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  1. I always stop at Goodwill to peruse their records but almost always walk away disappointed; just how many Davis Soul, Engelbert Humperdinck, Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass albums did they press, and why are they all at my Goodwill? I even played trumpet for years but enough is enough! Some of the vinyl that looked a little promising was in such bad shape I would not play them on my equipment. Anyway, the other day I found a near mint SOR: 20 STUDIES FOR GUITAR JOHN WILLIAMS record for a buck so I finally bought one there! I'll continue my quest.
  2. Same here. I love everything about my DY-62C! Mine's a '96 with the traditional looking bridge. I have a Bedell spruce top (all solid wood top, sides and back) for a different sound but hardly pick it up with the Alvarez - Yairi around.
  3. Yep, that was Kevin Dillard who used to post here a lot. I have the paper copy and bought a real copy from Amazon too.
  4. So sorry to hear about the stroke. I've always appreciated your posts as you are very knowledgeable. Don't let one mistake dissuade you from posting... Keep 'em coming! Take care!
  5. Guys, look at DarenDs Floyd Rose website he posted up in another thread... It's really great!
  6. I know, right? I think what he was trying to
  7. Disagree! Flamenco a go go in 2000, the album above in 2008 and his playing on Billy Idol's newer albums are still great too. You're entitled to your opinion though, even though it's wrong! Haha! 😙😆
  8. Have any of you discovered this guy's channel yet? It is simply AWESOME!!! It should be highly relatable to most of you, judging on the posts here. He has a few main type of videos he does; my two favorite being "Three for all" where he goes over 3 to 4 licks of a particular player, and "Chordplay", where he breaks down the various chord stylings of a player or band. What's so cool is that even though he's an Atlanta Institute of Music honors grad, and writes books, and articles for guitar player and other mags, he comes off as just some dude you happened to run into in your neighborhood! Just very laid back with little ego. I like how he goes over a little of the history of the band or player he's highlighting to give you some context. And, how he goes over a lot of the theory of what's going on. The sheer variety of bands and players is incredible! I have learned so much from him. He's inspired me to really get more into theory by stopping and understanding why I liked what I just played. I routinely have the circle of fifths and a theory app running as I play now so that I can figure things out and make sense of them as I go. I've been reading music since the third grade and know a decent amount of theory but never really took the time to apply it to what I play on guitar until he came along. My songwriting has improved immensely because of it! I grew up with music in the late 70s early 80s like a lot of us and really learned how to move bar chords around pretty well but not as much of the other stuff until years later. I tended to concentrate on scales and lead playing to be some kind of guitar hero and that hurt my rhythm and songwriting skills. Now, instead of some fairly basic chord progressions some of my songs utilize all the chords from the chord scale of that key and in various variations. So many flavors and spices now! Anyway, sorry to write a novel! Hope you can get something out of it like I did!! Late Night Lessons
  9. My biggest guitar sale regret was an amber Gibson LP classic I had traded for from England. Later sold it but it still haunts me. I didn't even change pickups in it which is rare for me as I thought the 500T that it had in the bridge brought the rawk! It was a standard top but showed just the right amount of flame, I don't usually really like them too dentist/lawyer flamey myself!
  10. Similar intro to Hamer here too; Cheap Trick and then Def Lep ...then soooo many other people and a million ads. Hamer really had it going on back then. I know they got into the whole vintage thing later, especially after the cooler guitars (to me anyway) went out of fashion for awhile, but man, had the real Hamer company held on they could probably still been extremely relevant if they still produced the cool guitars marketed correctly under today's conditions. Just look at all the retro type guitars being released today like the Heavy Metal Strat and a ton of other Floyd equipped shredder type guitars on the market. Imagine if they still had Def Lep in their stable and the number of people they're still playing in front of today? I know, it's a dead horse around here, but still a shame. The first two decent guitars I bought were similar to Hamers but in my more affordable range; an Ibby Destroyer II (also Def Lep influence) in place of a Standard, and a Peavey Destiny which was as close to a Chap as I could afford. Both were actually very quality instruments, but still not Hamers!
  11. Sorry guys, one more! Here Jay Graydon shows Tim how he played that great solo on Steely Dan's PEG. I'm usually a hard-rock /metal type guy but I love this kind of stuff too!
  12. I love watching this guy's videos. He is so extremely professional, versatile and talented. He hardly ever plays the same thing twice, always has another twist on things. I love how he plays so well but very much respects other musicians and people. Always seems like he's having the time of his life, and if you see his home studio/amp mecca setup you can see why!! The first one below shows the preparation for playing 75 songs at the Grammy awards. The 2nd video shows him Surrounded by incredible gear with amp switchers and miced cabs in a speaker vault downstairs in his garage! The 3rd showing him and a composer breaking down a Steve Lukather solo. The 4th one he tells the story of how he played (and goes over) the solo for Runaway - Bon Jovi. Check out other vids of him dissecting players vibratos in detail, how he learned things from Neil Geraldo while he played for John Waite, what it's really like playing as a sideman on tour etc. HAPPY EASTER!!
  13. I have P Rails in Triple Shot pickup rings in my most played guitar. I think they're great! I don't know if they sound exactly like a regular P-90, single etc. but it definitely gets me 4 distinct sounds from each pickup; Humbucker, Single coil, P-90 and parallel humbucking mode. Combine the other pickup with those varieties, adjust tone, volume and you can get about whatever you want. All easily switched from your guitar. GLWTS!
  14. Thanks to Benjammin308 for contributing more than my asking price for the Akai Pro Deluxe Distortion Pedal! The church just had another "drive up drop off" non-perishable food drive yesterday, so this extra money will definitely help them as well. Thanks for stepping up!
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