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  1. Well, I didn't make it at my house, but I have a homemade board my buddy made for me for my birthday. These are older pics, so a couple pedals have changed on it, but the board remains the same.
  2. I personally don't care for the Super C design aesthetic. I like the carved arch top on some guitars like the Newport, but that carved top style just doesn't appeal to me in a super-Strat style guitar. I think having started out playing a Fender Strat, I've become conditioned to prefer bolt-on necks, 25.5" scale length, maple fretboard, and non-arched tops where anything Strat-style is concerned. Heck, it even took me a bit to get used to the sharper creased edges of the Californian when I first got it. I was so used to the way Fender Strats and even my Kramer with its soft edges and curved body just seemed to melt around me. The Cali seemed sharp in comparison, though now I'm so used to it, it's my favorite thing to play.
  3. If he builds it, it won't sound or play any better, but it'll be pretty, well built, and cost a fortune.
  4. Methinks you're attacking a straw man. If you go back and read what I actually wrote, you'll see I clearly wrote that "legislators" should change the law, not the IRS. And if you recall, it's the legislative branch, not the executive or judicial, that makes law. I'm quite familiar how a bill becomes a law. I grew up on Schoolhouse Rock like all the other old farts here.
  5. When unelected bureaucrats at the IRS tell you it's not responsible for the advice they give you over the phone, you know tax laws are are ambiguous and arbitrary, and probably intentionally so. The very notion that an IRS agent can presume to read your mind and magically divine your intent, you know the game is crooked and rigged in their favor. If the law says you can deposit thus and so legally, then the IRS has no business dinging you because they "believe" you intended to fly under the radar. If they don't like it, legislators should change the law and/or clarify it so as to remove any ambiguity. With such a crooked system, it seems preferable to buy from or sell to a guy in the Walmart parking lot to avoid the tax system altogether.
  6. I've always had Fender scale guitars until I got my Newport, but the shorter scale on that isn't all that noticeable to me. Unless one likes playing at the higher frets or has sausage fingers, I'm not sure why the shorter scale would bother one much.
  7. I only have three Hamers of different models & years ('89, '94, 2000), each with a completely different neck carve. The neck carve of the '94 is that thin and wide neck carve, which is my least favorite, even though the guitar has the best tone of all three. My favorite neck carve is from the '89 Cali, and even though I may not use the upper frets, I like that access to them means everything up to the 24th fret is easily reached with no hindrance whatsoever. My least favorite Hamer era is when some knucklehead bought the name and decided to resurrect the brand in the last couple years... Oh, wait, those aren't real Hamers. Nevermind.
  8. I meant the love/hate part, not the buy/sell part.
  9. I'm more like that with guitar picks.
  10. Not if he's only competent at repairing washing machines.
  11. I was on a Bill Kirchen YouTube video kick a year or two ago. It influenced me to try reversing my T51's control-knob panel around so that the volume knob was up close and the pup-selector was in back. Unfortunately, Hamer's wiring was so precise and tight that there wasn't enough loose wiring to swing the whole thing around and I broke a solder connection trying to stretch it. Never ended up reversing the panel, but at least I learned to solder to fix that broken connection (I actually learned back in high school electronics class, but it's been 30 years so I had to relearn). But I digress... Bill is an inspiring player, especially seeing him as enthusiastic about playing as anyone half his age. And his pine guitar looks so cool, makes me want to ditch my T51 and build a partscaster out of an old piece of furniture or something...but I'd never do that because my T51 sounds perfect.
  12. Yes. I'm not so sure it added sustain as much as adding a bit of warmer tone. I don't have silent springs, but I did stuff some foam into the springs to get the same effect. I actually was able to hear the springs a bit, especially when I left the rear cover off, so stuffing them helped. Never upgraded the spring claw because I simply can't imagine how it would make any difference. I also got full titanium saddles, not just the inserts, but they're not the Fu-Tone brand; I think they're Ti-Sonix or something like that. Those definitely added noticeable clarity to the tone; but it's the kind of clarity that, we're it any more intense, I'd call it brittle, but it doesn't reach that point, so it's not annoying. The best upgrade, and one that I'd do again every day and twice on Sunday, is getting stainless steel frets. That was the best decision I ever made. Not only do the frets last, but they play and bend like silk. They never get that oxidized or dirty feel of regular frets. Even when the fretboard itself gets filthy dirty, the SS frets always look and feel like new... Sorry, I know frets is off topic, but you were mentioning a new build, so I thought I'd mention it.
