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  1. This guy almost missed his foot in the picture because his gut is obstructing the view! Plus there is egg or Cheetos on his shirt. Now that's marketing! Reverb ad here.
  2. I have front-row balcony tickets for Brian Setzer's Rockabilly Riot at $79 each. Not bad for the seating. I am super stoked for that one! I saw Marshall Crenshaw in August at a 400-capacity bar, $25 tickets and it wasn't a 1/3 full. Where were the peeps? I also caught the Old 97's at a downtown theater (almost sold out) at $25 a ticket. There are reasonable shows still coming through!
  3. Carr Hammerhead MKII in excellent condition. No issues. It sports an Eminence V128 British-flavored speaker. $1200 plus actual shipping (and PP fees). Local pickup in Madison, WI. From the Carr manual: The Hammerhead Mk II employs a pure and simple circuit keeping tone and gain modifiers (Impact and Grip) out of the direct signal path. The Tone control can be switched in or out of the signal path for added flexibility. Tones from clean with grit to very heavy output tube overdrive are easily dialed in using our unique controls. The Hammerhead Mk II has roots in 50s and 60s eclectic American and British amplifiers combined with superior construction and modern cutting edge components. Give yourself time to experiment with the 5 controls. You will find the Hammerhead Mk II covers a surprising amount of sonic ground. Controls: Impact – Using a parallel circuit the 4-position Impact allows you to select from 1) flat response 2) high treble emphasis like a ‘blackface’ style amp 3) high treble and upper midrange emphasis like a metal face early 70s British amp 4) high treble and full midrange emphasis like a late 60s British style amp The Impact control is interactive with the Volume control and will have maximum effect when the Volume is at 3 o’clock and below. Grip – This 4-position switch increases preamp gain and drive from position 1 to 3. Position 4 maintains the gain level of position 3 while adding a more focused response to the leading edge of notes. Tone –When you turn the Tone control clockwise you will feel a click as it activates. The Tone control starts in the bass position. Turning the control further clockwise will allow more high frequencies through. The Tone control works by rolling off the high end and is similar to a variable cut switch. You will find that having the Tone set at 12 o’clock gives the closest approximation of a ‘blackface’ type of sound. For maximum gain, switch the Tone control to the OFF position. From Eminence: The Eminence Legend V128 guitar speaker brings home classic tone from across the pond. Balanced, more mellow British sound with warm, smooth mids and highs and tight lows.
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