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  1. atomicwash


    That is simply fabulous!
  2. Anyone know what kind of fees one might expect on an $1800 Gretsch made in Japan? Thanks!
  3. From what Mike says, it adheres to everything in the shop!
  4. That’s mine! Correct @cmatthes on the Mastery vibrato running over a TOM bridge. @Northfield is simply amazing. The top looks better than ALL the samples I sent.
  5. The neck profile sounds JUST RIGHT! ...if it were right handed.
  6. True. I have found you must call the store. Remember to get the name of the person who promises to send more pictures so you can call back a few times while you’re waiting for days. Consistently good photos and a description better than “with case” would go a LONG ways. They should take a lesson from Dave’s three stores!
  7. I had Mike order a gold Faber wraparound for my current Shishkov. Then I changed to a Mann vibrato. So I have a new gold Faber available, if you’re interested.
  8. I have a friend looking for one. ? Let me know if’n you’re sellin’.
  9. I have a Gretsch CVT (Corvette model) - made in China. Great guitar and you could put TV Jones T90's in it. You can find them used for around $500.
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