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  1. That was a well-disguised, stealth Egnater logo. 🧐 Looking around a bit more, BAD appears to be owned by Eli and Avi Elkiss (aka El-kiss). They are the ones behind those B-52 amps & low-end pro audio stuff, though that operation seems to share only an address with the boutique amp part. Not sure why they are so low key about it, but the operation appears legit. At least up until the doors are locked one day and everything and everyone is gone. ðŸ˜Ū
  2. Whois info for the site references egnater.com, which also happens to have the same physical address. Not sure if Bruce still owns Egnater, last I knew he was trying to get it back from Rocktron? like 15 years ago maybe? No idea. At any rate, it seems to be connected with Egnater somehow. Yet Egnater is not listed on the BAD site. Weird indeed.
  3. And if that doesn't do it for you, how about a $560,000 Shishkov (Yuriy, that other one). Coronation Stratocaster by Yuriy Shishkov The Coronation Stratocaster is inspired by the Coronation Egg made in 1897 to commemorate the inauguration of Tsar Nicholas II and Tsarina Alexandra on the Russian Imperial throne. The guitar looks as royal as the name would suggest, donning a gold leafed surface with an on-wood Guilloche and gilded silver artwork. Also featuring custom fabricated diamond eagle medallions, along with hundreds of diamonds throughout the instrument, the price of this stunning instrument quickly makes sense.
  4. That's rather cool. Needs to knock off about $600 for the TRC configuration though. 🙃
  5. Good. We're full. ðŸĪĐ mirrormij, from what you described, it sounds like the correct move for you. As much as it sometimes sucks to acknowledge, nothing is forever.
  6. After carefully reviewing the photos, I see no string ferrules in the back. According to the 'expert' in the 83 Vector thread https://www.hamerfanclub.com/forums/topic/87355-kahler-bridge-on-83-vector/ Paul Hammer would not have done this. 🙃 Digging through the archives, it was for sale from South Carolina here almost 7 years ago https://www.hamerfanclub.com/forums/topic/59158-84-scarab-and-85-scarab-bass/ the good old days, when things were sooo much cheaper. Always fascinating to wonder how it made its way from SC to WI, and where to next. From the 2013 for sale thread:
  7. If the Item Code is the serial number (and it usually is), then it's an 84. 412400 Looks pretty cool. None more black. Nice price. Someone grab it.
  8. I love these guitars. Got a double cut with a rosewood neck awhile back, and a singlecut recently. They're doing runs of these semi-hollow, too. Like I need more guitars. Damn them. But they are stellar.
  9. Pretty sure TSO won't be hitting the smoky dive bar circuit any time soon 🙃 but that is cool. I notice the recessed dots and I was curious as to what was going on there. Thanks.
  10. Wow. That looks incredible. Pickups mounted to the body is intriguing. Do those dot inlays light up? Did he have to get permission to do that logo inlay? Absolutely spectacular.
  11. :wtf: Damn dude, that's rough. I wonder how many other people that happened to. Maybe you can reverb/ebay them and get close. Never know what disappointed Becker collectors are out there that missed something. If you're still waiting for delivery, find out if they've actually shipped them yet and make them your offer. They probably wouldn't mind collecting fees twice.
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