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  1. For some reason, I thought from the title this was going to be something about Johnny Carson. Don't know why I presumed that.
  2. I view all entertainment awards shows the way I view those star directories. "Ooh, look, my boyfriend had a star named after me!" No, you dumb broad, he was just scammed into paying someone to write your name in a book that anyone could have had printed. I could self-publish a star directory and collect money from suckers to "name" a star after them, too, and my directory would be just as legitimate as anyone else's. In like fashion, I could go create my own R&R Hall of Fame and induct anyone I like. What makes their "hall of fame" inductees any more legitimate or worthy than mine? Because they broadcast it? Awards shows are all narcissistic exercises by elitists who believe they matter beyond the entertainment they provide. Watching a monkey run around with a tin cup is very entertaining, but if the monkey could speak, I wouldn't care to hear its opinion on life, politics, or who it believes it worthy of special recognition.
  3. I've had buyers remorse once for something that was not damaged, but was simply not to my liking. Know what I did? I took responsibility for the fact that I freely made the purchase, so I simply turned around and sold the guitar. And even if there were something like cracks in the paint, my philosophy is a lot like Seinfeld's: "Fruit is a gamble," he says as he refuses to return a melon. I can't stand complaining customers, so I just avoid being one myself. Buying online is a gamble, I acknowledge I've been warned, and so I live with my decisions. I'd have to see a lot of evidence that a seller is an intentional crook before I'd even consider returning something.
  4. i agree with everything you just wrote, but that only adds to my frustration. I prefer Apple's OS to Windows, but I hate their manipulative business practices. My decision to stick with them is entirely predicated on the fact that I'm already heavily invested in software that I can't afford to purchase all over again for a PC.
  5. Digital is great if you like tinkering with menus and buttons and stuff. I'm not into tech, so I avoid it. But I certainly acknowledge the benefits of digital. The only thing digital can't do is simulate tactile things like guitar necks or body shapes. I mean, it can simulate amps and even maybe make one guitar sound like another guitar, but it won't make a Lester hug your body like a Strat, and it won't adjust the radius or action of your fretboard. Sometimes you just need a physically different guitar to play differently. But amp simulation? If we're being honest, digital really does rule as far as versatility goes. The question is, do non-professionals really need that kind of versatility?
  6. I need to find the address to the nearest comedy club in case I ever get an offer like that...
  7. Yep, which is why Apple cares nothing for creative professionals and desktop users any more. It's understandable since they're only doing what makes the best business sense as far as their focus on iOS goes, but that still doesn't excuse their manipulative business practices. Regarding the difficulty someone had with the finder, I find it incredibly easy to use. But like anything else, familiarity will determine how simple one finds anything. Also, the 'keep up or get left behind' practices seem to have been applied industry wide. That, and the subscription model that Adobe kickstarted is such a pain. I don't mind practices that make for improved profits since that's the point of business (we all expect a return for our efforts), but when it becomes manipulative, that's where it crosses the line. I don't mind Apple controlling terms of use on the iTunes/App Store, but when they tell you that you can only purchase apps for your mobile device from them, that's manipulative and monopolistic. It's like Toyota selling you a car and then telling you that you have to buy your gas from them.
  8. I remember the days when I used to love Apple and looked forward to their new OS releases, which I had to pay $100 for. Now the new OSs are free and I hate how they're always screwing with things that people like. Apple has gone from the company I raved about to the company I rant about. If I weren't so invested in them, I'd probably be a PC guy...No, I actually don't care for Windows OS. I still generally like Apple's OS (with many caveats) but I hate their manipulative practices. They've turned into the kind of company Steve Jobs hated.
  9. Jim, I pm'd you about the black Floyd...
  10. I currently have an original 80's Floyd on my Cali and kept the black Hamer one in case I want to put it back on the Cali and use the original Floyd on something else someday. I personally don't care what color mine is, so if you want to swap the one you have with my black one, you're welcome to it. HOWEVER, I'm using the black arm from the Hamer Floyd on the 80's Floyd currently on my Cali because I preferred the adjustable collar of the Hamer Floyd to the one on the 80's Floyd, so you'd have to find a black arm with collar. Plus, the paint has worn down to the brass on some of the fine tuners. I know you asked for a black Hamer Floyd in 'good' condition, so if mine sounds too worn, no problem. I'll leave the offer open in case you can't find a good one elsewhere. Congrats again on the new Cali!

