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  1. EM Tally pictured with the Princeton amp is.... #25/25 EM SN 8 56089
  2. I can relax now. So glad I didn’t ask about the neck profile.
  3. Very sweet! https://voxamps.com/product/ac10c1-vs-limited-edition/
  4. I have the VS model, comes with upgraded speaker and different grill/tolex. My only mod is a JJ tube swap.
  5. The Vox AC10C1 is my favorite little amp.
  6. There’s only 50 or so and it says Shishkov on the headstock! Mine ain’t for sale.
  7. A darkburst would look really good on the left side of your LP family portrait! I think it would balance the bursts.
  8. This one is amazing! https://www.musiciansfriend.com/accessories/hercules-stands-travlite-electric-guitar-mini-a-frame-stand/451014000000000?rNtt=hercules folding stand Guitar&index=9 I had a sticky one. Emailed Hercules directly & they asked for the serial number. A new no fee stand arrived 2 days later. That’s customer service!
  9. As a low starting point, you could see what Dave’s will give you. They seem pretty fair, I was told they offer 80% of what they think they can get out of it. That’s the closest I’ve come to trading anything in since I joined ebay in ‘99. So maybe do a 1.3 / 1.4 times the Dave trade in value?
  10. Like the AMC Pacer with those three big windows around the back.
  11. I have a Charlotte in my R8’s bridge position. It sounds amazing.
  12. And check the HFC classified page every 20 minutes 24/7. I recently got lucky buying @BadgerDave’s Ultimate which was delivered in person. TY Dave! It’s simply amazing (and 2 lbs lighter than the Custom Standard I sold).
  13. As an option for you or potential buyers, TV Jones makes a FilterTron or Dynasonic in a P90 housing. That could be a sweet combo!
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