached out and said he'd accept a partial refund. It's exactly as I thought; the little shit was just angling for his initial asking price. Now the question becomes: do I swallow my pride, give him a discount and cut my losses or tell him to go pound sand and try selling it elsewhere? <sigh>
  7. It is as I suspected: Reverb sided with buyer, citing their policy that it can be returned if it arrives damaged or not as described. Nothing left to do but gather up what's left of my pride and refund his $. I will not be selling on Reverb anymore so, it's the forums, the clown show on Craigslist or market place on FB from here on in.
  8. To be fair, while I did respond initially to his first low ball offer, I then ignored/declined his next 3 or 4. He'd send these pleading message along with. I felt as though I was dealing with a former nigh-psychotic girlfriend. Finally, he came back with an amount that was close to what I'd be willing to accept so I countered and after few back and forths, he acquiesced. Reminded me of an ex-GF who tossed my CDs out her car window during a rather crazed, high speed torrent of expletive-laced invectives. One hour later she was begging to come over and make up with me. We all know how that ends up. I'm certain this is not going to end with a session of psychotic, freaky make up sex. 🤣
  9. I haven't heard back from Reverb nor have I heard from the asshole buyer. No news is good news on this end.
  10. I guess I shouldn't be shocked. Have to admit, I fell prey to it. Unfortunately for Stratosphere, I bought my 4 units elsewhere and didn't pay near what they charge. It's also interesting to note that STRATosphere doesn't sell OFRs- only the lic'd version, the Lockmeister and the Special. To that end, I'd be curious to know how this supposed increase in Schaller prices manifests in cost changes for the Orig. Floyd Rose. If it is tariffs, it should impact it, shouldn't it?
  11. I'm afraid I already know the outcome. But will do... Here's hoping Reverb does the right thing. Not that it matters, but I have excellent feedback on Reverb. Perhaps Reverb will take that into account. Buyer hasn't asked for a partial refund or a discount yet. He went right for the full amount. Maybe he's gambling on me being more pliable and accommodating if he indicates a willingness to nix the whole deal from the get-go.
  12. Despite having many hassle-free transactions on Reverb, it was bound to happen- I did business with one of those guys. In hindsight, I am not surprised- there were indications this guy was going to be problem. This guy practically begged me to accept the 6 various low ball offers on the CS Charvel I recently sold. Or thought I sold. His rationales for offering the pittance sums were comical at best and annoying at worst. My response each time was a polite, "no, sorry, I can't do that." Finally, he acquiesced. Then I got a number of borderline stupid questions after it was shipped that sent up red flags: "Is this a USA?" "What's it tuned to?" I suppose I should be grateful he didn't ask about how much it weighed. Then came the message- he wanted a full refund because there were 2 hairline cracks on the neck. I'm shitting bricks at first, thinking that Fed Ex managed to drop kick and caber toss that carefully packed, form fitting hard shell case to cause an issue with the neck. But no, it was the all-too-common hairline finish cracks on the body, near the neck pocket. Cracks that were not there when it was boxed up. But the guitar traveled from NE PA to Texas and well, that stuff happens. So, I'm totally screwed because buyer only sees two cracks and doesn't care that they have zero impact on function and performance. Worst still, despite taking more than a dozen photos and even video from various angles, none show those two exact spots clearly so I have no documentation that the hairline cracks didn't exist before shipping. Reverb's policy doesn't specifically address this particular issue but it does generally favor the buyer by stating I have to accept a return and refund money if item is damaged or not as advertised. Perhaps rightly so. Except this guitar was accurately represented in the ad and buyer knew it had a few minor cosmetic dings and scrapes. Far from pristine and minty. And now the shitbag is crying the blues because of two harmless minuscule cracks. I suppose I should offer a slight, partial refund and see if that would placate him. But my sense of principle, if not stupid pride is standing in the way. The little shit will have gotten it at the ridiculous prices he initially offered. As it is, I'm due to get dinged for return shipping charges. Despite knowing what will likely be the outcome, I've plead my case to Reverb, vainly hoping that they might intercede on my behalf. Certainly, they have to know and can appreciate that hairline cracks can and do result during radical changes in temp and humidity on a 11 year old guitar? Yeah, that's gonna happen. 🙄 Grrrrrrr...
  13. Right? Perhaps a little too detailed... someone gave that a lot of thought. Li
  14. Very little difference. Direct replacement for an OFR. Damn near equal to one as well. Schaller says certain aspects are superior: C45-steel ground plates and all studs, inserts and screws of the LockMeister feature black-zinc and black-chrome finishes. 🙄
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