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  1. Yep. I learned that I am not a fan of bound necks. They look great but I generally find them to be less comfortable than the more rounded board edges on unbound necks. To me, they are the guitar equivalent of ivory or pearl handles on a pistol- they look distinctive but do they really impact the handling and accuracy?
  2. You stated that way better than I did. This is exactly where I'm at. I need every bit of help I can get. If it happens to come in the form of a guitar custom spec-ed to my idiosyncratic and flawed style, then I'm awright with shelling out for it. I'm just not good enough to make a low-mid end Mexi-Korean-Indo whatever, work/sound great.
  3. That was pretty much my take: the cost and pedigree of an instrument does not determine one's ability nor does it necessarily determine the quality, value and effectiveness of the instrument itself. A really good musician like Satch, can make music on almost anything. But when it comes down to it, high quality axes typically aren't cheap or inexpensive. And wouldn't we all prefer to ply our skills (in whatever quantity they exist) on the instrument that best conveys/channels those skills? Just remember: The right tool for the right job.
  4. As someone who has had extensive time on both inexpensive (cheap) AND some pretty badass ($$$) customs and limited editions, this is a tough call. Yeah, a real artist can make it work on pretty much anything but for this hack? I need all the help I can get. More $$ does NOT = better skills, but it can bring other attributes to the table. YMMV Your thoughts? https://www.guitarworld.com/features/17-pro-guitar-players-who-play-cheap-guitars
  5. Meh. I had considered ordering this. And while the real deal Orig. Floyd, reversed head stock and toggle switch are appealing, the white p'ups (not a fan of Super D's either), the made in Korea, the control layout, the neck binding and the lack of fret markers leave me cold. Had to learn that the hard way with my C3 re: binding (still pissed I opted for that even though it looks classy) and the HEL Willy G. Standard/Interceptor re: fret inlays. Like the binding, it looks cool but if you're used to rolled, unbound edges or using fret inlays to help visually navigate the neck, those can be problematic. But truthfully, the biggest factor is: it will never be as good as the 8 USA Cali's I have currently. Period. If Jackson wants to send me one to try against my Cali's, I'll gladly accept but otherwise, this is just a really nifty looking and well appointed wanna be Cali. And it would be flipped (for a loss) in a few months time because it wouldn't measure up.
  6. I'd likely opt for the same- we had some real momentum building in the early 90's with an originals band I started called Zombie Nation. Not that we were really all that good but the songs were 95% mine (something to I took a lot of satisfaction in, given my otherwise appalling lack of skill on guitar) there was a certain something, some x factor working for us where we had scouts and prospective mangers chasing us. We had a sizeable local fan base and there was a palpable buzz surrounding us. It was fucking surreal. Couldn't figure out why but wasn't spending much time doing so, either. Just was riding that train for all I was worth. Yeah, I'd like to go back to that and maybe be able to do a few things differently.
  7. One of the best feelings in the world: reclaiming a guitar you left over at a band mates at the onset of pandemic 5 months ago and having it play fantastically; even seemingly imbuing you with guitar god-like prowess for the session. All kidding aside, it was awesome and I did play better for the 20 minutes I used it. Good to have it home. Look forward to being able to take to back and actually use it in rehearsal with my band mates.
  8. Well, I do have a couple of Burrito guitars, though they're not quite so literal.
  9. Best to send one or 2 to me, then. No need to be burdened with 6. Lighten your load.
  10. Funny thing is, initially I spec-ed it to be bare wood. I love the look of the Charvels with unpainted head stocks and black tuners, locking nut and logo. Something about the visual contrast. Somewhere along the line, that request got missed. That said, I do like this arrangement but would have liked a black Hamer logo as it would stand out more.