    1. diablo175


      Thanks, man!

      I've had a few offers of a black Hamer stamped Floyd, one of which is good for a long time. That said, I appreciate your offer but I think I'm good to go!

      How are you? How's the sea foam green Cali holding up? Still doing your illustration?


    2. FGJ


      Good to hear. I figured several people here would have them laying around, but thought I'd offer just in case. In fact, since you're usually modding you're Cali's with upgraded Floyds, I'm surprised you don't already have a drawer full of Hamer Floyds. Come to think of it, where are all those? ... Digging my Cali. It's my favorite guitar, though I only have three and dig each of them for different reasons. But the seafoam Cali is my island guitar. I wouldn't sell or trade it for anything short of one of Eddie's personal striped guitars (as if), and that would only be for fanboy/collectible reasons because the Cali would still be a better guitar (as you probably read in the forum, I seriously wanted an EVH Wolfgang, bought a beautiful one, and sold it a week or two later because the Cali just blew it away). You know, I actually have dreams (more like nightmares) of the guitar neck on my Cali falling apart (in my dreams, it sort of flakes apart and warps and bends like a piece of rubber. Yeah, it's weird), and then I freak out because the likelihood of finding another maple neck is slim to none. Yeah, it's stupid, but I have no control of my dreams. In any case, it's been with me since I bought it new, so my attachment to it is sort of like an attachment to a well worn pair of sneakers. It just fits me (or I've come to fit it), so everything else I pick up just doesn't seem quite right in my hands. Yeah, it's all in my head.... I'm currently working steady (thanks for asking) as a full time contractor for Storyland Studios, a design/fabrication/architecture studio here in SoCal that takes on just about any kind of project. I do a lot of spatial/entertainment design/storytelling/theming for them as well as any other illustrative work they may need, from comics to children's books to character design to iOS/VR apps. It's a great company and I get to work at home. The downside to being a contractor is having no benefits or retirement plan, but that's par for the course of working freelance. I think you probably have the ideal position, being able teach, so you can still do art and still have some stability and security. Heck, I should have gone to college and become an art teacher. But then the students might drive me so crazy, I'd be jumping off the back of planes, too. ;-)

