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  1. I currently have an original 80's Floyd on my Cali and kept the black Hamer one in case I want to put it back on the Cali and use the original Floyd on something else someday. I personally don't care what color mine is, so if you want to swap the one you have with my black one, you're welcome to it. HOWEVER, I'm using the black arm from the Hamer Floyd on the 80's Floyd currently on my Cali because I preferred the adjustable collar of the Hamer Floyd to the one on the 80's Floyd, so you'd have to find a black arm with collar. Plus, the paint has worn down to the brass on some of the fine tuners. I know you asked for a black Hamer Floyd in 'good' condition, so if mine sounds too worn, no problem. I'll leave the offer open in case you can't find a good one elsewhere. Congrats again on the new Cali!

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      Good to hear. I figured several people here would have them laying around, but thought I'd offer just in case. In fact, since you're usually modding you're Cali's with upgraded Floyds, I'm surprised you don't already have a drawer full of Hamer Floyds. Come to think of it, where are all those? ... Digging my Cali. It's my favorite guitar, though I only have three and dig each of them for different reasons. But the seafoam Cali is my island guitar. I wouldn't sell or trade it for anything short of one of Eddie's personal striped guitars (as if), and that would only be for fanboy/collectible reasons because the Cali would still be a better guitar (as you probably read in the forum, I seriously wanted an EVH Wolfgang, bought a beautiful one, and sold it a week or two later because the Cali just blew it away). You know, I actually have dreams (more like nightmares) of the guitar neck on my Cali falling apart (in my dreams, it sort of flakes apart and warps and bends like a piece of rubber. Yeah, it's weird), and then I freak out because the likelihood of finding another maple neck is slim to none. Yeah, it's stupid, but I have no control of my dreams. In any case, it's been with me since I bought it new, so my attachment to it is sort of like an attachment to a well worn pair of sneakers. It just fits me (or I've come to fit it), so everything else I pick up just doesn't seem quite right in my hands. Yeah, it's all in my head.... I'm currently working steady (thanks for asking) as a full time contractor for Storyland Studios, a design/fabrication/architecture studio here in SoCal that takes on just about any kind of project. I do a lot of spatial/entertainment design/storytelling/theming for them as well as any other illustrative work they may need, from comics to children's books to character design to iOS/VR apps. It's a great company and I get to work at home. The downside to being a contractor is having no benefits or retirement plan, but that's par for the course of working freelance. I think you probably have the ideal position, being able teach, so you can still do art and still have some stability and security. Heck, I should have gone to college and become an art teacher. But then the students might drive me so crazy, I'd be jumping off the back of planes, too. ;-)

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