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    Hamer standard custom 1983, 2 studio customs, 2 MonEl Pros, 2004 artist custom, 2007 Talladega, goldtop les paul 1983, USA deluxe fender strats, Tokai Tele, 1975 Gibston ES-175, Mike Campallone Archtop
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    Dr.Z Galaxie, Dr.Z Maz 38, Matchless Indy head + Bruno 2x12 cab, lots of cabs
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  1. I picked up that 2007 Talladega from Gruhn's in late 2015 (can't believe it's been that long!!). It's a beautiful guitar, plays and sounds awesome. Now that i'm playing jazz 100% of the time, i don't play it at all but i don't have the heart to sell it. I look at it every time I reach for my jazz boxes though...
  2. 8. I've let two go over the years but probably need to shed a few more...
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