  11. I need to add, I just looked up my first post here in 2013 where I showed my maple-board Cali. After someone called dibs and speculated that Jim may have beat him, this was Jim's response, and I quote: "LOL- All yours, Steve. I'm a reverse head stock and boomers-only type. That and with a few exceptions, I'm not much of a maple neck/board person. However, my guess is that FGJ isn't going to be giving that up any time soon. " I wanted to share that to provide context to my previous comment.
  12. I remember the days when I first joined the HFC, Jim. Back then you seemed to hate maple boards or anything without a reverse headstock. These days you seem to be in love with maple, and are willing to accept a guitar without boomers, without a reverse headstock, AND with a blade switch, not to mention you're not only NOT modding this guitar but are looking for a period correct Floyd. What the heck happened to you? Did you go through an intervention? Did you see a burning bush? Did you fall asleep next to a very large alien pod and wake up a different person? In any case, congrats on an authentic Hamer maple-boarded Cali. You now belong to an elite group. If I ever meet you in person, I'll show you our secret handshake and present you with an official decoder ring which doubles as a guitar pick and nose-hair trimmer.
  13. I remember this video... Is it just me, or does that guy look like his parents were orangutans? I mean he's seriously got knuckle-dragging long arms.
  14. I think there are a LOT of dazzling players from a technical standpoint. Heck, there are little five-year-old Asian girls on YouTube that can shred with the best of them. But actual guitar heroes? Seems to me that what really made one a guitar hero had more to do with influence, innovation, originality, the chops, and the ability to write memorable and inspiring music. Lots of people can dazzle me from a technical perspective, but what is there left to innovate? I suppose one might have asked that same question during Hendrix's peak, but seriously, what hasn't been done on a guitar? One thing I've realized is that being "different" is easy. It's being qualitatively different in a positive way that makes a difference. These days I'm just happy when I hear a player that plays well and writes some music that I can enjoy.
  15. I went to several Van Halen concerts during the Diver Down and 1984 tours (as well as the infamous US Festival performance), and nobody went to hear Roth sing. We all went to see the GIANT rock circus that it was, as well as see Eddie (and Mike and Alex) play. I don't need to watch YouTube videos of those old shows to see Dave was never a very good live singer. However, like a great magician that knows how to divert your attention away from the "trick", Dave knew how to put on a great show and divert your attention away from the fact that his voice didn't hold out well in a live situation. He did, however, do a great job on the albums and his voice was so good that it was, for me, THE voice of Van Halen (even though I dig Sammy, who is a great live singer). I'm almost embarrassed to see what Dave has become and am quite surprised he hasn't gone on to become the game show host that he portrays at the end of the "Hot For Teacher" video, and I'm not so sure he'd even be good at that these days. His witticisms used to sound clever and funny back in the day, but now they sound pathetic. The fact is, my hopes of ever seeing a great Van Halen concert again with the original band is pretty much dead. Dave can't jump around nor looks good enough to divert our attention away from his non-vocals any more, Mike's gone, and Ed just doesn't seem interested or motivated because he does well enough with his product line. What I'm left with are some great albums and some fun memories. I totally understood the earlier remark of it having been better if Roth died in his prime. Where would Monroe or James Dean be if they were still with us? Would either just be another elitist Hollywood has-been, spouting off asinine opinions at awards shows that no one wants to hear? Would Hendrix have been completely eclipsed by the Eddie guitar revolution and all the guitar virtuosos that followed? Elvis definitely didn't die in his prime, and yet he managed to acquire somewhat of legend status by dying, depending on who you ask. So I get where the commentator was coming from. And in a way, in my mind, Roth did die when he left Van Halen. And while Sammy kept the band on life-support a little while longer, I almost think Van Halen died a bit for me, too.
  16. Something, something, something, tone is in the hands, something something. Just play whatever sounds good.
  17. I only have three guitars, but my '89 Cali will stay and then I have no idea where it will end up.
  18. I ended up with a collection of vintage Kaywoodie pipes and vintage typewriters, but it's only because I was buying and selling them on eBay and I ended up with a lot that I never sold. I'll eventually sell them if/when I get the time. However, the only thing I consciously collect because they're a source of inspiration and professional reference in my work are art books. I have a large library of art books, children's books, and fiction from the golden age of pulp. I have a lot of comics I bought as a kid, but I'll eventually get around to selling a lot of them. If I could collect anything I wanted (assuming money were not an issue), it'd probably be vintage cars, though I'd only get them if I could drive them. I see no point in collecting things just to sit around collecting dust.
  19. If Hamer used the same size across the board, I think they're 37.
  20. I stopped reading after a few paragraphs. The subject is too depressing. There's no point in obsessing over the inevitable. I'll make the most out of the time left, thank you very much.
  21. Say, do you pull the old frets straight up and out or do they slide out from the side? I remember reading where EVH said Fender pulled theirs out from the side when refretting a guitar. I don't know how common that is.
  22. I'm pretty sure ALL Hamers are made with Brazillion rosewood boards. Here's mine; a T-51 with a very rare "blond" Brazillion fretboard. This wood came from a rare Brazillion rosewood tree that was raised from a sapling by monks who fertilized it with unicorn poop, which gives it its rare blond appearance. I even have a certificate of authenticity, though I had to draw it myself on a napkin, but I did sign it to make it official in case anyone wants to pay me thousands for this rare gem.
  23. So, like, you got the bride and five of her kids? You couldn't wait for her to be delivered to start making your own family, so you got the pre-fab Kit?
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