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  1. My favs are the first album, (some from the others) and Dr. Feelgood. The first one is just so raw like you happened upon this band practicing in your neighborhood in their garage. While Dr. Feel-good is on the other end and highly produced, it does a good job capturing the energy of the band. Both had more consistent songs than the other albums, to me anyway.
  2. The front looks cool. What does the back of the guitar look like wrapped?
  3. I think someone mentioned buying something at anderton's in the UK. But, I wasn't sure if that was because of the value of the dollar or just as another resource to buy gear.
  4. Sorry, I forgot you only had one volume on this guitar. I believe that, normally, say on a sunburst or studio with two volume controls you can turn down one to say 9 and negate the out of phase sound. I think it's pretty cool like that. I wonder if it was wired that way by mistake? Maybe you can switch the leads on just one pickup to test. Are all Hamers with two volume controls still wired this way or was it only for certain years?
  5. With both pickups on try lowering the volume a bit on one of the pickups. Isn't that the way to operate the traditional Hamer controls guys?
  6. Man, these Edwards are looking awesome! Has anyone compared Edwards vs. Navigator which I believe is their higher line models? I had a LP Classic with 500T bridge that I thought really brought the rawk! Especially for hard rock/ metal.
  7. Maybe old habits die hard... Thanks for teaching me some stuff dad, but do you have to turn away every time you get to the good stuff?!
  8. I thought for sure they were going to miss Loudness - Let It Go, but it was there. Pretty thorough.
  9. A lot of people in this boat. We're spoiled people with first world problems; just too much crap! Maybe 10 years ago I was burning out on my job and looking for other possibilities. I had a lot of rich customers always buying new furniture and stuff and not sure what to do with all the old stuff. So, I thought I'd investigate an eBay selling service. I was selling and buying a lot at the time. I would go to there house take inventory of what they wanted to sell, take notes etc. Post the ads etc. Have the winners contact the owners to arrange pickup, or I could setup shipping etc.or, have options the owner could select on what they wanted to do, if anything. Basically just be the middle man. I even went to a big, multi day eBay conference in ATL. I met a guy who got into eBay buying and selling vintage drums. He then started selling survival gear, prepper gear, outdoor gear from the company his wife worked at and started making real money. It eventually turned into his main biz and he also moved into an actual storefront too. I was enthused for awhile. I got positive feedback from some of my customers wanting me to do it. But, I eventually decided that it would just be a CF and decided against it. Back then I did see a couple eBay listing stores where you brought your stuff to them. But, I don't see them anymore.
  10. Classic! Reminds me of the Hamer ads back then I would drool over. And the Dean ads I would...uh, nevermind.
  11. This is my fav ATL band lately. Saw them open for Collective Soul at the new (er) Roxy. They rocked! https://youtu.be/HuoywO6oMWo https://youtu.be/cC1B8_IDjW4 crap, not sure why it's just showing links instead of the YouTube screen like the OP?
  12. I never really cared for the Monaco Elites. They looked like the fatter sister to the Les(lie) Paul. Plus, the protrusion at the cutaway just looked weird to me. But, recently while searching some pics of them online I ran across a pic that changed everything. And, it was in, of all places, at Ed Roman's site!! Now, all of a sudden I noticed the area near the pickup selector, I never had before! Plus, I could see a smaller version of the guitar being lifted out of a dark stain bath as if you were pulling the headstock towards you from the picture. The great fade on the finish highlights this effect. Has anyone else noticed this effect before? Now, I'm warming up to them. Does anyone here have any experience with these compared to a PRS singlecut or an LP? Thanks!
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