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  1. atomicwash

    Guitar skills implants

    I’ll take 30% Mike Campbell (jangle), 30% Johnny Marr (alt jangle), and 30% Brian Setzer (rockabilly) please. Give or take a couple points here or there.
  2. atomicwash

    1979 Hamer Sunburst Price Check

    Remember that black Sunburst Jr restore project? That was amazing!
  3. atomicwash


    I saw that hanging at Dave's! Nice score!
  4. After buying an R8, I can’t even pretend to like the slim necks. I’m glad I got the R8 before specin’ the neck on Shishkov 0059! 🤓
  5. Is there a Hamer Standard standing in the shadows sending this one out the door? I hate it when the guitars don't play nicely.
  6. What a killer serial number!!!!
  7. This red Sunburst is not getting the attention it deserves - especially after the EM Tally arrived. Jay / Murkat refretted and reconditioned the finish a few years back. It's a great vintage guitar. Contact at atomicwash @ yah** d*t c*m. https://reverb.com/item/15562832-1979-usa-hamer-sunburst-in-rare-transparent-cherry-red-finish?publish_confirmation=true $2800 PPG shipped to the lower 48 states for HFC. No international sales. Thanks for looking! Dan
  8. atomicwash


    I was just watching that video during my workout this morning!
  9. atomicwash


    Tough thread. It’s so difficult to pick favorites!
  10. atomicwash

    WTB - Pickup Surround

    @bubs_42 Yes - confirmed - next batch, I'm just toying with pickup ideas right now and I really liked the many tones from the Phantom Custom I used have. I really, really like Charlotte in the bridge of 0059, so I'm super happy without getting creative. I've used Dave before on a TRC. He was great.
  11. atomicwash

    WTB - Pickup Surround

    Thanks for the replies. I contacted Kim. Wood may be the ticket. Chrome won't work. 🙁 This would be for a new Shishkov build. I'm brainstorming! I could buy a mint Phantom Custom, keep the surround, and throw the guitar away. Hmmm. JK.
  12. Does anyone have a Phantom-type triple bucker pickup surround in black? Preferably NOS. Thanks! dan
  13. Big Carr fan here. My wife plays an Artemus and I have a Hammerhead. GLWTS!
  14. atomicwash

    OK, I got annihilated last night!

    My ears are ringing!!! Daaannnggg!!!