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  1. Hey, Michael, did you ever get a chance to record something with this setup? I'm still eager to hear it!
  2. That was probably my favorite video he's ever done. Not because of the guitar or pickups, and not for the video itself, but his playing was just great. I already thought he played well, but I'm impressed more than ever at his playing. Just wonderful stuff there. I'm envious.
  3. Every video I've seen seems to give good reviews, but I tried one at GC and it was just the average entry-level Tele. I think all the rave reviews made me expect too much. I suppose it's possible that the good reviews came from people who had low expectations and got better than what they expected, while I went in with high expectations which weren't met. It just goes to show how our expectations can skew our opinions.
  4. For some reason, YouTube links/videos no longer play when I'm here on my iPad. Does anyone else have this issue? I don't know if it's my iPad or an update to this site that's causing this issue. Anyhow, I'm sure it must be a cool vid.
  5. Either it was a typo or he really doesn't want to sell it (as others have already suggested), which seems more likely...or maybe he smokes weed and the effects finally took their toll.
  6. These YouTube videos/links no longer work when I'm on here on my iPad. Is it just me or anyone else have this problem?
  7. "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without."
  8. I have a '74 Musicmaster bass amp that sounds great with guitar. Interestingly enough, it lacks bass, but it's still a great little amp and takes pedals well.
  9. Now that I know those have vibratos, I'm even more interested in them.
  10. Hey, what's with the hole next to the bridge? Is that like a Strat kind of bridge/trem and the hole is for a trem arm?
  11. How on earth did you score two with the same kind of beautiful wood? Those are gorgeous!
  12. Vans just aren't what they used to be. In the 70's, that's where kids were conceived. Now, they're where kids are driven around in.
  13. Yeah, I must have signed up with Columbia House for those "13 cassettes for a penny" (not a dollar) deals several times. After I'd buy my requisite quota of records, I'd cancel my subscription and then start all over. Music wasn't as "free" back then as the web makes it today, but it was frankly more exciting buying that new vinyl and bringing it home and popping it on the turntable while admiring the album art and accompanying ephemera. It's harder appreciating things that come too easy, the way music (and other media) is so easily accessible today.
  14. Yeah, the music was great and so was a lot of other bits of pop-culture (though nostalgia may color my bias for a lot of it), but I'wasn't deluded such that I didnt know stupid behavior when I saw it. Then again, I actually thought bell-bottom pants were cool, so what did I know.
  15. I was 9, and I still couldn't stand hippy dippy airheads. Thank God I was too young to get caught up in that brain-killing mess.
  16. I'll make another donation when I can be a moderator. Then I can ban people that annoy me. I want banning power, dang it!
  17. Pear shaped bodies, shrieking highs, and flabby lows... Wait, are we still talking about guitars?
  18. I don't like fetish inlays. Dot markers, finger nail style, and Hamer victory inlays are good, but I can't stand birds, gothic symbols, Dolphins, and --- don't kill me-- boomers. I don't hate such inlays, but they busy the fretboard too much to my personal liking. I also don't like older burst paint jobs where it looks like a gaudy yellow to ugly kind of reddish muddy orange. Many older Lesters come to mind. I'd never own an Ibanez solid body because I hate their headstock design (though their hollowbody head stocks are nice). I suppose I like a lot of things that others hate.
  19. I'll read other forums but I almost never comment. Part of my participation here is just to be around familiar voices. It's more like a gang, er, uh, club than a bunch of strangers interested in the same thing. It's sort of a cyber version of hanging around the barbershop (or bar, or pool hall, or... pick your analogy). Honestly, if I didn't see the same people here, it wouldn't be as fun. And it helps that there aren't any broads to offend...
  20. Swap the bridge for a Fender ashtray bridge/brass saddles and it'll get you to a Tele sound, depending on your choice of pups. I think that ashtray bridge is what really gets that Tele twang. The stock T51 bridge may have performed well, but I don't think it was the right fit for a Tele clone. I mean, either go all the way with the clone or make an intentional, substantive departure, like the Talladega.
  21. The only thing I hate are jumbo frets, which feel like I'm running my fingers over railroad tracks. I like vintage frets. I also could never play a scalloped neck because I like feeling the board under my fingers. I hate the feel of just wire on my fingers.
  22. You'd have to be a sucker to pay a brazillian dollars just for wood.
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