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  1. The humbucker equipped one came with 2 SD '59's.....funny thing they said they would not make the guitar with exposed coils(!?!), So... I removed the cover from the '59 in the neck and replaced the '59 that was in the bridge pos with the Dimarzio...If I'm not mistaken my original #7 0013 had Dimarzios.... BY the way you guys promised me you had info on #7 0013. Is it still around...is it in one piece? Boy we get attached to these, dont we?
  2. Yes it must have been 7 0013. I'm sure you all heard this before but had to sell it. I had hamer build one in the late 80's..then had to sell it. I have 2 now that they made for me in 2007. One with humbuckers one with p90's...and you know what I have to sell them!! Life's finances are so unpredictable
  3. You know I dont remember if it was 7 0013...but I was working at a small music store in Brooklyn NY we were one of the first Hamer dealers. I remember having to add a shim under the bridge to get it at the right hieght....BTW check the sale page I will have my pics up this weekend
  4. I was the original owner of Hamer sunburst serial # 13...cherry burst/crown inlays......does anybody know its whereabouts?
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