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  1. Concur. Though I kept looking until they stopped for the day. There's a few things of interest tomorrow, but I doubt any will end up here. Some stuff just went at weird prices, too. This thing went for $4k, as much as one of his R9's. Add in the rape-rate premiums and it's over $5k. They are probably not giving any great deals on shipping, either. Still interesting to watch.
  2. Just started watching. Julien's site kinda sucks, and it's slow. But yeah, the guitars are bringing the bigger bucks. I can't believe some retards outbid my generous $750 for the Huber Redwood. 🤬 🤑 Should be interesting to see what the 3 Hamers bring.
  3. At AMS and zzsounds. $140-250 each (not pair) depending on size. https://www.americanmusical.com/Gibson-Les-Paul-Studio-Monitors https://www.zzounds.com/prodsearch?cat2=3549&cat=2864&special=1&pa=47&ob=p19&form=slider_0_1045987 No idea if these are any good. Henry era ambitiousness, could be rebadged Tascam/Philips/Onkyo stuff? Anyway, they are much cheaper than they were, if you always wanted one or two.
  4. I was very curious about the initial reports saying that they called 911 at 4 in the afternoon, yet Paulina also said she found him when she went to wake him up in the morning. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/paulina-porizkova-ric-ocasek-894349/
  5. He left it in a rental car. Smh. https://www.savingcountrymusic.com/junior-browns-iconic-guit-steel-guitar-has-been-stolen/ Hope he gets it back.
  6. There's not a whole lot of live video, but Sid doesn't seem to be as horrible as he was described by so many people. Yes, you can hear several fuckups, but many of them were due to being pelted by garbage. Imagine how good they could have been if the Boss TU-2 was around back then.
  7. That really is awful. Did some digging here. He mentions that he got it from burningyen around 2004, that his kids got it for him actually, and that he had to have the bridge re-glued and there was a very slight finish flaw after that. Probably not many in that color with a 2002 serial number and evidence of that type of repair. Really hope it gets found and someone gets some prison time. https://www.hamerfanclub.com/forums/topic/72628-wtb-3-hole-duotone/ Further down the page in that same thread:
  8. If that Goldtop is a bit much, there's always this: (no affiliation!) 1979 Gibson "The Paul" - $3000 After many years of enjoyment playing this guitar, I am offering it up for sale. 1979 Gibson,"The Paul", in completely original condition. I am asking $3,000 for it. It has an all walnut body with a contoured back and a slim set 22 fret neck with ebony fretboard and the original " T Top" open coil humbucker pickups and Grover tuners. This guitar was only produced in 78 and 79. This is by far the best playing guitar that I have ever owned. It's like having a Les Paul and an SG combined in one guitar!!!! The only thing that is not original to the guitar is the addition of a set of straplocks, and, I have the original strap buttons that came off it. The guitar comes with a Levi's checkerboard strap with straplocks,and a SKB hardshell case. https://miami.craigslist.org/brw/msg/d/deerfield-beach-1979-gibson-the-paul/6975797312.html OMG. 🤑
  9. Ben, are you planning on attending the auction? You should try to use it to promote your guitars, it's a pretty unique opportunity, never know who you'll meet. Jim Irsay usually sends a buyer to these things (I see Sadowski 1 in his future), and I'm sure there's a bunch more lower profile people with similar interests that will be there or be sending someone. As for the Huber Redwood, only 24.5 more days of it being ignored and it will be all mine for $750. So don't anyone else bid, m'kay? Thanks in advance. 🤩
  10. Fascinating. Why is this 'appraisal' not shown, nor the appraiser identified? 🙃 It does look like the condition is quite good, though the case appears to be non original, making one wonder how the hell that would happen. Maybe Angus Young needed one. I'm sure there are valid explanations for all of those issues. 🤑
  11. You're in some good company there, Ben! Wow, what a list. The low starting bids and estimates are amusing. I got a bid in on the Huber Redwood for $750. I'm sure no one else is gonna bother with that given all the other stuff available. 🙃 I see all the Hamer's have bids in already too. Even Julien's doesn't know how to spell Squier. How the hell did this guy ever have time to be a professional musician while amassing all that gear?
  12. More... https://ultimateclassicrock.com/ric-ocasek-death-surgery/
  13. https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/ny-ric-ocasek-cause-of-death-20190916-557tp2bemff4rl45xrb4flouhe-story.html When I was in junior high, I would fake being sick as often as I could get away with so I could go home and try to play along with that first record.
  14. Wow. Fascinating yet disturbing detours around here sometimes. 🙃 Ric and Ben both lied about their ages when the band was breaking. Almost certainly with record company encouragement and assistance*. Ric would say 29 when he was 34, because breaking a band whose front person(s) were over 30 was difficult to impossible. I'm sure there are many 'official' references put out as publicity going back to when they were first signed, after a few years, it didn't matter, but who the hell would bother to make a point of correcting it? They had been in a succession of acts from around 1970 on, mostly together, some separate. They got Elliott for Cap'n Swing and when that didn't quite happen, they got David and remade it into The Cars. Would not surprise me if Elliott is 8-10 years younger. Can't blame the 'journalists' (sloppy as the contemporary ones are) too much on this (other than the noted inability to add). When you're trying to beat other outlets for a story, they run with just about anything now, corrections rarely matter and are buried anyway if they even bother. Not like they would do any serious investigation of his age when the story is breaking. The people screeching on jerkipedia are probably in their 20's and clueless. * - Shocking that record company people of any era would lie, no? 🤑 I remember being in a 'seminar' 🙄 with some record company broad in 1984 where she claimed to have 'discovered' The Cars by 'scouring the clubs' every night. Factually, the band got a lot of interest in a short time because they were unsigned and getting fairly regular airplay on WBCN in Boston with the original version of Just What I Needed. Don't know why she felt she needed to promote herself in that manner to a small room of Berklee tards, but as far as I can tell, record company people have a sociopathic, innate ability to continually lie about everything, all the time. I already had a distrust of, and disdain for, these people by that age, yet I still spent the next 12 years trying to get their attention enough to have them promote me, as there weren't other options. If you wanted to be a rock star like The Cars, these were the dirtbags you had to deal with. No way around it. If A&R people had any personality, they would have been politicians instead. Every time I hear about the 'music industry' having difficulty with anything, I always feel that it could not have happened to a more deserving collection of so-called people. Ultimately, absolutely none of that matters. Ric was like 40 and got to nail 18-year-old Paulina and continue doing so for many years. It just does not get much better than that. Everything ends eventually. Well done, sir. Nice ride.
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