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  1. Thanks guys. I was here 18 years ago and, man has this country changed. We helped destroy their banks, but they have replaced all that lost GDP with tourism, which is huge there now (a nation of about 350,000 people that has gone from 200,000 annual tourists to over 2,000,000 in the last 10 years). Surprisingly, even with the surge of all the obnoxious tourists, the people were still just as friendly as I remember 18 years ago. But it is no longer "value" travel. Everything was so ridiculously expensive. Hotels, restaurants, tours, etc. oh, and mission accomplished...
  2. I'm spending the next 5 days in and around Reykjavik. If I have a little bit of time, I wanted to stop in a guitar store to get a bit of local flavor. Can anyone recommend a good store to stop in? Thanks!
  3. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-03-20/gibson-beloved-guitar-maker-faces-crushing-560-million-debt I continue to be impressed by how well the LP's hold up in value (at least offering prices), but I wonder if quality will go down as the company struggles financially. I still maintain that my Monaco Pro Elite's feel and play MUCH better (TO ME) than my original 1983 Goldtop LP. I will never sell the 83 LP for sentimental reasons, but I really don't enjoy playing that guitar as much as I enjoy my Hamers...
  4. Bosmitch

    Pedalboard Pron

    No pics yet, but I'm going in reverse now. After having built a giant rock pedalboard last year (with OCD AND satchurator OD pedals), I made an impulsive decision today and ordered the voodoo labs dingbat medium size board with the pedalpower 4x4. Since I don't know if I will ever play out with a rock band again (my rock band disbanded and I've totally switched to jazz now), I wanted a smaller pedalboard I could use with my jazz rig, and if I ever do use the giant pedalboard again, I can swap in the pedalpower (which I didn't have). I will also grab the Keeley comp, empress para EQ, and a few others and have a kickass jazz pedalboard. At least that's the hope...
  5. Bosmitch