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  1. I currently have an original 80's Floyd on my Cali and kept the black Hamer one in case I want to put it back on the Cali and use the original Floyd on something else someday. I personally don't care what color mine is, so if you want to swap the one you have with my black one, you're welcome to it. HOWEVER, I'm using the black arm from the Hamer Floyd on the 80's Floyd currently on my Cali because I preferred the adjustable collar of the Hamer Floyd to the one on the 80's Floyd, so you'd have to find a black arm with collar. Plus, the paint has worn down to the brass on some of the fine tuners. I know you asked for a black Hamer Floyd in 'good' condition, so if mine sounds too worn, no problem. I'll leave the offer open in case you can't find a good one elsewhere. Congrats again on the new Cali!

    1. diablo175


      Thanks, man!

      I've had a few offers of a black Hamer stamped Floyd, one of which is good for a long time. That said, I appreciate your offer but I think I'm good to go!

      How are you? How's the sea foam green Cali holding up? Still doing your illustration?


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