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  1. Cover yer eyes for this photo if you can't handle a bunch of Charlotte (right @JGravelin?). She's sweet and sometimes dirty.
  2. I've got my eye on something and thought I would put a feeler out to see if there's any interest (and before I change my mind). You know these EM Talladega models are... AMAZING. This is #25 of 25. Used, but in excellent condition. Breathtaking top. Currently has Gravelin Charlotte's installed; you select Charlotte's or I'll put the original DD's back in. Comes with original case. Weighs in at 7 lbs 6 oz. Very comfortable V neck profile. It's approximately .87" deep at the first fret. I need $2550 PP Gift with shipping / insurance included to the contiguous states. If no gift, add $90 for fees. Contact: atomicwash @ y**h** dot c*m for more photos or conversation.
  3. I'm diggin' the Mastery review. My in-production SC Shishkov will sport that vibrato.
  4. boss chorus waza craft. i love mine.
  5. Let’s say 30 - 60 years of age, leaning to the elder side.
  6. We’ve held this formula for 7 years, just tired of the same covers. Great suggestions! Keep’m coming!
  7. My band, BingBong, plays mostly originals and we toss in a few covers. Our sound is kind of Pretenders, Blondie, Elvis Costello, etc. with female vocals. We enjoy the art of writing our own tunes and we are lucky to be in a town that appreciates bands doing originals. Ideally, we like the covers to get the audience dancing (or engage them) in a set that's mostly originals. We've recently been talking about learning some new covers so that we don't do the same Cure, Modern English, INXS, or Bowie tunes. One of our members wants to do more modern pop tunes (what? 80's not modern?). What songs have you covered that gets the audience going and that might be a good fit for BingBong? Any suggestions appreciated! Sample - Here's our album: https://open.spotify.com/album/5OeIvzLvB9hvqiV8vg9VSL https://www.bingbongband.com
  8. I liked the Charlottes so much in my SC Shishkov that I installed some in my EM Tally. Then I stuck another in the bridge of my R8. Great pickups & great working with Josh!
  9. I search “Hamer” and then sort high price first and I stop looking when I get to ~$800. Or you can specify the range.
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