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  1. I've made him an offer for it - we'll see what he says! If I get it, I'll want to fix that issue. How'd you go about getting the right colour and sort of paint? Cheers Es
  2. I was just about to transfer quite a lot of money for the guitar when the owner sent me that picture... needless to say he'd described it as "near perfect"! Unfortunately I can't inspect it in person, and I'm not entirely convinced the damage is just cosmetic! Es
  3. Here are some pics the seller sent me - what I don't like is the damage below the first couple of frets 😞
  4. Hi! What's the going rate / reasonable price for a 1984 Blitz in Red Tiger with the Hamer trem? Guitar is in average condition with some significant paint chipping, but comes with case. Cheers Es
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