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  1. That first video was the first instance I've seen of progressive mouth shredding, pretty cool!😉
  2. Perfect timing! I'm sending my address. Thanks! I've not been playing guitar as regularly as I used to (everyday) over the last 2 years or so. I just decided to get back into it more which includes restringing all my guitars! I used to keep up on all that stuff religiously but just lost all the passion for some reason; depression will sap the life out of you.
  3. So right on old Crue! I often play the first one. No heavy production, just a real raw sound, like watching them play in someone's garage. Perfect for their tunes back then! Also, nice job OP on the cool tones!
  4. Is that one of those fender fat-finger things on his headstock question mark is supposed to improve tone. Does anyone have any experience with those? I guess I could just take a heavy metal vice and put it on there with some material to protect the finish just to test the theory.
  5. I recently read two things that peaked my curiosity about Ozzy's treatment of Randy Rhoads and his other guitarists. Or, I guess I should say how did his boss, Sharon, treat them? We all know how the Osborne's chose to screw original band members out of royalties by re-recording the parts they made famous. I was sickened to hear of how great Ozzy is to give Lee kerslake one of his dying wishes of finally getting his gold/platinum albums (whatever they were) for his work on them after almost 4 decades! Then, I read how Vivian Campbell said his deal with Dio (yes, that he agreed to) was no royalties, publishing, nothing for the first two albums except $250 a week in today's dollars the first year, and $1,000 a week on the 2nd. That's for both all the creative work on the albums plus the ensuing tours. He was promised to get some equity on the 3rd album but it never happened and Vivian left. Yes, Vivian agreed to it and it certainly was great exposure. And, he ultimately landed on his feet and hopefully with some money in the bank now, but I felt that was crappy. Anyway, does anyone know what kind of deal RR had with Ozzy? Jake etc?
  6. I know it was just a little jam to highlight Brad's playing but I missed the great descending bass part of the original. I missed seeing RR so I saw Brad at the Oakland colliseum (I think, or was it cow Palace in SF?). Anyway, he did a good job. Would have been interesting to see what original music they would of made together.
  7. I'm not telling anyone what to do but it would be fair to mention that it's not just some dance troupe but part of a religious / political movement that you may or may not support. That's up to you. Plenty of stuff on the internet machine about it if you're interested.
  8. I thought Pat Thrall was also in the mix of touring guitarists after RR, but nothing to back that up except memory. EDIT: seems like Pat just set Ozzy up with Brad.
  9. ^^^ Doh! Yes, you're correct. I looked at the drummers for MSG and they had starting and ending dates under each name and when I saw that for Cozy (I knew he had passed) I assumed the same tombstone date for Appice as well! I even have the Last In Line album Appice played on ... must need coffee!
  10. Crap, I have tix to Michael Schenker Fest in April or May (I forget)... guess I just missed him. R.I.P. Wonder who they'll have drumming for them now? I'd like them to get Herman Rarebell since Powell and Appice aren't around anymore either, and he's been playing with Michael some in the recent past.
  11. But I can't keep 'em!! 😥 They belong to Tobereeno. He came over this weekend and brought some toys! Last month he came over and we met face to face for the first time in around 20 years or something of knowing each other strictly online. That visit he brought over the first hamer I ever bought, a Centaura, that I had sold to him years ago starting our friendship. We had other gear dealings and conversations along the way but never met in person. He lived on the other coast and also in Korea so that was the main issue. Turns out we have even more in common than we originally thought and non-stop talking ensued. We played acoustically a little and visited with his extremely cute son. But, next time we're cranking amps!
  12. Merry Christmas from The South (USA) to the whole world!!
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