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  1. I’d love to sell you a BingBong cd. Contact me at atomicwash AT yah** d*t c*m. Sample here: https://bingbongband.bandcamp.com Cheers, Dan
  2. Crazy GAS right now - Shishkov getting close to completion.
  3. Nick Lowe Elvis Costello Marshall Crenshaw Material Issue
  4. God, I hate shipping these fine instruments. We could really benefit from a teleporter.
  5. It's getting SO close! I'm really getting the CUSTOM out of Shishkov Custom Guitars. Thanks @Northfield !!! Once it's complete, I'm gonna miss the update photos and gear chat with Mike.
  6. Under 8 lbs and slightly fuller neck... doesn't get any better than that! GLWTS.
  7. I have this friend... looking at Cruise basses (mostly because I'm always talking about how great Hamers are). Any general advice, things to watch for, etc in finding a good Cruise? Are the mid 90's MIK's okay? I see that the USA model sells for $500-1000 with a lot of sold's under $600, this seems like a steal compared to Hamer guitars. Thanks!
  8. I am very lucky to have the Madison DGS about a mile from my house. They do a regular run between the three stores and often offer to bring gear in to Madison so I can check it out. They also have a fair trade in policy: 80% of what they think it will sell for (or 60% value to walk out with cash). And the used stuff is typically priced reasonably or better.
  9. It sounds like the singer has some issues. I am SO thankful for my band mates. Eight years and we still enjoy each other. Our rehearsal night is our dart night or bowling league weekly outing, then we go for beer following rehearsal. I'm not sure I would last in a situation that had tension or ego - it's got to be fun.
  10. Used Lovepedal / Hermida Audio White Mojo Zendrive - 2019 Vanilla. $110 including PP and US shipping to HFC. atomicwash at yah** d*t c*m https://reverb.com/item/32272739-lovepedal-hermida-audio-white-mojo-zendrive-2019-vanilla
  11. Definitely speechless!
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