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    Hamer standard custom 1983, 2 studio customs, 2 MonEl Pros, 2004 artist custom, 2007 Talladega, goldtop les paul 1983, USA deluxe fender strats, Tokai Tele, 1975 Gibston ES-175, Mike Campallone Archtop
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    Dr.Z Galaxie, Dr.Z Maz 38, Matchless Indy head + Bruno 2x12 cab, lots of cabs
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  1. When no one else is home to complain about the volume, it’s perfectly manageable... but it does get loud!
  2. When I plug one of my MonEl’s into my Maz38 (plus an OCD pedal) and put on some Satriani backing track, it’s a heavenly experience.
  3. I am just so amazed by the way my Hamers continue to perform. Haven’t touched my studio custom (or any of my other Hamers) in over a year as I’ve been only playing jazz on my archtop. A friend of mine asked me to record some guitar tracks for a rock album he’s working on. I literally picked the thing up off the stand this morning and put on a set of new strings. Action was perfect, neck had perfect amount of relief (I mean perfect!), and intonation spot on. This is after my basement has gone from 62 degrees during the winter to about 79 degrees now after this heat wave we’ve had! Just as
  4. I was checking out Lisa Loeb on Howard Stern’s show and I see an exact replica of my red Monaco III ! coincidentally, after a long time away from it, I started playing it again just this weekend...
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