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  1. Tortious

    Best Speakers/Cab for AXE FX?

    Understood. Just want to know what might be better for using it as a headphone amp to play around with. I have some Beyer DT770's for cans, those might be decent, though I've found them a bit annoying to actually try and play a guitar while wearing them. If I plug earbuds in will I just blow them up, or will it maybe sound ok to screw around with?
  2. Tortious

    Best Speakers/Cab for AXE FX?

    How about if one wanted to use it as the world's most expensive headphone amp? Headphones or earbuds? I see these Westone in-ears on sale for $250 that are supposed to be good, but I really do not know if they are. https://www.musiciansfriend.com/pro-audio/westone-um-pro-30-in-ear-monitors
  3. Tortious

    K.K. Downing Auction

    Johnny Ramone Hamer went for $55k. http://artdaily.com/news/87419/Johnny-Ramone-customized-Hamer-guitar-sold-for-more-than--55-000-at-auction
  4. Tortious

    Best Speakers/Cab for AXE FX?

    Good catch. Looks like the same enclosure, apparently different amp & speaker. It's all the same company, InMusic. https://inmusicbrands.com/
  5. Well then, if anyone else has one like that, I have a 93 Special that could use one. I have it in an Epiphone LP case which is fine, I shouldn't get too worked up over it. But I occasionally do.
  6. Tortious

    Mike Soldano Retiring....

    Sounds like it would be something very difficult for him to restart. If he has the money to retire, why not. I think what everyone really wants to know is the fate of Jet City amps. πŸ™ƒ
  7. Tortious

    Where is the Pizza Day Standard?

    Did some archive searching. Seems Lockbody sold it around '08, by '11 it sold on ebay with a headstock repair. πŸ™ Last known sighting was Kizanski's pic in this thread: https://www.hamerfanclub.com/forums/topic/82260-as-per-request-the-most-righteous-hfc-hamers-2018-edition/?page=2 But the ownership trail seems to have vaporized after the 2011 sale. edit: apparently it didn't sell in '11, the listing was pulled. https://www.hamerfanclub.com/forums/topic/49628-psa-1995-usa-standard-custom-on-ebay/ No idea if it got relisted or anything.
  8. Tortious

    The Vapors, anyone going?

    Wow. That's cool. Any idea why the original guitar player wasn't there? I wonder if all the gear is rental for such a short stay. The kid at least didn't have the Clapton look with that Epiphone. πŸ™ƒ Pretty limited info on what the hell happened to them, found out the singer became a lawyer and is now retired from that.
  9. Tortious

    Guitar Adventures in Vietnam

    Marshall has been making amps there for many years now. Peavey had a bunch of guitars made there awhile back, don't know if they still do. Very interesting to hear what real life there is like.
  10. I've tried multiple times over the years to like some Epiphones. I just don't. For a variety of reasons. However, Berryman did a really good job with them, and the products features, and specs very often have a lot of things that I would love to see in Gibson's. That dude owned more of the company than Henry did, but let Henry be 'the guy'. Very odd, and an unfortunate result. No one was clamoring for Epiphones with goofily shaped necks, zero-frets, robot tuners etc. They never learned.
  11. Tortious

    I'm trying out a Fractal AX8

    Have been considering going this way too. I have a nice amp wall that is somewhat underutilized in a condo setting. 🀩 Been staring at the Axe-Fx III. Anyone know why there is no foot controller from Fractal for that? At least not that I can find on their site.
  12. Michael Anthony on gear and cars: Article mostly about his cars: https://www.motortrend.com/news/celebrity-drive-chickenfoot-bassist-michael-anthony/?
  13. No clue if the price is high, low, or in between. #15 of 25 https://www.themusiczoo.com/products/hamer-talladega-amber-burst-2008?