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  1. Old news. They've since revised their policy as of Monday but what were they thinking? https://paydayreport.com/gibson-guitar-forces-its-factory-workers-in-nashville-to-work-during-covid-19/
  2. I went hog wild and bought a new pickup offering from Josh Gravelin- the J2B! This is based off one of the very earliest versions of the JB, purportedly made from a humbucker out of one of Lonnie Mack's busted Flying V's. Josh then did some major research and figured out how to recreate that p'ups sound and mojo. Tone report to follow. The video wouldn't attach & won't open if you don't have FB but if you can check it out, it sounds awesome! https://www.facebook.com/100002613586674/videos/2722230814540678/UzpfSTE1NDk3MTE1MTg6Vks6MTAxNTgzMDQ2NjYzNzEyNjM/?multi_permalinks=10158304666371263&notif_id=1584998987591890&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic
  3. Saw this a few days back and got bored a few minutes into it. I use a good bit of wah (certainly not to the level the Kirk and Zakk do) in my playing but... well, we all have our thresholds for tolerance.
  4. One of my faves from childhood the B side to Spiders and Snakes... some cool blues banjo 😲 and some blues guitar. Not sure which he played. Maybe both?
  5. Sold my Lynch graphic Centaura in under 36 hours, for my asking price. Now I'm eyeballing a new Jackson... contemplating waiting another week to see if it drops in price.
  6. 4 years ago with the old cover band, sporting the Hamer C3
  7. No need- I had the one leg let out a bit. 😆
  8. No worries, wearing a get up like that I fully expected some ball busting.
  9. Ouch.Ya sure now how to hurt a dude....
  10. Bill practicing a more relaxed alternate picking exercise....
  11. I found Jaurez' coworker 's (Lydia Daniel) JB-L sounds fan- f*ckin -tastic in my alder Cent. I was NOT impressed with the JBJ I had in the 'hog Cali double neck.
  12. Kind of a shitty time to be flying though rates ARE cheaper...
  13. Does it mean you've arrived at a certain state of zen when you can get to that magical place on just about any of your axes?
  14. Thought as much. Had a few Jacksons and Charvels that featured the JT-6 and yeah, not the best option if you're a Floyd abuser like me but for low key or moderate trem use, ala Strat 6 point trems, yeah, you're good to go. One bit of advice- because the lock is behind the nut and not part of, you need to keep an eye on it to make sure there's no string binding and impingement resulting in tuning issues. Exactly. You could feel it when you tried tuning it via the fat barrelled mini tuners that stuck out the back. I swear it tends to dull certain frequencies of the string's vibrations but I have no proof.
  15. Awesome color combo! Love that classic look! The aesthetics of the maple board, the Strat head w/ black hardware and that angled jack make this one purdy axe! Yeah, I've had a few of these; 3 or 4 USA's, a Japanese version and the Mexican build. As stated, the Mexi-versions couldn't even come close. The USA's had the sweetest neck position tones I've ever heard. Like velvet. Can't remember what was in the neck- a SD '59 or a Dimarzio. Really regretted my aversion to 22 frets and decked Floyds on those.
  16. DOOD! That maple boarded Jackson is sick!!! What kind of trem is on it? Looks to be a Floyd type but is it a genuine OFR or a lic'd Jackson version? ETA- In today's work emails from the district, they all but declared we will be working from home and buildings closed, starting on Monday. Looks like I'ma get some time to work on those projects mentioned above.
  17. HA! I'm still in the building... for now. But kinda really hoping we get sent home and told to hunker down for a spell. Students are mighty rammy- the stupid has been exceptionally high in the last few days. Maybe a combination of the virus anxiety, an earlier full moon, and responding to their parents' losing their shit because of the market drop coupled with the prospect of having to work at home while their hormonal-y carbonated, precious darlings are trapped inside, too. Ya know, like, have to actually parent a full day or more, without reprieve or respite. That said, I have two things going on: learning Alice Coopers Poison (no easy task, BTW) and fleshing out some parts on writing our 6th original tune, Moonshot Stopwatch, still very much in it's developmental stages. I'm hoping I don't get too much time to work on those.
  18. Yup. Ditch that blade switch for a toggle switch. 😆
  19. Eventually you'll want to compare and contrast with a USA model. I've heard those are amazing pieces of instrumentation.
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