  11. I've always been behind the curve in guitar tech. Never really had the patience (or the ear) for learning how to find the sound via 15 pedals. If I couldn't get where I wanted to be with delay, distortion and a wah, well, then I didn't get there. And rack gear? Shit. Couldn't afford it and didn't know how to connect everything, let alone find the correct parameters & settings. Then I started a cover band and bought a Roland ME 50 from somebody on here. While I made greater use of the ME 50 via compression, noise gates, EQ and some nifty add-ins like harmonizer, never really fully utilized that, either. Blaming that more on my inability to master the rudiments of sound engineering. With the Fractal Axe FX3, a lot of that shit is already available /done for you in the factory presets that approximate iconic guitar/amp sounds. And from that I can scavenge parts (preset settings) to find my own sound. Still don't know shit about the intricacies of sound engineering but with the help of more experienced users like @DBraz I get damn close with a combination of his expertise and cherrypicking settings from other presets.
  12. I've got a Sure Claw in my HEL Willy G (Interceptor) and the trade off in tone degradation is the impressive ease of spring tension adjustment. But honestly, how often do you need to adjust the spring tension unless you're changing string gauges or tuning? An occasional tweak when the seasonal atmospheric conditions change dramatically. Sure. But if your Sure Claw was installed/mounted with the rubber( plastic?) pad under the unit, take it out. NOW! That particular item contributes more to the loss of tone and feel the most. I also noticed a moderate loss of responsiveness with the Sure Claw. Taking that mounting pad out helped a bit but not enough IMHO.
  13. I have fat brass blocks on most axes and noiseless heavy duty springs (red coated) in a few. I've not tried anything beyond that and frankly can't imagine how it might impact/improve the tone/performance.
  14. Yup. Pixies, Type O Negative, Pantera, De la Soul, Life Sex & Death, Jane's Addiction and Soundgarden also kept me interested in music outside of the carry overs from the 80's who managed to survive the great musical reformation.
  15. It's difficult to describe the level of elation and relief at being able to play guitar without pain or stiffness associated with medial epicondylitis (golfer's elbow). So, let's go with: I'm f-ing thrilled! Been months now. Maybe some day a bit more of what little speed i had previously will return as well.
  16. For those of us who want to travel with our practice amps, this doesn't seem like a feasible option. One of the redeeming features of the Cube, THR and Spark amps is their compactness and portability. I used to lug around a 1 x 10 Kustom on vacations, then I found the THR10 X and could stuff that in a small sports duffel with a few cables, strings and a Roland Dr 3. With the Spark, I don't even need a drum machine.
  17. Yup. That Floyd flutter was something I didn't intentionally achieve until '88 . Was in a music store trying out some Floyd equipped axe and one of employees was encouraging me to go nuts on the bar. I flogged the bar rather vigorously and it slipped out of my hand and fluttered! That trem was set up REAL well! To be fair, I would likely have created it prior to but the Floyds on my Kramer Focus and later, my modded '76 Strat weren't really setup to flutter.
  18. Answer: it's not accurate. It's good enough. I stand on the digital scale at home with and then without the boxed up guitar, calculate the difference and voila! "Good enough"
  19. Does Gillis suck? No. Not by my standards.
  20. I have a Yamaha THR10X, but I find the Spark to be a lot more versatile re: the availability of tones. Having access to practice jam tracks and blue tooth are nice as well. One of the downsides to the THR10X is the connection for a smart phone or iPod (if anyone still uses those) ; I typically get it mono and the one side of the mix of songs is lower volume or missing outright. The Spark is dependent on having decent access to WiFi so, if that's dodgy, you're kinda back to square one. I noticed some folks citing volume issues and I too, have noted the volume at the low end of the spectrum to be problematic. I am guessing because it can crank, the low end of the volume control was compromised on a bit. Dunno.
  21. Well, that's 2 minutes of my life I won't get back...
  22. I once got hit by a car while crossing (with the light) in a crosswalk zone when I was out in Seattle. It was back in '90. Broke my tibia and tore up my one ear. Had to spend 3 days in the hospital because of infection after the fact. Our band had a gig a week or so later that we didn't want to cancel so, I played the show, in a rocker cast, sitting in a chair on stage.
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