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  1. THAT is a cool headstock! I have always dug the Hagstrom shape. I was at Dave’s yesterday and saw a handful of Heritage guitars. Not a good headstock. I agree with all the distasteful comments I've seen here.
  2. Rush's Lighted Stage, Petty's Running Down a Dream, and KISStory are three of my favorites. The two hour Bun E Carlos interview at Mary’s Place (YouTube) is pretty damn sweet also.
  3. It's definitely on the high side. But you don't see these every day, as you know.
  4. If you are truly interested in something at GC Used, always call them. I think their email notification works about as well as their ability to take pictures & describe the product ("comes with case" is my favorite desc).
  5. The thing that blows me away is the 1099's $600 threshold was set in 1954 and never updated! JESUS! My house value seems to be updated every couple years. Hmmm.
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