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  1. I am disappoint. None of y'all pointed out that they called this a 'Standard'. https://www.guitarcenter.com/Used/Hamer/Vintage-1980-Standard-Solid-Body-Electric-Guitar.gc Fascinating looking bridge. ?
  2. So this showed up yesterday. The MF 'sale' plus some points I had made it attractive enough to try. They have a 6 month return policy now. Seems a bit much. Anyway, I quite like it. I understand now why they slimmed down the neck. It's large. They have a long way to go before Ibanez territory. Seems very well made, like everything I've tried of theirs, though I've never bought one before. Axii & similar always seemed to just not suit me, nice as they are. The new ones have okoume body wings versus mahogany for this. I have no clue which should sound 'better'. Suhr uses okoume for the Aura LP type guitar, other makers use it too. The TGP crowd likes to argue about it. And who would possibly know more than them? ? Not a big fan of top-wrapping the tailpiece, that's how it came. Will correct that when I change the strings. It feels and sounds quite 'LP Custom-like' to me. The big neck is at the limit of how much neck I can tolerate. It seems a bit larger than my R8. No, I'm not getting out my calipers. It's really nice overall. Keeper for what I have into it. Things I dislike. The backplate is large. I was curious as to why they felt compelled to make such a cavern. My only guess is weight relief. There's some kind of circuit board-like thing on the pickup switch. Is that really necessary? That's the kinda shit that breaks on me. Also, that large back plate isn't set in to the body with a little shelf, it just sticks out. Somewhat annoying. On a guitar of this price, they could at least set it in like an LP or PRS style. The goth-ish logo on the headstock doesn't do much for me either. Still, it's pretty cool and different. Nice touch on the case, now I don't have to make a laminated luggage tag to pick it out of a row of cases. Most importantly for this crowd, the acoustic voice ? is surprisingly loud.
  3. They are the equivalent of the old tree-fiddy. Amazing how little these sometimes go for, but this isn't out of line with 'going rate'. I already have a blue one or I'd be all over this. Unbelievably good basses.
  4. Apparently there is a 'redesigned' version out that smooths over the pizza slice/ 1/2 bow tie deal. Looks rather fetching with that flamey top and block inlays. One thing in the new spec claims a slimmer neck. Why do they think everyone wants an Ibanez? ? MF & GC are apparently discounting the old version black ones to $2200. New one: https://shop.music-man.com/ernie-ball-music-man-armada-guitar-tiger-eye.html
  5. Not a 97 like they say. https://davesguitar.com/products/hamer/usa-chaparral-bronze-97-milwaukee-608-790-9816/ Very good condition, .82” at the first fret and .91” at the 12th fret, fair amount of dings and dents throughout and some light fret wear, comes with hardshell case, 7.3lbs
  6. ^^ On a nylon string, too? If that hurts someones fingertips too much, they should move on to bassoon or something. I am always amazed at those who go the extra mile to make their product as attractive as possible, to command the top dollars they are looking for in the sale. https://miami.craigslist.org/mdc/msg/d/hialeah-vintage-hondo-732-deluxe-series/7100033729.html Really? Hondo had a USA operation?
  7. Apparently the glory days are over. Already 'on hold'. Anyone here get it?
  8. Crunchee must be on break. ? https://davesguitar.com/products/hamer/special-82-2/
  9. Josh Gravelin. I'm totally not a 'pickup snob'. I would tolerate most pickups of decent quality and work with them. Until I heard Josh's pickups in one of my guitars.
  10. They were having wood supply issues in that era. As well as QC. Ideally, the new owners will up their QC game at some point, if they haven't already. A cursory search seemed to claim the fretboard was ebony, until I found the RammWiki, which states it is obeche. Yeah, me either. https://rammwiki.net/wiki/Gibson_Paul_Landers_Les_Paul https://www.wood-database.com/obeche/ Could explain the roughness. They likely stained it darker, they were doing that quite a bit at that time. It specifies a quartersawn neck, which seems different, that's not usually noted in specs. Interesting guitar. Let's see some pics.
  11. https://www.fedex.com/en-us/coronavirus.html
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