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  1. I think this is a good place to mention my WTB ad for a USA Hamer Junior. Not sure why, I just got a huge crush on them recently. I am also looking at the new Gibson Junior double cut at Dave’s. This does not seem like a sound investment compared to the price and quality of Hamer. They sure look sweet though. https://davesguitar.com/products/gibson-custom-shop/1958-les-paul-junior-double-cut-reissue-cherry-red/
  2. It's really just marketing. I'm a huge Pretenders fan and have zero interest in this guitar. I do appreciate it when you read about the what went into Johnny Marr, Eric Johnson, the Edge, etc. signatures. ps. Pretenders' 2020 album kicked ass! Give it a listen.
  3. Thanks! I'm set on the single pickup. Those must have been some really special pickups!
  4. Ideal USA Junior will be in excellent condition, lightweight, and have a big neck & wraparound bridge. What ya got? Email me at atomicwash @ yah00 d0t c0m. Dave's had one a while back. Still kicking myself for not grabbing it.
  5. Drunk shopping during Covid? Happens to me all the time! During this time with no gigging, I've experimented with different amps driving various speakers. I was amazed at how I love a speaker with an amp, then it sounds totally different with another amp. Not better or worse, just not what I expected. Speaker swapping can be very rewarding when you get the right combination.
  6. Nice review. I can almost hear your description in my head.
  7. I've been loosening or removing strings to measure neck profiles (depth at the first fret). This link makes it so easy. Duh! https://www.mk-guitar.com/2015/12/16/simple-trick-to-meaure-neck-thickness-with-strings-on/
  8. To quote Tommy Boy... That. Was. Awesome! Happy birthday, Chris.
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