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  1. By the way, isn't that what a Duo-Tone was? I've never played one, but I thought that's the same thing Hamer was going for with that model.
  2. I saw that weeks ago, too. Looks cool. Too expensive for a novelty (which is what it'd be in my hands), but I think it's a good value for someone who wants to play everything with one guitar.
  3. Why exactly did you sell that? Was it that you don't get along with a short scale? I forget.
  4. Anodized bmx parts... Takes me back to jr. High days...
  5. For all the wraptails that have a plain bar bridge, exactly how are those intonated? Come to think of it, if anyone has a Gretsch with one of those plain bar bridges, how are those intonated, too? I can see how maybe the Gretsch with a sliding bridge might be situated in a position that makes it relatively intonated, but wraptails can't be moved around like that, so how is intonation set on them?
  6. Say, with an x ray machine, you can give up chiropractic stuff and x ray people's guitars for a living... Then again, I'm not sure why I'd want to see the inside of my guitar. On the other hand, I might like seeing what's causing the rattle in my Newport.
  7. De nada. Seriously, modding guitars is fun, even if it's stuff that other people think is stupid. Don't ever let anyone else's opinion stop you from doing stupid things to your guitar. Life is short. Enjoy your stuff, because you certainly can't take it with you.
  8. I put a big brass block on my Floyd. Afterwards, I could lift a truck. But seriously, the L shaped block I believe is only for trems routed to take those, so don't get one if your trem cavity won't allow movement of one of those. I didn't waste money on the claw because I don't think that'll help. But the bigger brass block seemed to make a difference. Of course, as always, tone is ultimately in your hands, so don't expect magic from this except where we're subjectively inclined to hear a difference that corresponds with our spending and wish-fulfillment. I think the biggest, most obvious mod to my Cali that I ever made (and which I would do again in a heartbeat) was to get it refretted with stainless steel. The frets are pure silky magic. It's so easy to bend and slide around on, and it's not just in my head. It's an enormous improvement in playability. The nice thing about the big brass block is that it can't hurt, and it's a fun way to mod your guitar even if you don't hear a difference. I think it may warm up the tone ever so slightly and maybe even improve sustain (again, ever so slightly), but any improvements would be lost in a band setting anyhow.
  9. I so like those Fender head stocks and Charvel guitar logos.
  10. I've liked the Suhr moderns I've tried, but I still prefer my Cali (albeit, my Cali's been modded to my liking, e.g., SS frets, an original 80's FR, big brass block, etc). If I didn't have my Cali, I'm not sure what I'd want as far as a super-Strat is concerned. I'd probably look for an 80's Kramer or Charvel to mod to my liking. I'm not pretentious and I don't need to have the newest or greatest thing. But I suppose if I had the cash to burn, a Suhr would be as nice as anything.
  11. My local GC no longer has the little room with the higher end (i.e., higher priced American-made) guitars. I guess no one was buying that stuff and it just ate up space. Now it's as if most everything is a Chinese import. And what's with "Mitchel" guitars? I had never heard of that brand until recently walking into GC which is full of that stuff. Is that an in-house brand or something? In any case, I'd still buy a used Hamer online, but most everything else I want to try in person.
  12. I wish I had long spider fingers so I could reach around the fretboard better. I wonder if playing a tiny guitar is the equivalent of playing a normal guitar with longer fingers.
  13. Why won't your insurance cover it? Is it because you have a deductible? Stinkin' thieves. I was just ripped off recently (not gear), and it stinks when you can't do anything about it.
  14. Dig his funky strumming. Wish I could strum like that.
  15. Or grab a bigger whammy bar for an easier grip.
  16. 9s, though I do like the warmer tone of heavier strings. Everything is in standard tuning except the Cali which stays in Eb, because I'm a Van Halen fanboy.
  17. The hooker would probably do you in as well...
  18. If I wanted inexpensive, I'd rather buy used...Come to think of it, two of my three Hamers were purchased used, and the one I bought new, I could only afford it because my buddy worked at a small music store and sold me the guitar at their wholesale cost. After seeing all the pretty imported guitars hanging on the walls at GC, and after grabbing them off the walls and feeling how cheap most of them felt compared to my Hamers, I can't see why anyone wouldn't prefer a used Hamer. I guess anything over $350 is still a steep price for someone getting in the game for the first time, especially for a parent who thinks the instrument is just a passing fad for their kid.
  19. With everyone dumping their Hamers on the market to buy Shishkovs, I'd expect plenty of Hamer bargain deals. After all, supply and demand and all. Gotta price 'em to move, fellas!
  20. Yeah, but which album is the most pirated? Shouldn't that count in a metric for most popular? Oh, wait, there's no way to count pirated music. Maybe we can ask Napster...
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