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  1. What the ---? I've never seen a "roller nut" before. Does it actually work well? And if it does, why aren't these on all guitars with non-locking vibratos?
  2. Wow, I didn't know she was even still alive. I thought she died decades ago. Olivia De Havilland (for any Robin Hood, Captain Blood, The Seahawks, etc. fans) is still kicking at 103 years old and she seems healthy for her age.
  3. No, your mood is spot on. Anyone this careless about their listing isn't going to give a rat about safely packing that guitar. This isn't the kind of person with which to do business. Buyer beware.
  4. Yup. I'm amazed they still go for so little money. People are paying way more for imports and have no clue they can get a killer custom-shop quality guitar for such a steal. They remain the best bargains out there.
  5. Yeah, I know some don't care for the orange sparkle, but I held out on getting a Newport until I could track a good one down in just that finish. I dig all the other finishes, too, but it's as if the Newport was made for that orange sparkle.
  6. I'm speaking in the context of the topic, i.e., I was referring to the standard Newport as opposed to the Pro. I'm almost certain I've seen a "standard" Newport without a Bigsby. After all, Hamer is a custom shop company, and it's almost a certainty that someone wanted a Newport without a vibrato, so it's likely they built a Newport sans the Bigsby before they introduced the pro.
  7. I don't think all standards had Bigsbys; I'm sure someone can correct me if I'm wrong on that.
  8. Exactly what's the difference between this and the Daytona? I sort of assumed they were the same thing, being the only Strat-clone Hamer made.
  9. I've actually had multiple dreams where my maple-boarded Cali fell apart, which makes me think I need to find another one as a back-up...
  10. From the title, I thought this was going to have something to do with wax. I used candle was to silence my microphonic bridge pup. I was too lazy to remove the pickup, so I just pulled it out of the cavity a bit, removed the tape, and spooned melted candle wax in the space between the bobbins, then replaced the tape, dropped the pickup back in, and all was well with the world. Worked like a charm.
  11. Well to be honest, I bought my Cali brand new back in 1989, and I wasn't even familiar with the brand when I bought it (my buddy worked at a small music shop and brought it out to show me and sold it to me at their cost, which still seemed like a lot of money for me at the time). I just started playing again about eight or nine years ago, at which point I went online to research Hamer because I knew nothing about my own guitar. I was happy to find that Hamer was as cool as it was. In any case, if I knew nothing about Hamer while owning one, I guess I shouldn't be too surprised that a lot of people don't know about them. Plus, when they were in their heyday, my friends and I would have been too young and poor to afford one. It would be equivalent to a high school kid today not knowing what a Suhr is when it's unlikely that he'll ever encounter one at his local GC (though the Internet may have changed things to where people are more aware of things beyond their local retailer).
  12. I've never met another person who plays Hamers; I'm not sure if I've met anyone (in person) who even knows what they are outside of those who worked at small dealers that carried the brand back in the day.
  13. I'd never buy an import of any brand when there are so many used USA guitars on the market for good prices. I realize builders have to offer imports for that kid just starting out, but I'm no longer a kid. My first guitar was a Squire Strat made in Japan I purchased new at GC in the early 80's and it was a great guitar I wish I'd kept. But those days are over for me. I've got three good USA Hamers and that's all the guitar I'll ever need.
  14. Yeah, I wish these things had rear covers to make mods easier.
  15. Looks like a standard, not a pro, to me. Then again, something's up with that extra knob unless someone put another knob and drilled a new hole for the toggle. Ya never know. Speaking of the toggle, how many people wish the toggle had been placed near the upper horn, like on a Gibson or Gretsch? I think it would have been way easier to reach there.
  16. I don't suppose you could post a clip of how those pups sound in there?
  17. I prefer blocking my Floyd since I can bend strings up with my hands and I don't do the "boing, boing" flutter thing with a floating trem. Plus, I can use a D-tuna for drop D, and tuning overall is easier. And while I never break strings, there's no fear that a broken string will throw the entire thing out of tune. Honestly, since notes can be bent up with one's hands, I don't really see the advantage of a floating Floyd. On the other hand, bending an entire chord up with a Bigsby is something else altogether, and I do enjoy that a lot, but I never want to bend an entire chord up when playing anything that requires a Floyd. I guess it's like having different kinds of guitars for playing different styles of music. Same thing with vibratos, i.e., I prefer different kinds for different styles of music.
  18. I was confused by the non sequitur. Predicating the claim of superiority on science made as much sense as declaring, "Twas brillig and the slithy toves Did gyre and gimble in the wabe..."
  19. Well, but those wouldn't appeal to the Fender fan. And the problem with this guitar project is that you have to appeal to Fender fans AND fans of that show AND wealthy people with money to burn on crap no one needs. A market segment with that kind of intersectionality (a term I hesitate to use because I loath the context in which it's usually found) may be difficult to come by.
  20. That was actually a good example just to hear the tone. I think it sounds good; bright and articulate. Sort of like the Phat Cats, but a little thicker, if that makes sense. Thanks for the demo!
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