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  1. I live near L.A. and we've been expecting ""The Big One" any year now. Then again, I've been hearing all of my life that a giant quake is going to dump the state into the Pacific and Vegas residents would end up with beach-front property. I suppose that's a textbook definition of "hyperbole".
  2. I'd like to hear "Wango Tango" on Mango.
  3. Valuable to whom? I value my best guitar (an '89 USA Cali which I purchased new at dealer cost) more than anyone would ever be willing to pay me for it. In fact, I value it approximately 10x its market value, so no one will ever be able to tempt me to part with it. It's staying with me and I wouldn't have it any other way.
  4. For me, "new" meant "new to me", so I found myself going backwards in time and discovering stuff from the 1920s-early 50s blues, country/western, jazz, big band, etc. So while I'm open to new things which I was never into previously, it turns out I prefer to discover the roots of modern music rather than modern music itself.
  5. I could do that... Well, not me, but a real man could.
  6. Wow, I wish him nothing but the greatest success. While I don't have the chips for a new guitar, I know whom I'll be calling if I can find the means for a custom order.
  7. "The reason why most critics love Elvis Costello and hate Van Halen is that most critics look like Elvis Costello" - David Lee Roth
  8. The Koreans must use Rice Paddy Ash. Lol!
  9. I thought the Slammer series was called the T5? Did they change that at some point, or has that been an internet misconception? In any case, it's nice to know Hamer was able to source better quality ash from the swamps of, what, Korea?
  10. So when Hamer advertised the early Daytona and T-51 as "southern ash", they were referring to the geographic location from which the wood originated, with no regard to specific species of ash tree nor to any specific part of the tree which provides for lighter wood, correct? If, however, there was no attempt made to obtain lighter wood, what advantage does "southern ash" have over northern ash (or over any other ash species which does not grown in wetlands)? It is all merely marketing baloney?
  11. from here. While that makes sense, it seems that most of the ash T-51s were on the heavy side. Also, if it's true that most of the light T-51s were the later alder versions, then how is it that Hamer was so unfortunate to get stuck with all the heavy swamp ash? I guess my question really has to do with Hamer's advertising. When they said "southern ash", were they referring to geographic origin of the wood or submerged-under-water part of the tree (i.e., swamp ash)? From what I've read elsewhere, all ash is northern ash (which refers to the type of tree, not the geographic location of any particular tree), whereas "swamp ash" only refers to the lower part of the tree submerged under the water (usually in the swamp), and that's the part that has enlarged pores resulting in lighter wood. Am I understanding the available information correctly, or am I missing something?
  12. Compared to my Cali, my '94 T-51 sometimes feels like it could anchor the Queen Mary down. I guess when Hamer advertised these as "southern ash" they were making reference to geographic origin and not the part of the tree, because I think many people are (intentionally?) misled to believe that "southern ash" is equivalent to 'swamp ash' (ya know, the submerged-under-water part of the tree that allegedly results in considerably lighter wood). From what I've read, others also seem to have Les Paul-heavy T-51s, and yet others will have extremely light examples. What gives? Why was Hamer inconsistent about the choice of ash wood? For the record, my T-51 has killer tone, and I'm perfectly happy with the guitar. But I was curious as to the choice of ash used.
  13. That's pretty funny. I saw that a couple of years ago. I'm glad you posted it, because I was trying to find it on YouTube and couldn't seem to locate it.
  14. ".. from which the chord progression is allegedly lifted." The "chord progression"? Seriously? You know how many songs have the same chord progression? About a gazillion. Seems to me that there has to be more than a similar chord progression to constitute a knock-off. But like everything else in the courtroom, it's going to be left up to a box of 6 to 12 idiots and a tone-deaf judge to decide the issue. The court-system is filled with this nonsense.
  15. We don't have killer tornados around L.A. We just have drive-by shootings, confiscatory taxes, crooked politicians, and the usual flakes, fruits and nuts.
  16. I just want to know one thing: Which back-stabbing, two-face, traitor helped put the Soloist over the Cali on a Hamer forum poll?
  17. @Crimsontider, Interesting what you noted about the Cali sounding more like May's guitar than EVH's. I've noticed if I set my eq sliders in that horseshoe shape (camel hump in the middle) to give it that mid-boost, it sounds exactly like May's guitar (obviously the whole signal chain plays a part as well, but it was setting the eq in that way which did it. It was purely by accident, because I never thought I could ever get his tone even if I tried. I really just stumbled on it by a fluke). However, if you tweak the eq sliders differently, you can approximate Ed's tone as well. You just have to preserve as many mids as possible while dialing out some of that quacky, half-cocked wah tone. It's there; you just have to play with it until you find it. But even Eddie's tone (depending on album or era) has some of that mid, half-cocked wah tone to it at times. It's not so extreme as to sound like May's guitar, but it's noticeable...
  18. For us play-at-home amateurs, I guess there's no difference between a "practice" amp and our regular amp. Be that as it may, I use a lowly MusicMaster Bas Amp with various pedals. I actually picked up an Egnator Tweaker, thinking it would be better than the Fender, but in the end I thought the Fender sounded better, so I sold the Tweaker.
  19. What color is that on the flame maple Cali? Red-orange burst of some sort? That's THE best flame maple Cali I've EVER seen.
  20. Although I can appreciate fancy inlays as an art form (e.g., the PRS birds, the vines on the JEM, and the boomers on the Cali, etc.), I actually don't care for them personally. Part of the reason is that I'm not that accomplished as a musician, so I actually rely on dot inlays to tell me where I'm at on a neck (well, except for simple open chords, in which case we can all pretty much do those with our eyes closed), and I find anything more (or less) than dots to be a distraction. Part of the reason is that, the way I'm wired, I require visual help when learning something as complex as playing an instrument. If I were collecting a guitar for its looks, I might get something with all the visual bells and whistles, but for playing I prefer simplicity... I know, I know -- Cali fans will hate me for not preferring the boomers.
  21. I plan to play mine until either it or I fall apart. It'll probably survive me, and then my family will sell it on eBay for $50 to some guy who wants it for his kid. This child will then proceed to trash it and then trade it to his buddy in exchange for a rare collection of disco records. Life is cruel...
  22. With the exception of string changes, it seems like most any change would constitute a modification. In fact, if strings are swapped for the purpose of changing the original, factory specified gauge, then even that might constitute a modification, since string gauge could change the sound or playability of the guitar. I realize most people would consider a string gauge change so minimal that it doesn't constitute a mod, but I guess the term depends entirely on subjective criteria. Incidentally, would I be out of place to ask how much your most inexpensive Cali cost verses which was your most expensive? And did you purchase any of them new?
  23. @Diablo175, How difficult was it to acquire an entire stable of Calis with reverse headstocks? @Nathan, It seems likely that someone else would have put in an order for a maple board, though people seem to love the ebony with boomers so much, maybe very few were made with maple. Incidentally, i was just kidding about the Ted Nugent thing. I grew up listening to a lot of Nugent, so I think it's cool that you got that. Honestly, I don't think maple would be all that desirable if they were common, because I suspect most people would still prefer the ebony. Myself, I prefer maple. And while there are people still looking to buy a Cali, these are not so collectible that modding them really destroys the value much. All of the mods I made are pretty much reversible, and I still have any original parts that were replaced, so I could always provide them to a buyer ... but that'll never happen because I'll never sell this.
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