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  1. The future case may be worth $100. Maybe (lots) more if it's mistakenly vintage. NICE SCORE!
  2. Smack, crack, bushwhackedTie another one to the racks, baby...
  3. Nice! You should start a triplet collection! 😁 More...
  4. If Mike had not started cutting my SC II Shishkov, I would be very tempted here. GLWS!
  5. Bad advice! Sorry @hamerhead. if it’s 14, give it a day. If it’s 41, give it 6-8 hours. 😎 You’re in WI.
  6. Another in WI! Rock! Can't wait for the arrival photos.
  7. I have been very happy with the MannMade on my Shishkov.
  8. I have the same switch ‘crept it says equalizer on it - p/n 055853. It’s yours if you want it. The right price. like this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/FENDER-One-Button-Equalizer-Amplifier-Channel-On-Off-Foot-Switch-055852/113675162968?epid=1507778245&hash=item1a77915558:g:dW0AAOSw8fRcJQj0
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