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  1. I'm in the same camp as those who found his initial breakout with Ozzy to be interesting but his later years turning into a parody. This was never more apparent than the self indulgent, marathon, pentatonic wankfest he did in the Generation Axe tour. Basically, during his segment of the show, he did a ridiculous non-stop, traveling solo over Still Got the Blues (I had to check my video from that segment of the show - it got to be so tedious... I kinda zoned out) where he walked all over , up and down the venue's aisles, security dudes in tow. Like a redneck biker version of James Brown. Eventually, he was joined by Nuno and then Vai (admittedly kinda cool from the fanboy aspect, as they stopped and traded runs literally 6 feet away from me) But there is only so many ways you can play blazing pentatonic blues runs interlaced with squeals and vibrato. I'd have been much happier if he had gotten back into some of his country fried licks. Those were at least unique for their time and placement in a heavy metal format. Instead we got 4 or 5 songs of nonstop squeals, vibrato and 32nd note alternate picking. Oh yeah, and the wah...
  2. Yup. Have been eye-balling a few pretties but I feel guilty AF allowing it to take hold. Boredom is my biggest enemy and I've been having to really grit my teeth & withstand the Siren's call of GAS. Fortunately, I've also been getting pics from Shane and Stike showing progress on various guitar projects and it staves off the impulse to buy another guitar that will likely get flipped in a few weeks anyway.
  3. Ya know, despite having played this particular game too many times to count, both here and on various FB pages, I always somehow find myself okay with doing so one more f*cking time ðŸĪŠ The position of alpha axe in my herd is in a constant state of flux but never deviates from these 2: HEL Spitfire- 1 piece alder body, bolt-on maple neck/board w/ Charvel carve (slightly asymmetrical, to the high side) 24 jumbo stainless frets, Gravelin Double Slug Mongoose/SD '59 p'ups, Hamer-style, side-mount, angled input, 1 vol/toggle/tone/killswitch, Hot Rod OFR '89 Hamer Cali Elite Limited Edition- modded w/ my finish design via Mike Learn, SS jumbo frets, extended trem pull up cavity, blade switch slot filled, OFR, Gravelin Mongoose/SD Hot Rails, 3 way toggle, tone/skillswitch pot and Schaller strap locks system.
  4. Likewise, for the most part, I don't give a shit what folks think about this or that guitar. Experiences are varied and opinions formed on those are both subjective and anecdotal. I actually don't care for Ibanezes and haven't for a long time. I have no allegiance to them but I stand by my admiration for the RG560's performance back in the day.
  5. Likewise, I had an RG something or other (560?) from '89 or '90 that, to this day, stands out as one of the best axes, stock p'ups and all, for what I accomplished on it at the time. And yes, there was a time when blade switches were tolerated. 'Cause I never moved off the bridge p'up! 😆
  6. Yup, he is a good guy in so much as he was totally cool with me retracting my offer and canceled it on his end real quickly. Beyond that, I'll withhold commentary. As for the bubbles in the finish- that's poorly applied clear. Apparently, the sub genius who effected these "repairs" and mods didn't know shit about how to do it properly. The crack extends from one of the plugs that were shoved into the old, thru-neck locking nut bolt holes. My guess is the former owner either was trying to repair a crack extending for said bolt holes or decided he really wanted the top mounted screws for attaching the locking nut... place you bets.
  7. I might haggle a bit -the damned thing is in Australia. $128 is reasonable but...
  8. Old news. They've since revised their policy as of Monday but what were they thinking? https://paydayreport.com/gibson-guitar-forces-its-factory-workers-in-nashville-to-work-during-covid-19/
  9. I went hog wild and bought a new pickup offering from Josh Gravelin- the J2B! This is based off one of the very earliest versions of the JB, purportedly made from a humbucker out of one of Lonnie Mack's busted Flying V's. Josh then did some major research and figured out how to recreate that p'ups sound and mojo. Tone report to follow. The video wouldn't attach & won't open if you don't have FB but if you can check it out, it sounds awesome! https://www.facebook.com/100002613586674/videos/2722230814540678/UzpfSTE1NDk3MTE1MTg6Vks6MTAxNTgzMDQ2NjYzNzEyNjM/?multi_permalinks=10158304666371263&notif_id=1584998987591890&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic
  10. Saw this a few days back and got bored a few minutes into it. I use a good bit of wah (certainly not to the level the Kirk and Zakk do) in my playing but... well, we all have our thresholds for tolerance.
  11. One of my faves from childhood the B side to Spiders and Snakes... some cool blues banjo ðŸ˜ē and some blues guitar. Not sure which he played. Maybe both?
  12. Sold my Lynch graphic Centaura in under 36 hours, for my asking price. Now I'm eyeballing a new Jackson... contemplating waiting another week to see if it drops in price.
  13. 4 years ago with the old cover band, sporting the Hamer C3
  14. No need- I had the one leg let out a bit. 😆
  15. No worries, wearing a get up like that I fully expected some ball busting.
  16. Ouch.Ya sure now how to hurt a dude....
  17. I can confirm this. 😆
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