  13. I think Music Man has some of the better original body styles. It's hard coming up with something different that isn't strange, but they've managed to come up with some cool styles. I personally really like the retro vibe of the Albert Lee body. Congrats on the NGD.
  14. I have a big brass block in my original Floyd-equipped Cali set for dive only, but it has the full dive range, so no problems here. If you want a full floating trem, I suspect nobody pulls up on the bar as far as they'd dive bomb, so it probably doesn't affect the pull up range. In the end, I guess it really all depends on how much your trem cavity is routed.
  15. I've never seen boomers with dots before. How's it sound? ... The guitar, not the fret markers...
  16. You'll never get what it's really worth. With all the junk selling for so much more, why give up an awesome guitar for so little in return?
  17. Do people who sell "perfect" guitars only discover they were perfect after they sold them (kinda like breaking up with a girl only to find out you'll never find someone as good as her ever again...which, thankfully, didn't happen to myself, but I suspect a few people must have had that experience)? ... I'm just throwing that question out there for discussion. I know I regret selling my first guitar, which was a made in Japan Fender Squire Strat I bought in the early 80's. It wasn't a perfect guitar, but it was a "perfect" Strat and I could kick myself for pretty much giving it away.
  18. Seems like most people, love them or hate them, pretty much describe the PCs the same way. "Brassy" and "Tele-ish" certainly seem accurate (depending on how one is playing). I wonder how many people are using the PC equipped Newport to play the kind of stuff one might play on a Gretsch, because I think my Newport gets closer to a Gretsch vibe than to a hollowbody Gibson, and it seems a lot of people who don't care for the PCs would prefer the Gibson tone more than the Gretsch tone. I say that because a Gretsch (like the Newport with PCs) really doesn't do the higher gain thing well (though they can do crunch pretty well, or to my satisfaction at least), whereas a hollowbody Gibson with humbuckers seem to be able to cross over into higher gain territory (maybe because they usually have center blocks?). I personally wouldn't want to play higher gain stuff with a hollow body guitar, so I'm not bothered by the limitation of the Newport in that respect. I have my Cali for the really hard rock or higher gain stuff. The Newport can cover most everything else.
  19. I have Rio Grandes in my T-51; the Muy Grande bridge pup gets closer to a P90 sound than the Phat Cats and it sounds glorious. I woudn't swap them out for anything. Don't mess with perfection. I still like the PCs in the Newport myself. They're not for everyone and they're not for everything; they're no Swiss Army knife of a pup, but, for me, they do what they do well. Maybe it's because I'm a bedroom player and I don't crank my amp to live-performance-level volumes, so it never gets shrill to my ears. I dunno.
  20. 3 USA Hamers, 1 wife, 4 kids, 4 goldfish, 1 mutt, 1 parakeet, and a partridge in a pear tree.
  21. I dig the Phat Cats in my Newport. However, from all the videos I've seen online, I honestly think the Phat Cats seem better matched to solid body guitars like Les Pauls, SGs, and even Teles. I think it's because Phat Cats are so dynamic that they help brighten the darker tone of solidbodies, whereas the spruce-topped Newport is already pretty responsive and doesn't need the help of such a dynamic pickup. That's probably why Phat Cat equipped Newports can sound shrill/brittle to some people with certain amps. It sounds great in my Dleuxe Reverb because that Fender amp doesn't have strong mid tones that might otherwise cut through too much with a PC-equipped Newport. In any case, I think the near-universal consensus is that PCs don't sound like true P90s. They're just their own thing; not exactly P90, not Fender single-coil, not humbucker. More like a hot single coil that can snarl, but without the warm thickness of a true P90 (though I do think they sound a little thicker in solidbody guitars). Where the PCs really shine is in their dynamics. I've never played anything as touch sensitive as the Phat Cats in my Newport. I mean, you can have an amp/pedal setup that gets you those dynamics with other pups, but the Newport with Phat Cats just does it effortlessly.
  22. I don't think the video was sped up. I just think our senses have slowed down. This is is one of those cases where having great technical ability isn't equivalent to having great song-writing ability, because I never noticed a single memorable hook in all of that. It was both utterly amazing playing and an uttertly forgettable tune at the same time. It's like a painter who can paint so well that his painting looks like a photograph, but all he paints is a banana. It's technically impressive, but I wouldn't hang it on my wall.
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